BJ & Jamuie: Tabloid Trash 6:30 10/5

Thursday, October 5th

Tabloid Trash: Butterflies are migrating so don’t crash your car trying to avoid them. Lionel Richie says he doesn’t like that his daughter is dating Scott Disik. Ed Sheeran talks advice on being famous. Nsync might do a super bowl reunion half time show.


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Vijay and Jamie Cheyenne. Shia and she handled the am so I countless just telling me that I know I love Curb Your Enthusiasm. You have you ever seen it I have David I love it. My guess season nine just came out. A she's nine just came back came out and they have a whole thing about a funny feminism when he feminists and the funny so it seeding by grabbing entered by an. It isn't here yes. Hello. I don't go to Obama Brett readings and yet I'm and it's fantastic. Well that's the my grandpa used to say. Are outright number of charter flight got the day started for me that what did you guys and non cancer grandma's and. That's sweet my grandpa and Emerson. They would and the U. Well. He. Well it had to guess it's funny and thinks reform that Curb Your Enthusiasm just keep dobbs to see how did you it's still brilliant it's. You can't watch it with kids but it's brilliant in super funny. And politicians are scum bags to start out by saying that okay. And here's proof positive that they all lied to our faces an outlying pieces of it might be competitive they are yeah. So this is congressman. And he's from Pennsylvania his name is sad Timothy Murphy. And he has been a huge proponent of abortion rights I don't even get into that but it's his platform like he's anti anti anti anti anti. Not anti anti anti anti anti. And you know yeah I'll go to hell and all this I mean is like hardcore well guess what he'd. But he didn't. You know thinks he can we do it. So he analysts having an affair with a stick. Yeah. And Timothy are these mostly happily and with a failing on that buddies start up with his moment. Yeah. You. I just need like 65 yeah like 34 yes. Yes. All this is true. Anyway he he started looking up there and she got pregnant. All that gonna have a baby guess where this went. They are happily married now now raising a child. And little kids off to school now he texted her and rotor emails telling heard tab. It taking care of and this goes against everything he hasn't he's and then take care of it and so now people are like you little piece of her illness mean eat everything that you say you are represent you wrote to his girls I guess the rules are different when it. Apps it happens in your backyard. Are you trying to tell me what that a politician whose life open has been living now is that your friend donate. I know it shocking but this is really bad since it was I mean come. So what she did she was really Smart she released it to the media. And dad so yeah he's retiring. Well it's probably a prime time if you pride as. Yeah is retiring just so you know we had Tex Tex from feminists that are that are mad right now because they're not. They're saying Morgan it competes with the and the Nazi which they are not so please don't put him in the same category and what you went through I don't know anything about them enough he. I got to do my home yeah yeah. You're confusing feminist with them Nazis. And feminists are the reason to vote. Femi Nazis are what's wrong with this world hello. This is different isn't difference. On with everything into religion you know so even Jesus the man there's a Jesus freak. So staying late and not right so seeing feminist applying it to this person. Then it's that's the wrong term right. And I'm giving them a bad name exactly. I didn't mean to who and where so many and I thank you for clearing and I'm sure you. Really nice they aren't so we just right now. Don't know. Any so piloting it was an Italian accent on the thing delegates I do not swerved. Trying to avoid butterflies. Now that flight of migrating and I had to text a piglet crashed. While so as swerving to it to miss a butterfly I'm completely shocked in this and I've never heard this before migrating butterflies and what the heck. And people are dying. You already know but it does this dangerous and all horse now you get that with a fog this morning and it's not good for the deadly combo ot stay home. Butterflies and pond. And apologizes to the national shape for Dancing With The Stars drama. I guess maxim whatever is long name is in the alleys and but the shirt he he says out as you all are aware CEO left the show because they were fighting. But nobody knew that there are finding that we know that their friend and his team he told us they are fighting a didn't show up for the show meaningfully wrote this. As you all are well aware I had to leave the show last week to take care some personal issues meaning I