BJ & Jamie: What happen to BJ last week? 8/27

Monday, August 27th

Last Thursday at about 8:45 BJ sort of blanks out during Tabloid Trash, this upset Jamie a bit. She then noticed he seemed very glossy eyed and she knew then it was something different then his normal not paying attention. BJ looked like he was going to fall down. He said he was having chest pain so Jamie got him an aspirin.  That didn’t help so his son took him to the ER. He spent one night in the hospital and the Doctors wanted to do more test because his pupils are different sizes, they wanted to do a brain scan, but he had to get home and watch the football game.

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Vijay and Jamie are let's get to Jimmy whites she is a hero wears knows well where is this. Oh you are my hero when they surety and or our hero of the I don't know of right now I don't really you're really ready for this Tori well I am ready for you should mention I mean I didn't know he wanted to complete song and everything he had planned. Well aside yeah I went out let me see Elena ward to pull the analysts. Thought he got a little ground here you are ego Bette Midler. It's. Really don't think we ever then assists in the how does sun god and I think our idea that. Sean you gotta go ahead literate if you've got it eyes on the karaoke. We don't want karaoke. Well I'm dizzy as I anyway it doesn't matter has denied that the beat. People. I use the life you would think that I have been prepared for you but I I don't know I'm just yet again. Yeah. There were moments I think tone this morning and sounds to me and crappy version he just go with visual and audio or. It. It's. I let you live yeah. Well yeah. Hey. Pop. We'll. Okay. Yeah I am. All right let's get to lose a different. There was a look at last Thursday morning at about 835840. Jamie's to a tabloid trash. And don't know what we were talking about what she was talking about but I had this I had just this thing came over me of pressure on my chest and everything. That I completely lost all. Ability to focus on what you recited. You recognize. I get back at first I didn't because first got pissed off that you unique. The part where I save his life now this this is that the prior to sing them right this is me so I may do some because I'm funny. Did you just there's. They just says nothing and is I just go weird like blank and I like. Really don't karaoke lake. I'm not funny right I've seen to be out before but never like this and I yeah you know I am that Aaron that at this boarding act doesn't like I gotta. And till then I realized this different stare you guys this isn't that it's not hearing me. And all it like he's like. I'm Mark Kirk herb Gerber is Alison yeah well it was a. Oh yeah. And blew the. That was what I was hearing right I feel like as you were talking filling some people and that all the time for me. So I said okay yeah I get on this like yeah I go to commercials whereas I I wrapped it up real so like. I say that's tablet trash. And the next thing I know BJ told not to they honor. Yeah and I'm like are you OK and he's like no I'm not okay. And take it well. And my chest was like it was that that whole thing they tell you that an elephant is set on your chest is so. I look at Jamie nice another something but this started passing it lasted for about five or six minutes to start passing. So what's it past the first time around. Jamie said you got to get an aspirin let's take an aspirin. Because it thins out your blood if it is a heart situation escalated so I. I did win delta the kitchen I got to aspirin at seven Bannister that's just part of the life saving the aspirin okay that's phase wonders couple phases here. So I take the aspirin and I think to myself why I really do I think. You know that was a goal. And I'm. To call a doctor I really did call a doctor in scheduler appointment and follow up on this but I thought it was over right net and then can't Connors doctor I was going to voiced yeah. And I had. They were they got it it was before 9 o'clock so they were open and and now can we do so five minutes later we're sitting here in his studio would not come back on the airline yet. Five minutes later sitting here in the studio and man. The second face. This was like an earthquake where you get to first the Trimble and in the big quake the second when Kate and the second one was not so much more intense. It saintly but it was more intense and at last have a lot longer I literally thought I was gonna collapse here in the studio and I yeah. Any got sweaty and claiming I I got I was in bad shape he was in the van and a little into the town I was hang in on. And all I could hear was Sean and Jamie Jamie go on we gotta buy an energy Q we got to get what we got a getting their fast. And then eventually because if this thing was so serious. GB switched over and said no no urgent care you're going to an emergency room immediately with the now I had in my head I think in the myself. It's time to call 91. But that's what you're saying how well I didn't say hello I was actually arguing with you because you said