BJ & Jamie: World Cup England could bring it cup home Timberlake Picks England to win. 7/11

Wednesday, July 11th

World Cup! Justin Timberlake is going for England to win it all!    

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And Vijay and Jeanne. One of the kids saying. It's cut. Do you X and now. And men. My only. It's. Did you see that montage model that I did that the I gotta love it those little kids I'll find of where you. It's it's a montage volleys are kids in that they say. What's coming home and you know they're like soccer in the cup all the stuff all of cup and then my Republicans like tax. The only all daddy's coming normally he's been gone an Indiana. Yeah. Oh he's ever seen this child support Padilla is. Yeah. Do you ever bet daddy didn't like literally broke my the tee it. And then the now we know daddy's not coming home at the old World Cup it heats up ten day. Yesterday France wins and so France goes to the finals. And now it's Great Britain taking on Croatia and that's today at new debt now here's the deal there's a backlash would Justin Timberlake I didn't say Bieber as a Timberlake broke down because she was on each. Any actually start chanting let's pull our own. It's easier for England and people are mad who what why would they be man to be paid to take. So he's a world wide celebrity. So old I guess people of Croatia are men and I've got the audio and Justin Timberlake. Readjust and. Okay. We'll. You campaign tanked the Asia when you're on tour in Allen did act. Because now is to go to France and I and a leg railing. If so this is playing again. Ours so Croatia takes on Great Britain today. The winner Wole move on to play France on Sunday for the World Cup title always always a thing Sunday as it. I'm pretty sure it's on Sunday saw a note this week of France you know is in France one yesterday and being. Belgium I think oh this is when I get excited about an interesting exciting game yesterday one nil it was unbelievable you said Neil. Neil now see how that's that's her. Al yeah I should did you finally see the thing about soccer players on manhunt themselves. Yeah he had to guide saw a several things online and come only watched a portion of it was being facetious one Neil Neil. One gold scored that's a boring game. And it's a boring game I'm sorry but suckers bore. Not when they thought daddy get so Hertz and the and that the opting in menaces fan in that I want to just for the amazing acting. Yet there they do a good job of that belly flop. And bounce around on the ground until paramedics get out there but but. Or trainers what are they cart. But I'll probably watched a guy at the governor watched today because the brits are so excited did not hit the cup along our. Cutting all got here's what's gonna be devastating. Aids could work both ways. If you remember when Great Britain won just to get to this round of the quarterfinals. Our or semi finals I guess it is. They went into an IKEA store because they'd be Sweden started jumping on the bed we happen to him in wrecking the furniture. Yeah control they actually think they'll like throw Chris Johnson brings. That both of those though the playing Croatia today growing ally in neighboring Croatia I don't know what it big in Croatia. And. And a million and what's that weird calling a con uncle well no pleasant thing to all of and a Corey cook and tutoring and you know this is the mayor this is where our show gets in trouble. Hits it could it have been granted we start guessing like this and rest of the country what we get in trouble JB. This is who we get started. Popped out at colleges and not be a few idiots have you know so let's we'll have poured a cup I don't know what they haven't relation I don't know what they have it doesn't. Telling world traveler so I. Haven't. All Jamie I'm glad you asked because I know an awful lot of things about Croatia as a loads as its. It's it's and economically dominant. By the service industry and agricultural tourism is very significant source of revenue there now it's also ranked. The top two most popular tourist destinations in the world so Croatia has got a lot of places that are fun to look at it did they go there and I souvenir what do I backed. Is my point. Looks like snow globes. Or really in Croatia. And then there's a lot of independent makers. From the old they don't I think blow glass they're too that's why they make the globes yeah but it. Blow a lot of glass it's so that's what you need. But what is being bit skittish about points up what is wedged it okay. The Great Britain people if they win they're gonna get crazy they even get Matty right now. And it's England. It's England what what if for Britain had to guess Great Britain has their own team are a little weak if England at the brits win today. They're gonna get all excited they're gonna Rex the thing goes and go to Hilton ad in their go to wrecked stuff. Crazy that out of control those English so stay out of the English bars today. What is the difference in great Britain and England I mean besides you know it's that sticks and yelling at yeah. Nothing. I mean yeah Great Britain I guess is the whole content it. It doesn't matter you know what I mean I went to English speaking English and. I just think that cracked Jamie and perhaps this may set Croatia is known for the teacher. Says I love Croatia and the yeah text fashion our world just do that it didn't let. Games are to do about it it's a big deal a lot of people are watching that today because because you lose it is on number. Because Croatia is that a good because in man's Gian. You know at least he lab because my son does have the shirt is an island Peru. But yeah. There's a lot to get married exuberant amount acting crap