think peninsula she is a bitch. I take full responsibility for my absence of want to apologize to my partner for NASA. We're both looking forward to dancing for opinions next week meaning ABC said if you teach your aspect in there we're gonna fire you. So he's back he's you know. You know between you and I would think he's got a contract that you you'd need to show up for the show yeah and it's probably pretty important yeah. We look at the faces every night on stage but we live for that man of course they don't think that's an artist I don't even have. Not as that there are an article again in. But they love got to hear his voice but he says Lional Richie Hayward makes it yeah candidate that's none at mount and don't have. All right I'm leverages youngest daughter Sophia Ritchie is reportedly dating according to our carton. Kourtney Kardashian ex got distant and that it doesn't sit well with the Lional Richie can't blame him. They asked him if he was happy for the couple. No are you kidding me I'm scared to death. She's only nineteen he's 34 with three kids. Yen to tell them for dad I'm not they sent them out near me to write and this guy that earth. He. This could be amazing need to hear what's it. Wind we pretty hot and we don't a 100%. But we're pretty sure Justin Timberlake is gonna add. Seeing at the Nash or and the Super Bowl we're pretty sure that I've been up three each there. One that looks like. Not only might he had teamed up with Janet Jackson for a one song nobody else a light green and I went that. Here's healing thing about it they asked Joey Fatone economy at the airport and said it's possible it's you know we reunited in. 2013 at the MTV music awards. And numb. We rolled aired just depends on if everybody's available if the deal is done with the NFL and blah blah blah but here's the problem. What's that. Remember when beyoncé did it with them what was the band she was and before she was just behind. I was asking you boo SE child again. Was sad they came out for Tucson dimension like keep them to the curb yeah they had to leave I hate it so she can do her song I didn't hate it now. Now it didn't really bother me it all I is social sciences two girls like we didn't quite make it to be on his status and she's given us a song is saying. That was nice effort to bring him out Bo I mean we haven't seen a sense. Yeah I guess those who didn't see him before either so I didn't they got a shot. So you thing just being nice that they bring out instinct what I and it is I think it's good for him to go back to his roots to couple songs with the guys from NC can then become a huge. Does those does it mean. Will soon die. I get married joint could it be like. I am tiger and I. I blaze and we don't need to be. Remember when everybody used to call him Joey fat or no and and that one that went there because the wasting spelled when he got to be so mean via a beefy yes. Anyway yeah. A lot of pieces got a fun to places like Joey said. You've done Super Bowl records one of those things just like to begin to feel more like you know what if itself. Best to do it then you know it's right would do it. Everybody can't do it that we know dope producer. Thanks to les. And then finally and sharing tells us but it's like he thinks. That's what's up any kid nowadays sick comes up and says how how to become reform and on like it don't worry if you can't. Really saying we already played I couldn't really when our first thoughts about. But unless the system within like I never thought I'd be doing anything SNL authority playing stadiums by it was so I make a living doing music even if it was just. Play in a pub showing it in a hundred could the end of the night. You know I find that weird. Because I've always believed that you're born with a talent and you can seeing and there's no coaching there's not yet been gorgeous talented. But I guess there are people out there they have made it's. That really weren't that good singers and end it took a ton of work in coaching to get him to where they. Are his story is actually amazing because he had a debilitating stuttering problem is a little kid. And so already did I told you this before. How he listened Eminem all the time. And you he wraps and so he would do that and he'd just wrap and wrap and it started making them comfortable somehow. Wary didn't starter but he isn't getting go to school standards of Matt Ryan and look at well no he's got and I. Actually know somebody that took some voice lessons this is a couple of years ago and they really. Honestly it did they were hard. Lately couldn't seem very well at all. And took some lessons in after about I don't know eighteen months or so it was amazing I know for X I am the only thing our. And I. Say it worked. Now it wasn't they must use what they know that. In importance on Alex I.