Bj & Jamie: Who has the bigger fire hazard at home Bj, Jamie, Or Sean 4/4 (AUDIO)

Tuesday, April 4th

Jamie’s heat is out and brought space heater. she has seven space heaters. Fans says could be unsafe! Could cause house fire! Seas has space heater and plug it into power strip. Bj and Jamie says he's gonna cause a fire. Sean says it ok he has renters insurance.

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Vijay and Jamie and I've got a video here you want to play the video I don't know if you can hear it wait I guess I'll let the other can't play can she loves playing video I can't see it. Well the audio from. I guess I left the the other non last night India which have done like recently. Probably 45 times in the last couple weeks but really an anonymous for gas. I I take the food out of the oven being back and forth and cut it up in sometimes put some of backing the evidence and then all of that gradually goes. We know when it's done you don't just hit off I don't set the timer. I don't have the beep beep beep yeah you can if I had to be beating idiots at the time and yet they're reminded us throughout the right and I'm not done then so I guess this morning Lisa gets up in the oven still awed. But although I do say this. I think with my other Indian on. It's not the fire hazard your houses. Was. Asked why not me it's still but he can't. Jane me. He went out and you just uncle all over the place new I don't know if anybody here it's the reason you. Who I liked it she doesn't video. And I talk to us this is listening to us and yeah. Yeah. I have down yeah. Yeah not on many yeah yeah yeah. And a. She doesn't video that you see it yes you do reiterated and a whole thing and a video of the fifth that. But Jamie armor he knows how long ago month. In the Al east and about a month and I'm only saying this because somebody on text data reminded medium that he gets such a fire hazard there. Because EU number all the space heaters yeah. And I mean they're not care singer and and and they're just electric but it's happened in. We've got electric yes they cheaters dangerous right well only if you sit on the ground on the carpet and only if he said a few out there into an adapter. But if you just plug it right into the long at two birdies. But yeah you know I keep my plugged into Leah. Power strip while that's small and now in Austria yeah we'll listen. That's what I aspire to sit. Okay I'll play joy all you and our fire bug but not Jamie wood seven around their house I'm just telling you into thinking this person out don't put it into power strip. I'll tell you burn down your house. And right into the wall all right well the one that is plugged into the wall in the basement that plug. Targets really don't worry about it you don't own that house that's true that. Rendered in certain. Let's Honeycutt I am I wouldn't want them all at night how that's my money and yeah. My house that he expert yeah I let him all night and then I give my son like eight million covers that isn't it. Then when I believe in the morning I planned a while back and all your game and all backward with a. Where people. I was worried I I don't JB does is he the way I do okay that's why did most people probably don't either but I think yours is a bigger fire hazard that might I think the other is quite safe you could be dead on good day he. I think your Avant does that fire hazard I never sent it acting it's fine it's contained. Yeah I what you think your seven leaders are fine do what the way I do it because I plugged into the hooked on it. And who think that Sean says that his plea flood damage power strip. Does it say. Yeah. I. I don't know that play there at a plug it into a power strip because the outlet is behind the Dresser and he didn't get to it. So floods and the power to return on Eileen on all the you know sometimes I mean these are big hits for easing coal fly do you realize zero ice everything you're saying right now will be played back in court by some insurance company. Life you realize that and bought the extra safe non slam title in your heart. This guy had viewed as incriminate yourself for no I'm. Never mind you know like Ed Ed desk where everything is click does we'd gone over this might zen like I'm aspires to AT and and then I have to mention it isolates means costly it's not isolate us relating to another and then its on gets too hot at the lab like that I. The arsonists on the desk though. It gets on base like I have a big OPEC. What constituted 7200. Slorc has lived out in the carpet era. And then that way and and what Everett exploiting yet it never gets too long conflict widens the heat. Yeah yeah ride but you know what it scared I keep on and it's going to be accordion is my fireplace. That. It's going to be sentenced here that gas is burned and just burn burn burn it to. Speed which I did see a picture when you're Spacey you because you've got to you've got a running from the wall and you've got hit big strip there indeed. Some for some reason it's not working right he put aluminum foil weigh that and you plug it in there which looks a little weird but I guess it works for you. And then you got that big like five gallon container of gasoline Stewart. So what are they plugged it into the bathtub. Let's look at it right she was taken aback. I see and really radiates yeah. I don't really like. The his humor ourselves totally kick it into the body. In the importance on Alex I.