I've got island New York I and I love Nashville after I love Austin, Texas yeah well written member or what we all used to do is get the hard rock. The hard rock cafe is a different places alone remain around cool that only half. If it had a hard rock you have to teacher now that was a thing beginning going to eat anything you just went it will store. Animals don't forget the. When you hear imagine dragons you could win VIP to there show that's coming up very soon. Who variance from South Africa. Yeah. Imagine dragons on the way soon eat text the word imagine 251059. When you hear the song are you get gravely is that what you're telling us coming up soon yeah. OK so it's a whole thing you guys things. Crazy I heard Carson talked about yesterday he's right it's like it's every person's dream yet. If you love imagine dragons added a backstage. Every dad and just the backstage at red rocks is pretty incredible. So we have a chance when that's photo with the band the hold the so again when you hear imagine dragon song which he's gonna play here shortly you just text imagined a five on a 595. I've got some bad news. You know this party in paradise is Cayman trip yes. I don't think I can go now. Well I know why you know so I you don't know why did what I texted you know I know I may have jury duty. No it's what I texted you yesterday and that may not be able to make us. Yeah very comfortable here as well we're for him big Randy back home now. On this show over the past did you saw what I thanks Cindy guys sign out did below Oneida god told Marty this morning I did yeah. Yeah. On this show over the past couple years. As you know. I've had any and it's not really been a face to face or even in conversation. But it'll give back and forth with Chrissie Teague and sister Tammy T get Tammy case. Who lives right here in the highlands ranch Colorado Alison Stewart show about. And I've said a few things yes I'd admit it I've said a few things Chris kinda gets under my skin just a little bit I'm legend Bo. You said really really mean things about her sister. Seems to me that I'm sure you. Yeah about Chris Iannetta what's insist her phony idea taxes yet you don't look at it and it at that but yet I did that if you I. I. Hope when Jamie informs me last night. The ten ET and it is go into the cave and I. Witness. At all why aren't. Why literally dropped my phone I'm sitting in my recliner a shocker heaven to Biddle I tasty watch TV in this text comes through about. Tammy T get making the trip but most of the team and I would and I literally. Drop by the. Yeah. Did you respond to my my thing I would I put them caballos slim Mike on the entry you an average shot and I said KT MET in wants to know what flight we're going on. So she can make sure she gets on the same flight she thought that would be fun. And I don't know what flight right and so I told her to call the travel agent because they are holed my all the flights right. So I sit com a travel agent I don't know what flight grind and like OK because Bergen ago and so I take that Debbie de LA. This let me know that not only are teaming Teague and going and her friend going. But they're going on our flight. Moon. Little bit and. I guess area and Coke she IM BA DF that's and we just it's can be beautiful and I thought we played that pin the tail on the beach. Like time games with the with our. Magellan I don't know what we think it would be okay and last year we can tell Pia all of you and and tea which he can play twister kinda naked transferred at all. I'm a little yeah is it. Shocked that that that she's she's go girl. The end she likes me and and I like she wants him face to face time with you. Could put it to. Yeah I should punched you know if you let it really heard and you kept doing it even after she said listen no matter what that's still my sister. Can you not talk about it that way it's still like her only in it hurt her feelings and cheer you. On about. Krista. And so I had. And I say I OK I'm so sorry I apologize on behalf. Is she wrote this whole thing I apologize and you can't don't get poke in the active so guess what the bears get on the flight. And the bear is gonna talk. OK so she better not I. It again blame me she'd better not take it swings that not if I play that game with a big red that. BJ in wind like the human Pitt taking out a few. The trip just got more interest OK so yeah acting out winners in the Cayman Islands and experience it all for yourself. Be jerks right up. Now and by the way if you wanna be on our flight and they have to play that we're going to be on and they have some flights. Held right. I think so I you know I thought. I got an expert on this I have no idea you know and what to travel agency is doing. And as far as the flights that goes it varies I mean I saw a couple of flights reconnect to fly there. During the overnight you get there like 8 o'clock in the morning you don't checked into the hotel like two and you can Google what a great time to spend the day at the poll. Book it that way so they'd it's only you know a few hours to get there instead of having a late overweight state. Yeah you know what to do that what we'll do what's that in the pool. We'll play deacon. What's it. I can't let daily economic shoulders with it and shot you've let me get on your shoulder is Pollyanna play chicken I loved that game at the get line I'd let her just I'm not getting on your shoulders of luck. I have strong leg I got a feeling you would sabotage the game play I turned the wrong way yeah. How hot I. Oh. Maybe it will. I. They don't know robot not god tell. And in detail to market paradise we're going to Cayman Islands and timber would look you know to a long Alice 1059 dot. Com. Each inch anymore.