BJ & Jamie: XBox 1X is out and HD is out of control Jeremy Hubba Hubba. 11/8

Wednesday, November 8th

The New Xbox 1X was out yesterday and it is the best gaming system on the market now.. we are not sure why but that’s what we are being told… Jamie says the HD is already out of control.     


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Vijay and Jamie. Oh boy oh boy oh boy it seems like we have problems out. It's proud of let me just see reports of shall. She imports of shall closure of the southbound I 25 preemptive Bellevue avenue due to a drug supplier gunfire they have to lead and burn out roads. They're suggesting using him an avenue to happy canyon road south Monica blah blah blah blah you know with that stuff I don't know about you guys aim it and when I he had no about a day and tumble like most of the hard time figuring out those alternative routes to them inside and how are not space in my head that I don't know how to scary. I don't didn't take routes. Our school where room going. That I know is a little bit longer than the all well he has. But I'll take it because in some familiar ones no attended just unlike a yeah like that route that her dad was well and like get around like shorter. Let's get as Larry I don't know. I don't take well got get our way and even know that there is like this for example the fire out this way. Yes and I don't fully I've got to be honest I do not fully trusts the GPS. I am president I don't know why but I just I look at it that you that he and I. Thank you and I had to be a dog allotted to you as Donna lag it short side as it gave them my son's a gamer is your suddenly excited about the new Xbox keep well. He has mentioned it's I know that you don't do about it. This is a big deal man for the gamers out there there are celebrating today you know I guess yesterday right yeah. All bought Microsoft has put up the brand new Xbox one expert they say the most powerful console ever went what is it damp. These points games. But as powerful met with let me to golf and what's amazing about it you plug it in the motor vehicle for movement they once did is an exiled. And what they're doing this. And here is capable of school for KH DR gaming at sixty frames per second with a built in four K ultra HD Blu-ray player you know well I don't get out. Don't get the whole Kate thing either so. Doesn't distort just two days ago and I sell these new dvds have been released this an ultra four K you know what the hell that means meter. The book is I see no one makes my TV it looked pretty darn good our way to that they good to me so I don't know how the technology gets any better. And because that's the site of the news anchors I mean she into their or hit with a because when you have that can face is on HD and 65 inches you get it. Unlike all display today's bad days especially they get razor burn oh my god like deadly economic DB I mean I'm. I won't name them but there's a couple needs. All well and gene that is so rude and is the worst thing to publish songs on the Xbox I disagree the Xbox one X. It's quiet. Much quieter. Faster loading times three USB slots more options Forte visual it's huge. I'm this big news anchors on my dad I get a get a hold of this girl so yesterday the yesterday there's a girl I was in your name she doesn't limited the I guess she stopped Jeremy Hubbard in the parking lot. She did on my behalf really yeah it's it and it and then she read intimidation. It's like you should use of Jamie he's just love them. Muscular open. Really. Don't know what. Parlor Harvard is so god is on. Fox 31 right and so I'm he's my boyfriend he doesn't know because he's married. And I guess now some of you are telling him to be my boyfriend she I appreciate a lot. I'm sure wouldn't want an early or group that is then why is it and it was in the target and I guess he's our guy running good and you know. Better security over there to fox thirty or are you I don't know where they where exactly I don't know if there's that part of the grocery store and so. ABC Jeremy Hubbard here's what you need today. You should be Jamie's boyfriend is Phillips started thing and it bugs the crap out of a it would be even worse afterward the parking lot of like his kids' schools. It can't tell you what. Don't listen to pick up his kid you have to give it so I tell you see it it doesn't have a. This wise for his kids and everything you listen Jane relaxed going for his trouble and I think it's important.