BJ & Jamie: Woman falls from Cruise ship spends 10 hours in water. 8/20

Monday, August 20th

A woman falls from the back of a cruise ship and spent 10 hours in the water. 

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PGA and Jamie. That. I've kind of BJ junior mourning should also heard on the radio dot com and a download for your phone via yeah just nice and radioed is it on national radio today I don't know I've never celebrated before me there's. So make sure that your real funny. Yeah but but but a. Just because Israel has yet to beat the house ice actually hit the 888. Yen K. DC were somebody else fell off of the cruise ship. It's not your problem is that you put it what you all I know it's. Human. I. It's Kirk well that's. All she's doing an interview pro Croatian television station. Because this occurred. Somewhere off the coast of Croatia I think about sixty miles or they Croatia's UE it is yen really people are like you gotta go there really yen basing at Butte I actually saw an episode of Anthony bored day. In Croatia we and a gorgeous yeah really it was knows this like 8046. Years old. Got drunk as a skunk and fell from the seventh. I fed off the back of the no agents. I was in the worlds of some ten hours period so these wonderful guys rescued my. Maybe some play. I am very lucky to be alive today from problem England yeah yeah. I'm faulty sick. We have not sticking up the bottom of the bag and when it's. Obvious. Well when you're sitting at the back of the day is sensationalist that drug cities she didn't mention that she does he was always how do you know because all the stories there that they did she said this is a British aero sister this 46 years old. At a drunken row that's what to call it would there you don't need breads I had a drunken row with a few friends before falling from the cruise ship. Hole is there's no a fight. Yeah a scuffle like cats Kanye are yet salute who will tell anybody if there rather friends you'd hate that the just about every story I've seeds as she was wrong because the skunk partner friends tell anybody yeah. I don't really fully get it she was in neo water and it takes a lot of turtles big boats around but he would think ten hours rightful. But had a drinking I'm thinking you know it's one thing to fall off the ship and two you know sip of water like and he reversed. Oh by the way she says she did yoga. If the water which saved her life really sell it somewhere. She says yoga saved her life didn't just float in the record Satan for. But yes it's a bit about meditation and yoga candy and and what she does back at home is something she implement it for ten hours in order to a stay afloat. Wow hoods and so should just stay comment sounds like it sounds like yeah well you help the Schuessel draw okay. Hours I don't think I can tread water for ten hours or even look for tonight now it's not just that but to be drunk in the water vineyard. Haggard is here now it's off. Here's the salt water act that that happened when she's lucky he had it in that's like the last three or so that's made the news and actually been rescued episode when they are looking firmer yeah the only American England or not they they radioed ahead so maybe some of her friends say hey. I'll call eight is listening. And in so it'll be worse British accent haven't. Kite Collie. Who hit a wall is that the that the what you've done a war. Finally and can and try hero because I've changed. And more on Alex I.