BJ & Jamie: Womans Ex gives away all her stuff on Craigslist. 2/13

Tuesday, February 13th

A woman in Denver has all her things given away by her Ex-boyfriend on Craigslist while she was in Texas! She came back home and all her things were gone she is begging people to bring back her things. No one has returned anything.  


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PGA NG HZ the story of the lady that broke up with a boyfriend. That was leading. Over the weekend trying to get her stuff back. She moved her stuff Jay B she was gonna go I think it with a mom in Texas and she moved her stuff out of the house. Put it one of those sub. Goats decent and good things and those pods. Into the locker right animal got the pot right right in to move her because her boy boyfriend split up. Well he goes on Craig's list in says he's got a pod full of furniture. Another belongings. In my front yard anyone can inhabit here's my address he goes outside takes a long call off the pot. Opens the door. It leaves it that way for about three or four days. She plead not include a so let me ask I need to backstop. I need the back story. Like who broke up with food did she cheat on him I need the back story to deal. I didn't feel any kind of empathy or are more like yeah sure I mean here's a little bit of the audio from the new story itself okay so we can start stop but here it is very. Every packed per possession. Dirt or 64 years of life. That's right but now only fattening it getting shipped to her new actor even feel violated and keep you are devastated. Hillary says she moved from Texas star Borough with her roommate did two were dating at the tine. And she says after a few months they broke up and stayed roommates until their lease without and I did town that morning. I was leading and he got a little effort and he was cooperative she says pods forgot to deliver the lock with her box. He didn't deliberate by the time she had to leave so she lashed. And says her roommate agreed to put on the block and chipper the key east. Please arm. Where messages jury sent a picture of people rummaging through I pod. Taking things and then we found out that yet placed an ad on Craigslist. At the pot theory everything in his or her. It's old golf yet he liked here anymore it's all your heart is did she went back caught over the weekend she was on television. Leading. That if you would buy this address and got some good from the pod please bring it back nobody's returned any state. Mean that's not learn from this one is people our main subject is she showed pictures of these guys. They look homeless. There inside the putt going through boxes. That's really hated anybody really and so yeah and that's it. And she was pregnant spiny Islam except it was fine date they were cooperating yeah and then is he just left that hot out there and sent him to get her stuff well. She's in Texas there's nothing in the and they showed it over the weekend at the pods is completely empty lot it'd just it. Cricket. Is a. Sinegal fund to pay for her I don't know as a fact I feel really bad yeah. And it's you know lost everything. Yeah well and impress Errol likened to the plot. We think about this yesterday. She. How many pods it would take for me to unload my house value is saying. It would take a lot of Kia you do want because I do with what inspires me is that according buried alive so you'd like to play and watch it you decide to throw stuff out. You know I every time I watch it to our stuff out do you get rid of it and I stuff it has. Those people move into those tiny homes. I mean just like one brown would fill a tiny hole it from my house I don't either but. I will I admire people who can't do it. I don't saint Anna Ortiz and I think that's gone around where that that told me an open garage doors like having some of the ads is this all will be years and I'm thinking and stuff for my kid he's ever gonna want it. But his baby clothes you know silly he's ever gonna win that I have Boxee. His truck semi boys are not too many gradually to whatever. I have boxes is there stuff from years ago. That are in the basement the ex wife kept. And they'll never I've asked them if they want it. It's got local school paper. You don't report card from the 67 grade I think they don't care. Necklace it's not my son's teeth fell out of his head all look at that the ones who aren't as well look I don't know what might that it. It's about good order Tuesday her kids that's critical. And more on Alex I.