BJ & Jamie: When your too old for clubbing and Youtube record breakers. 7/12

Wednesday, July 12th

There is an official age that you are too old to go to night clubs. We ask Textnado to guess what the age is. Bj says that the experts say 37 is too old for the club. Jamie says there is a place in kc called the Dick Clark club and you have to be old to get in. and there is a video on Youtube that has been viewed 2.8 billion times and it has broken the record of most watched viewed.


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Vijay and Jamie we seem eggs Austin with us today if what do you. When and how you talk about the extinction stuff yeah Richard Murphy you know you'd give him a one wound up with a stop it is man he's a conspiracy theory guy in me. Richard Murphy then I have to pretend that I am listening to him the title is very irritating. Then he's like hey you know there's a new show coming on about actually that's headed for earth an ELE is a seven out of listening and let. It means I can't say I'm reading something it's like the Charlie Brown teacher and. Our marriage have shown that about my Richard Bart bay at the you've asked her to this day. Those are that he says BJ tweeting about what he thinks that conspiracies can you give you help me out re tweet them to the news. You know what. I'd like him yeah why I do to adjust elect talked we would bring to the table. Let's see all of the sheeting 2 o'clock. Oh by the way got to answer 42 ago we were up when you reach this certain age could not be going to the clubs it's now official. Well we have some gases we asked for people to gas what is the official age that they say. You're too old to go to the club somebody said it's when the tennis balls where opt your walker that the that the that's when you don't have to be counted out and out. I'm not a bad guess I like I like Angela my guess was when I say the white artists which was in LA and family and husband look like in years. That's when you know that hadn't been may be the white Lotus is not the place for him run idea that that's that's back the age is 37. 37 and then at 38 you can go to animal yet. Read it wrong I think at 37 you have to stop it starts and it's the third set out that we read his style. Yeah I took the way you just said it's that when you hit 38 but no they say and you hit 37. That Miller no mark you're out of place. They're looking get into supporting it they're making fun of you. Yeah I I can attest to this kid I've been to Vegas. And the few times and gone into the clubs and those little babies there they need them not me. Then and little little it's not like what. Why they weren't that you know more clothing this we thought why. They didn't like it to me it's a crazy seeing it compelling and don't think some guys. This big you're dating yourself because you've taken to yourself let the pack when I used to go to clubs he wouldn't be allowed in with some don't know that I. IT guys are saying that kind of stuff to yourself that's when you know you tool I remember. No it was Roger well as a company that it was called Dick Clark's club. And the thing yeah they got a certain age to go into it Dick Clark had. Had to be like forty class to get into the country club. It was all in my crazy did did they have like buffets and stuff like a Golden Corral and without it won't. We dug into it might create yeah I've never heard of this. The dodger club Studebaker silent Studebaker Baker's. It was a nightclub for over fifty I think and it could open it three India and Anna yeah. I think he would have couldn't make up only club I don't like it Clark had a club in Kansas City and only old people went into it. It wasn't an LA it was in Kansas. City I remember all can now listen have been delusional lately and you can dance around him about bipolar. And honor to god. Q I remember it took a now some soccer I got another lie did it for an we re told you about it that the due to take. And most viewed video ever at the music video viewed as ever in history. The most to view this this video has been seen as of yesterday. Two point eight billion in the top. It's against I don't think again. It's too. In time and it took over the number one slot yesterday of all time views on YouTube and what video was it. Is it that country some other country bars are in the field no. Learn to know what's in center and a young known men on the field does not we are the world. I hit a deviant. It's a song we play. I I have a gas I think. And wolf you know the if I don't say I don't know what I have a gas well. Is it down. She'd saying she banged the old you know it you know cheap anger what was the William Hung was in William on no. Now we don't know should things we don't play that shall we just giving. And it. Yes. I did it Evian yeah. Yeah literally and we don't play that I said we played the song it's on this radio stations some paint all the pink song where I am I just laugh loudly fringe zone that lawnmower that I loved that video that's good yes that is I love that video more than anything no not yet here it is the noon number what I feel like TC decent. I think he's gazans and now at number one. Two point eight billion views on YouTube. Are. Stuck. Yeah I. John. I got to second I don't I hired a guy and I can't play half lol I could play the entire song yeah do you build up you just gave us. It was great I feel like watching Geraldo Rivera opened but to Wheatley got to do something with the computer over here to my left this thing every day we have. Not that many hours here is the song. Reach. Number one yesterday a nuisance not enough McCain. Tell them that now walker got peeled right yeah past periods brightness men. Eight. Soon ran two point eight billion videos and it was and singing you weren't and then not know. Oh wow. From when leading me. Blown out and. Now get this here is the song. By the way this is saw that GB white cold years ago but. Say yeah that's going to be huge ask about sick of this was still the number one song before yesterday. And this is a shocker. Her new terminal and getting them style. Well yeah I'm gone nonstop. And still is the most amazing answered the best. And he is only three million views behind this whose son just before you see you again. As of yesterday or early yesterday was number one I. Clinton. Yeah we did business and he's at gravity is that aren't. Gotta figure that if you're in the music industry and you've got songs on there that's got a lot of views. He just look at this whole game style do you think to yourself. I ruler. It's an iron rule. That got. I have no idea he came out without one other song side he came out of that one other song the sound just like this would. But and then that kinda got some play in the and he's got what he added did. Apple Appleton. Yes yes so did a good so that until. Am pet plan I don't remember not enough we're Stanton at the end. Not me you. I just would make it clear here. In the importance on Alex I.