that you had to go pick up some then and you need to go pick up your insurance forms and I'm like what. Use except to do today Jane act on the other schedules and the later I'd like. Insurance. That's scary and that's where she said my life. I think. Because if I was confused and I kept thinking that I had to have these insurance or I was what do you think about. You and what the insurance forms are today at little or what was he was arguing with me about it yeah. James I know you're going to a hospital now now you don't have a choice and I would've gone. I really what you went on to the insurance and put our regardless of insurance papers downstairs and who can collapse. Oh she was so adamant she went and grabbed my son who works here. She went and grabbed him and say kidding here now you did get an emergency situation. He came running and they grabbed me they threw me a car is off sky ridge hospital. The idea that your son. That's red. Like today. We are supposed to tell I think that we are okay yeah they asked a bag yet they asked do we got there but as soon as I got to the hospital but of they had me in there working on me and and read a book turned out it wasn't a heart attack never even had a heart attack once they Reynolds test and everything it was something else which is a mystery right. No it's really history just didn't finish the testing. We me. All the way to the brain scale I'm here playing damning let me give me a couple things okay no I brought it around my brain damage which yet you listen to a pew listening to a brain damage children. Does one half and that's kind of cool. But now now the first thing they said was. That possibly heart attack they ruled that out because I did all the extra sensitive. And then second was I guess there's a thing called just take. Just like 88 creepy get you can have you can also get your chest without muscle comes across my in China. Because I I actually Google. Ellison on chest you guys do. You can Google elephant on your chest and it comes up with a in China right in the air jacket. Yeah and John is the beginning of what could be heart disease right. In that still a possibility. Yes because they did mention that I usually ask Google clean. Here's the last part of thank you again genius or thanks for being so adamant forcing me to go because I probably wouldn't have and who knows what works right yeah. Did you really don't we up to your insurance. You know what forms that was okay that's what I. What that was all about and you are like hard of sight. I mean I'm Indian seriously it the next set of anything ever happens in one of us on the air let's go we're supposed to go like let's not fight each other via is that is what that was like cream. Uncomfortable and I don't think I was thinking I know you told him I'd I think it was just it's a guy thing too we hate to go to mark kind of out of one inconvenience that 911 people who put the ball back. Other calls got it and I wanna be the problem here. But so I'm getting ready to leave the hospital in this and and night mrs. I'd already spent the night the people in the hospital on Thursday after I left here in the studio the win put him because some you know test. For further. I'll tell I yelled at you Friday night. Right now yeah when I was Aaron ad Thursday in Atlanta emblem from our wingers. So limited she guys like com PJ Wright. And like so let's go ironies I I don't know I die I'd drive home from barking and I said did you let your under a lot of stress. Well no I'm not containing the ambulance somebody how many stretch and they are. You know you if you tell them the truth like these doctors aren't like you keep my readers you have to tell them the true. They kept saying they consider you in distress Hansen yeah. Well I don't goofy show I'm not under trashy done I'm good I'm good I'm good in the Jamie yelled at me so what that he making an ass beat the second time. It in this was actually when I was too it's stress testing which you get on this treadmill and they they go through a hole in question here enzyme levels high yeah yeah that's sad ones from. Arts yet they were released on so we know what that the person in charge of distressed kissing she kept asking it. She listens to our show. Intent she usually that's not hard for that I let loose this way it was just let him likes but I know there in your box or he she do who otherwise she'd do by the sound among voice and she she knew it was the back of it it veered down open. Well yeah I hear the deal but well yes. And at the worst time not to be and got out to be a guy that doesn't Wear underwear. It's. And it's. Bruno on its underwear all the oil well that I've changed its automatic emergency had I didn't realize I got the hospital would not under way at the swear OK so amend the stress tests write me and Jamie yelled at OK so I said okay what Jamie Shelley and I gotta tell. So the lady she listens or shocked if she goes beyond distress message there. The honest with you now. I do have and I do work under stressful situation. She says I know I listen to your show you work but Jane. I get the stress. The