BJ & Jamie: Woman's home address same as massage parlor. 7/14

Friday, July 14th

There is a story of a woman who has purchased a new home and it turns out that on an Online ad of a Massage Parlor has same as her. There are a lot of men showing up at her house for massage and even sex. Some have been walking in and even being forceful. She had to tell one guy that there are no Hookers there!


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Vijay and Jamie yet the year let me tell you this audio of this lady there's there's a house in New Jersey. It has the same address as massage parlor a spot. So there's a lady you as the same address as a massage part yes he's outlived their lawn just bought it didn't didn't know that when she bought the house. But she's done some users and that's what's causing the problem will these men. In the past week have been chilling up that are front dual. A couple of guys blocked it to replace thinking there at the massage parlor she does look into this now's. Just recently I get a they act and now she's discovered it's the same exact address how that mix up happens I have no idea that nationals allegedly whistled at as a discount if it. Yup and the massage parlor. The spot. Has been busted repeatedly. For prostitution. Rick. Heated marriage it's not open up the style of play is like now massage and beer summit greatly now know enough sleazy place here's a lady talking about the type of guys that are that are showing up at her front door. There are placement varieties of men from college kids to its. Cry me scruffy looking Grossman and I like. There's no massage chair and you're at the wrong address. And he was coming in and trying to come into my kitchen and that's what I told myself there's no hookers here you need to go away. It's creepy. Mocking and. Lock your door and their sister well it's a massage parlor so you can get to business I don't know like I want to lock her door. There are no hookers here she needs to take that big red light and get it exactly that way I think that would be pretty. Yeah that wild as that or lady and inch just guided to displace it she's had six million. I had just walked indoor house the past week. She might think about Dylan. I mean yes that panic clientele so like business would be good yeah. And why he. Why so many of these men. Mike was put you guys these guys these guys obviously know that displaces. You know gone above and beyond. Hardin did it again this pardon my stupidity are married and are they just men that are dorks that don't get it early. And goes into a house and. Play instruments does scrub these scrawny. Like court he yeah I would guess I don't know I've never been to massage. Spot. You have this idea India you know like in the strip mall areas so little CD and I will partner has then yeah. And there's a couple places rent by telling acts I guess. Yeah end and the dead idea yet if he used to visit our air ground here. And I yeah I innings in equipment out there and they're Sean have you ever been over to one of the US media spas around Colfax I have not. Now really what you drive by and see coming I do wonder what's in the air but I've never stopped to poke. To poking in the end you know looking into a little relief in the hokey and should. I really love this efforts are necessarily. I am really hot. And I placements varieties of men from college kids to move its. Cry me scruffy looking Grossman. And I'm like. There's no massage chair I'm here at the wrong address. And he was coming in and trying to come into my kitchen and that's when I told myself there's no hookers here for me to go away. Does your. Hair got the wrong place saying that it wasn't bad for the SP terrifying. Change. And more on Alex.