BJ & Jamie: Window wonderland and Jamie's Elf on the shelf is lazy. 12/7

Thursday, December 7th

The Window Wonderland is the projector that shows movies through a screen from inside the house so people outside can see Santa inside your home. Jamie says her Elf on the Shelf has not shown up this year and Jamie and her son cannot figure out where he is. The other children’s elves are very busy but not Jamie’s


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VGA end game and it's cool. That's cruel that is cool all right we just found that the architect laid up to five auto club not yet it's that TV projector that's just read about it. And you put this projector the first drug screen epic new window. And they like him projector and I was seeing that you can put in your own home movies that you want to UK yeah so your fear have been somebody plain and simple are here. Some you know some little Shiites are commending your place to sneak in little Puerto action there's an important broadcast into the neighborhood says you can reject I am them. And that in a scene that comes with it or even putting in the movies in the dvd slot political. There's two guys are still wonder again as winter wonderland as seen on TV and then there's another projector and. So there's two the Santa Claus is our sorrow and am now I would think to somebody sees that and calls the cops though because it looks like somebody broke into your house and steal it. You don't happen this year it's really sad for acts. Are else to not fly in spam he did not know he did not he did not. Buying in and tell our neighbors they're alpha there and other kids other a week can't figure out why are. Did not come out well as Ralph he'd been a good little boy it is that part of the years I am I mean it isn't supposed to billions. No it's also the house that reports to see in how how he's been. All Kenya yeah so these nasty. You know they don't goes back they'll say candidly visitors don't well they even tell study may be best yeah. So that would there's a bad report card well it is. In this case. You never want your kids to get older that you can happen. So are you saying that he's given up on the hill who he didn't really care field children I I don't feel like he wished the hard enough that I. Ask that you know and India. Yeah and why that's fine with me I mean because that would that sucker would go all over the house and I just feel like. Where is what Allen and then you have this elf competition you know OK with the the ridiculous yoga camp weird idea that. And ten they'll post your shares of how. Elf and not a fix it and I think it. You're also the first she got it. About it he showed up via the first jury showed up. I remember he had like super glue on his answer about that because he never mow the remember that he was a lazy is elephant no you were SC as a well first time the wealth Maria gets back she go with the app I that we don't know why we. We could there was carbon monoxide for us. He was drowsy LP was so it'll never hired you hit it bend your son Kim question you bet it remembered that you're stuck kept saying but mom why he has the east doesn't even move to this you know it's should go to there's only one. Exile is one band elf. Opened slightly zeal huge scenes. Some of these they go hardcore. Again. That daddy's well and I think though. That the in certain cases and got it makes me biography it's gotten cool again as. Really if you actually BL and you see the competition out there and you realize you got one bad elf. It's fun to look at them is lining across the living room. I know that's competition -- there assets that's a that's a mom in competition with other people that's what. Because you wanna get the most creative and you would oppose you wanted to wedded repeating that very creative mother that was pointed out for the kids you know about them out. Edit I get it meanwhile ours just fell over as sleep and swear to get super glue on it is it. Everybody know. Are you ready people with your final day than the chocolate kisses behind it but like it is. But that one in the importance on Alex.