BJ & Jamie: Woman shows up to Exs wedding in wedding dress. 6/20

Wednesday, June 20th

A woman goes to her Exes Wedding wearing a wedding dress and she interrupts the ceremony and throws a huge fit because he is supposed to marry her not that other slut!   

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Vijay and Jamie you wanna hear a really crazy cycle story. What music. All Walden. Ex girlfriend. Enter robs. Her ex boyfriend's wedding. He's at the altar with a new bride in she's wearing a wedding dress. Waging the summertime again and let the man and a woman are at the altar of Ken he's dressed in his tuxedo. She's got a wedding dress sought. Enters into the roam the ex girlfriend in a wedding drew a parent that's silly but it throws of bad seed does a those of us that. She's he's supposed to be married may not and I agree let our visitor go girl is there any reason why you let this woman go. I think she's doing the right thing it's a lot of aunts and. But yeah it's crazy she Koresh is this they. And so they color out buyer here all they have to they have just wrestle this lady out of there I mean she is adamant. She wants her man back I did she added that the media actually I'm gonna go ahead and Wear a wedding to a Dutch. Littler it ever to see you gotta figure that her thinking is this that. When I show up. He'll remember. That we were great together we lefty and he's gonna dump the bride in a wedding dress harmony. Wedding dress. I am ready to go I'm ready to get an event she looked fantastic did Gigi I got really doll she would just like he normally. They almost had the same dressing in real yeah. Would you see the video what do you tell the toolbar would he start fighting. Oh now that I feel weird feeling there you are here you get ready get married and also this woman burst in the door with a wedding down on you got feel like you're in a movie. That and he even my kid that you see the grooms them. Big grabbed her and it try to Russell her out of there it she put throws a little fight she even has the book. She shows up with the wedding dress on and a bouquet of. So yeah I've yeah I want to get restraining order against her is just the small idea. And it one way Heatley and that's this crazy idea that Oregon the dictionary thing is gonna work I don't know. He hit you think it was gonna work you would have gone through all that you would have thought. She probably remind thought that he would change is by the minute he saw heard said in a lot you're right I made a mistake. You can Barley over here you get at here but it does what else. Wasn't bad girl I'm like there was a story she went on hey yeah like a tender date with this guy and no it was the millionaire remember and issue an into the house and and broke everything India in his bathtub yeah she wouldn't leave. Yeah the and then just did this today she's still saying that she knows he loves her. She was saying and gently in Arabic you during jailing everything you shouldn't do these these. Not. People are not actually I just read that in California they have the most psychopaths. Really you know wearing that where to Twitter and that's where you got red sweater you know after Argentina and you know every government. Listen to Jane these headlines from two what is I got this I got that done this scratch and sniff stamps. They're out today. Real that's going to be so fantastic amateur that Anna and 41 cents 43 cents 44 what are I don't know but you just scratch and it's. The allayed almost. Scratches Estandia what life because very few people you stand rightly really should of come that was something really cool like that years ago yeah well I think that I. I like and you know what album that on Twitter what. That she shared patents. And can you believe and I don't buy it sure is dork he's too tall and yeah yeah totally like that doesn't. With a short she said is it that Tom Cruise is one of her favorite lovers she had a name that top lovers and she said Tom Cruise was in the top five that doesn't even sound like a man. Which I. But let that great to find out from Twitter and I -- be a lot of people's and that Iran about the cars about cars. They say do what I got 151000 dollars up my deemed up car and the next Jeff filed an insurance claiming that 101000 dollar sport. Well let's just skimming right there. BJ to some of as a car is means just get from point a to point B it doesn't matter of line is it cheap. Somebody else and I got a Carl last year for 121000 dollars off. Art so so let me ask you this if you go in and you've got a car this city you know that's a 30000 brave new car. But but now you got 8000 somebody's at 8000 rent or 101000 whatever. You get that off I still I don't think the car is worth the 20000 dollars with a beat to hell and back with you be better off to take let's say. Ten or 121000 dollars in go by a very good dependable car I just don't know it's worth it. Well this person because then they filed an insurance claim the next year. Then I guess an extra hailed him as the next year but I would have to bet that sent the yeah I went out we have a lot of Kelly I like the plane and so you by car with a little bit of the image and the weight and you said it back out there when it's going to be a lot. So you're gonna spend. 20000 dollars on a brand new vehicle in hang on to a four year hoping for the next he'll still likes I don't for a dumb plan. Why. What leads a planet people like because there and do hale say Ellen all these places of Diebler Bynum and maybe just healing the world exudes a dumb play. It's a dumb plan. And drives up insurance everywhere. Rail. Telling the ground wheeled me into this. I know and track Sharon constantly. Yet edged out. Elkhart is still didn't. Guy writes exactly what is yeah. It's not exactly the way to get a look at. These cars though not the one we saw I think you'd have to replace it with a shield the younger son who. You've got you got Danica is that everything opened the hood alone has 200 day it's all right now that's what I look yet making my judgment and should there are subject just got a few deems it. Are worth it yet no problem. But the car I saw just few minutes ago. Oh yeah by the well you did just spackle just backlit and as the victim exactly and maybe you have a friend who you know or maybe it may Bynum like. Now old shortly down there hit a good deal. But the good that you buy like a truckload of these cards and send them to some other country something. Maybe ship him to Mexico resentment. And Jane and that's coach rod insurance company will require documentation that it was fixed it it's just it's fraud. As somebody says well I have to drive Graham my car right now looks like Lance. Net Benson and flailing dimples adding that that be well and him really and I'm just gonna. And that's man well noted duplicate that. They top. Up. Hey are you know in the but hey Jamie your raw about deck cars dust think when you'd. Take your car tuner card shirts they take pictures of your car before it actually cover. So they would know those did the war Edwards. I've got my card nobody ever took the picture of it. Didn't take pictures though that they didn't take pictures out it didn't you might be able to pull it off unless they have it underneath. Paperwork when they cellular card sometimes to dealers have. Did disclosed that had come that would fuel even seen some of the pictures would you efforts say let's say cars 2530000. Dollars for 101000 dollars off. Would you buy one of the dented cars. I would and does. His parents. Well it in my field if you blow up. Two persons houses get a deal with disasters in south and I grew up with a car that's all jacked up I hope. Gergen bill I know you're not really that successful companies Sony. I told I was I was tell Jay he's got a couple days ago in it was him from the storm that had to be from a previous storm. I I pulled up next to a car at a stoplight that was it did that I mean this thing in his head tags on it that he just been purchased. So those so I'd know that they probably bought it this way. They had it and I pulled up and I got a yeah I was a hill judge your I judged that caught her and probably yeah. I agree with you but I agree with a lot of people you know until just by advocates want something reliable. And you know don't don't get it hurt cheap price but did you buy a newer car regardless of looting 56 out. A little. While I am not you are so right Tom. I'm so glad you all surrounded by my father I have several. Cold. Todd you are such isn't the first of all that well. I ever bought a new car and I had an agent. Not a lot easier just up the law it will instantly declined comment or try to talk to veto bond to Bob easier. About it and there. My. 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