BJ & Jamie - You dissapointed me on social media 5/24

Wednesday, May 24th

Have you ever unfriended someone cause of a stupid post they made on Facebook or Twitter!? We have!


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Vijay and Jamie. I didn't know you are a click remember. Well I don't know if I call myself a click member but I am on the maybe the fringes of the Olympics yeah. My son of Lisa Bradley played by the way all of the F stands them of trying to pilots appalled that in there in the clip for some their honorable members yes I didn't even know that he didn't and yes I am definitely not mean I'm sit and Adam BJ dealing here and and that's a beach. It just in danger when you tomorrow yeah. Upset about that Cologne. In Littleton but that. He says is to me because it's just because PDAs cement my isn't it's nice to fashion her to be over before you know it. Again in I mean our Arab League talent is. And and yeah. I'm staying here though you did yeah and a bathroom for two B I thought I. Lower. It's big enough to let pilots at the click out. We did this thing during the summer. Which is we have different food trucks different food drug days yet DT CE DTC is correct and like eighteen trucks nominee or make him. I know here to perform a concert yeah yeah me in my. Utter icing on died June 5. There's not one this coming Monday that the following Monday mentioned fits my daughter and I are gonna play about duke thirty news thirty minutes for the music herself in the bargain in the parking lot. In front of should drop since final salute tricks while people are enjoying their snacks and lunches and they're eaten from. What would Jesus do. That's when the contract and. Yeah in black and he wouldn't let. Last year some bands came in played a couple of them on the part of my likes and you know full bands or something and we just got to talking about it I would be kind of fun and then. I've spoke with Sarah who's kind of in charge of that and she was all four days that it would be great idea so we put together some songs. And we've been practicing. Home and that is adorable it's going to be great dad and daughter in a park and lack in front of food truck singing this song is. What memories are made out buddy exactly yes. Here on the ukulele me on the guitar. The working on some harmony. With there good and arguing and he sees a music teacher she thinks she knows way more than me ranked and still we've got heads. I do this to me bad yeah that's going to be saying I'm right I am I have identical paid legal. Mean it's weird but it's going to be a bad thing that's empirical. Our game this morning should the nation it's not really to the nation it's god you and I don't. Yeah. Every action element of are its games of the nation god that you disappoint me and social media lab and a 59 will take attacks. What I talked about is. Have you ever troll is somebody would you have violated me just to say that sounds horrible and immigrant woman I'm a mom either I mean you got animated checked out some ice age whether it be your grandma or somebody you're dating or wherever. And that one thing what was that one thing that your Knight in him. I can't be your friend anymore or I can't date you or whenever there ha. Like free I would say if Shane it was just dating you yes and she saw that you are blow drying it chicken's ass yes she would be like I can't gave him that. That made would be enough to I line yet so we all have that's saying where we've seen them on social media and we're just like. So let me let me start I'll play a game an all star. So there's this guy and photo he starts from the there's this guy and that there is this guy. OMG guys I just yes and him cheap as a coolant. I decide. That he is playing. Poking. Are you kidding me. And he's he wants people to know about it but he's proud of it is it is he's a he said and here I worry that you wrote 236. Caught Pokemon or something and number 230. It's got what does that mean you know I never. Played a game of from what I understand he's you go out to seek the pokey nine when you find them you grab them with your phone in the and you retain them in the app seat catch them. In the little virtually. I'm number two and 36 that's a lot of Oakmont east conflicts is that you guys I mean what so and so should media. Well it's likely that day that I saw you know Ted who work in. And I super hot yeah I Sally was wearing that Lindsay via what is that thing Kyle Singler missing it the app lets aren't these just. Really it's just you can't eases it some. So I liked him more but that's. I have easing up from G data ours what where maybe grandma's it just changed everything. Does social media I'm not girls but there's a lot of my friends who are posting these latter third conspiracies like what why you think the earth is flat. Yeah mean every you are a lot of people that think the earth this yes it's crazy like you we have pictures of us from space you'd think that that's not real. You know those remain at my NASA asked the that read that there's I didn't know there was an accidental movement a flat flat movement yes flatten them. And I are big time people rappers actors check chat yes. They are convinced that are at this stage it's sad that major and that's. All of ice all the way around I'd rank it actually read about this a while vice all the way around the perimeter that's holding in the oceans. Holding in the oceans from our flat whether they they would fall off the flat or. World and run into this does the seat are now into the space. If we didn't have the wall of ice holding it in. Yeah. I ran all its desire. To its crazy how this Christopher Columbus that they that it is flat. I think Christopher knew it was flats because he could see the bullets going away over the horizon again but at that time everyone kind of thought and let it is decided it was a flat he threw race wasn't. But it first deep I was flatly I remember when did yeah. He originally thought it was flatten that when he went from Spain he would get straight to China the end and he ran into America ran the yeah. Of what five and I don't take your dad said that the thing that this boy you the most of social media when he saw some merely. Like for example. I'm appalled and but sometimes. He's he postings that are fine but he's weird and. They're definitely most definitely but it's on the island at weird topic op Ed I'm like. Yeah. It didn't pin is up and now I'm just locating it and minute gap and that might. I don't get it up and that. Doesn't give you clues into it like what their minds like great let their post on what it's funny yeah. I would say for me if everybody you know inning I looked and I am my personal page they would be like your way to obsessed with their kid. Yeah probably from my way to excessive back I can't yes alt key in all of body is your market yet. I'll keep it all day trip. Hot hot hot hot. Let's let alone and now it will go. Don't they didn't cancel a lot of things well yeah I did get. How do you cancel a lot of stuff I might have been I think it's really eloquent and then a little later might even cares about the oddly not mean you most about things that you're gonna go do that then canceled. I say man ideally might post man that you do delete your posts like that well like golf daily golf I really can't allow. Are they canceled I'll OK they canceled because all the so I and and cheapest and at that Tuesday nights we do girl go off. And so is where all of us girls are getting together for golf lessons. And so they canceled it because all the moms had Indus school staff and I so you read cancel and you actually answer she's jumped out of another man. He who am I Dave and Saturday got to do. I have a day long. Until we might or might. Tropical. I mean I just indict anything that I noted it was a good night smooch. Like lucky to the door. Listen and send it. And that I'm magazine. All right Lynn Smith and the puck at the. And I and I didn't do anything here. Each inch. And more on Alex yeah.