art. Such connection with that woman at that point. High five their basic understanding my words if you understand that it's not stress I was going for about OK okay. So get this art this is the very last thing in this is quite concerning actually yen. But but who. It's. So I'm getting rid of the hospital this on Friday and sitting on the edge of Edison got all heart monitors and stuffed hooked up. The head doctor is in there it she's talking to be about what I need to do less stress and blah blah blah. And she stops and says. Have you ever been told. Now one of your pupils. Is larger than the other. Rot Rome. And it means. Now I have never been told I have nobody nobody's ever looked you in the eyes of your pupils is larger than the other. Now known known she goes I thought you might have to stand. I think we need to do brains. Get. If you have a pupil larger than the other pupil. You've got a brain injury. Grandly ground brain something going on. Either that or you've suffered a minor stroke which is a brain glee does it. You tell me this right after telling me not to stress but. Don't call me just try to keep the stress I'd. The hospital. So this dumb down you. Tells her. Eagle and the golf tournament. Yeah in the Broncos were taken off a moment and by thirty I'd get home before the bar I mean about ten minutes before the Broncos kicked off and have played in golf to rooms we. Did you hear that he plated golf tournament over the we get and walked the F. He might have a tiny tiny brain link but he's this is this what makes me crazy that you. Because they told you oh my god what are your pupils is off. You need to go stay here and have a brain scans are legal and I well I told them that they consider what information to my personal doctor and he and I would break early Sunday that you determined later a bravely and like we'll wait and do some work that her or did they tell you stop drinking Truman but he drinking right now tournament. I know they told me to stop the toll kind of most sugar. So I I don't know I got all these instructions I JT don't straight. I give him all these these different pills to take great you know like they'll. Lower his cholesterol and he's like I'm not taking out that. Act until I consult my own personal Jenny okay here's my thinking here guys. I saw six different doctors everybody has a little variation of what it could pick in you get these prescriptions. I think it's Smart to sit and all that information to one dot did you've been seeing. Years. Syndicate doctor Spencer say hey docs take a look at this you tell me if you say yes go get these built on it. But he says no. Now. What did your cardiologist and my heart what did your cardiologist right for. High blood pressure and cholesterol intake mobile. Whatever your cardiologist drove I think he's a senior in this or she is she's a senior in Britain follow your cardiologist. Eat a finals for a guy like me that went through a phase where he loved the pill. Because I don't need surgery in this good swing with painkillers love the agent in after awhile he feel like you can't function without a right that's why. I couldn't and you couldn't get off of them exactly. In so I stopped it was about a 67 month period correct and finally did it finally had to throw lawyer one day and never went back to a I am so in time medication right now. That it's unable I don't wanna put okay anything in nicest will we can do this with your diet but it starts but no more true Lou. Back to you. No more tournament I understand the chocolate milk and you can we keep your brain scan yeah it'll do it is to you I have for him to bring a machine and he do. So they don't do it on my hasn't rained in the end. I mean it's not funny that they hear you said that you I have brand image via. I kind of feel lucky I mean the budget jokes in my head that's really insensitive it really is a city right you're you're due out behind the back door I can. But I wanna say sincerely thank you thank you for pushing me so hard Thursday. And getting me to where I can guess and here tonight we welcome actually you really mean that I'd definitely I mean that would Wal-Mart in short you were part of that to a huge threat to a map Questar. Don't read this you get help our state wanted to play the quickest route you and whether or let me. I think that was one point eight gas and he just went one point four map. Apple. Have discouraged. I mean I actually really due to adopt as a great house yeah they took care yes no rhetoric. But I would connecting one funny thing you don't know who. So Richard and then there Richard burns me they like you we have paddles I go did he wasn't battling a Richard you're not you this because he. Because I'm training at that he does untrained eye could toll brought back at night he. And mainly cardiac direct. Just look at Libya colonial and this I want to thank you and I want to thank you from the bottom or you are not letting Richard live to be such a all okay. That that might be bigger things to do that article that the thank god he's here now the who won't Sheikh. In the importance on Alex I.