BJ & Jamie: World cup Women find men changing tires sexy. 7/13

Friday, July 13th

World Cup is the Croatians and the French and we want Croatia to win. Jamie wanted to know if BJ has ever changed a tire. Jamie found a story that says women love watching a man change a tire and if a guy can’t change a tire it is a deal breaker.

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Vijay and Jamie. The very kitchen tool. My myself putting me never heard I never heard that's on an endeavor that's heat alone before the group. The World Cup it's a big game Croatia takes on France it's gonna happen on Sunday oh did you see the warning that beat back. Beat up beat back. That's the federation. For soccer to put out a warning to the broadcast. People say hey stop showing all the hot women. Her the broadcast on. Have been showing porn star Brandon Rush. All these hot women in the statins but with these two top saw an aid in their saying whoa whoa whoa stop. Well and you know it's interesting and this can land but not doggie downer and didn't downer. It's like is you never told about nanny Stella. He's from England into post about the World Cup because there although he asked me if you. Well I guess she said yesterday that she put a whole thing about how just the Super Bowl domestic violence is really prevalent in England and and France and all the things when they're a team loses and she said. FaceBook to get down. Took down her post yeah. Yeah well ahead because they've done I was not known enough across a lot of passion 'cause Zuckerberg can you believe really that well censored. In bush she was she was just bringing to attention right now. Has it lets them be where's she does some sites attached to a lot of seat Kelly good. Day. If you think it would boost that. I don't know what it was an appropriate contract Croatian in France now the World Cup nobody's gonna be watching here in the US but it is I. Lax and under and teen Croatia all the way so a few probes but even if it's. Of penalty they're called the Croat and it dawned on me I don't think that the crash. It's kind of cat I don't know what they're you know what their rule what is it mascot. It's. Now we'll go at that you went there what do we care right so UST we did but no that a change doctor gadget that could be on Aston yeah. In Lincoln takes a little off guard because I was outside the studio and it can market back in and giving us pay any. He knew changed and I did say sentiment that I thought he had a flat and thought he wanted me to go take your keys go down to bargain like Jay just aren't afforded all the is that I hope not yeah. I'll snow out of this really the interest in the sense that oh well I well. So I would call them that at that but that's what I thought he did it first. Now it's sad I think he'll be shocked about some of the stuff and sell EU so here's time think every right. You glance and in just start changing air to make the just pretend like she's even if it's not even flat they say that women. Dig it may end while they're watching him change the time you're kidding it's like issued some crazy turn on like and the man gets that gag barrier colonel colonel who are now. And rednecks well. One notes turn everybody on. Almost all single women read on the net you know community. Has skipped over. I think it can have almost all single women say they are. Turned on by a man who changes the Thai air. Almost not ever sat dead if he can't do it's a deal breaker. Really in there turned all of them don't turn on my that if they can't do it it makes a sad day it feels like part of that looming it would. Nasty masculine is in a manner whenever. And other turned off by it they also said and this is some that young should think about because I can't stand it. 81% of women say. Broad range DL. There. Yeah I hit rover people that I came in behind the wheel oh my god I was his dad he throws a fit and I caught a fit because it's stupid yeah. So I changed its parity of the tick that but it does not. But crack wonder. Even though yeah we love crap do you on my god and I just wonder and big sat. But let's just a big crack on my guy yeah you know I think I'll go down into the parking lot later on millions Jack up the car down the league the we'll largest get out the tools ready. Let's see that I think is great thank them. Does it say if it's affected by the type of car. So like if I'm changed the tire on the key. Great point actually no I mean if on it is that for example Armstrong's get skip Weller he as a role the racism than that all yes so if I AC skip dweller in his Bentley. Change tire like. Hello Colombia India meet do. Right right yeah then signs in the huge rise that's on is a great point yeah if you demanding this of the car that adds to the sexiness of the man you. A decent I'm not driving a Bentley driving Mercedes. Let's just say things. Sorry but you pretty sure almost not. Really now what I've just sing about cars because I did tell BJ at all these people tracks and welcome New Zealand turned oh what how all of this. The puck. I think it happened when guys like any other day your leg and needing care whereas and member yesterday was a bit. I asked him I. Driving home yesterday how you answered me I had named setting power. The jobless die because I don't tell you all have noticed tire shrapnel all brightly but yeah it's pray that you. They and in Indian act and I came up this east. He used to it in idly by. People thinking. How I played five I don't know how to tell you to change the tires safely but he's like step back and I got an. After a big basketball hoop with actual book and the old you can have a truck. Your kid I guidelines I've added in almost hit it almost hit me and the other guy ray in a written and sparks came out from and his car. Did you see that boulder fell off that truck not an 800 pound boulder fell onto a car behind it. Well yesterday. I'm here. Wasn't enough I mean overcame a little older. Canadian green and ran over to name really 20000 dollars with a damaged underneath my car wow yeah there you don't remember Canadian. And even drug 20000 dollar car. Because of its image. Yeah I Sony's just texted skip well are absolutely does not change his own tires what world are you living and. Yeah I would think so even if I would manicures and I would guess most. People when you said Bentley and then he came back with a Mercedes and a I would say anybody in the Bentley category in her Mercedes the middle changed their own. You know who your earnings Iran. Backup car it doesn't just called to blame now are you member troubling now wondering if such a good deal a lot and I don't know. I am waiting caller I wouldn't call Tripoli for a for a flat you know I change. I yourself and actually side with all traffic and he could kill works according to from got a shoulder not to work with mr. don't know but it just seemed the most part I think a change myself so and I PGA that you agree with me and finally am lead tigers shrapnel. I saw a lot. People and I don't know what it is no that this thing that we talk about sometimes of how things happen in sequence that bet that it's just. Frequency. Over a period of time wedge out of clue us in the F serendipity and wish him we even talked about this Tuesday or Wednesday and I. I left here either Wednesday or I don't what are the two days and I saw four or vehicles on the way home with a between mile area. I saw four vehicles with flat tires jacked up on the side of the road. Aren't you already bet I'd all of one. I haven't seen so yeah we your Yahoo! dot it was crazy when I said the editing Weis is submerged or shrapnel and Mike and I. I didn't say a sought higher shrapnel so people changing times people are asked. Not. A very important part magnate. We didn't finish. High and I was liquid is a we expired as well we know you're. I'm sure there were dragged out flat tired it was amazing not only. Are bosses. Very disappointed right now loves. I'm disappointed and I mean why we're excited about shrapnel I don't even know are gonna read rules are here I'm so sorry Campbell this. The most of them or which is needed vacation just in time. Time off. Easy and more on Alex I.