BJ wants to get a Nest Cam 12/07

Wednesday, December 7th

BJ is thinking of buying a new gadget. A camera called Nest Cams for his house where he can watch it on his phone.

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Vijay and Jaime crow rate you insure on. You've got me in trouble with people loose who were expecting me at their parties took a back up but at. I'm getting tax money this way and it you'd better be here to what do you mean distinct contends. You better be yeah. This when you're in trouble. This perfect but that's from. That was aaron's all a lesson yes because you know why because so Aaron is we love her easily easy to see that the east is still isn't. Sean thought it was a Easter party. Sean and but he sued the big basket with the eggs okay yeah I've got you'll love our I'll be there. I love it an easy stuff. And I am not get a read that some tax five point 59. Add some they said oh yeah we have a medical spying DTC and we have clients it canceled due to snow every single time it's notes. And then somebody else said did you use managed turner to Iraq's holy crap she's off her rocker at a hill. We Nina yeah he had no idea you know we Allah yeah she does she uses an ads like I didn't know what I might. Today but can't and much like that you shouted out Wiener. Buckle it up legend and a lot of detonating it that there is okay yeah we'll get an antenna I did that did a good thing. And exactly what I thought it yeah. Exits at them that you're about buying it. Fanned out to you lives. He you know you were mentioning via Scientology's. Seeing in the camera in the bird house yes. Have you seen in the cameras now home and again I'm sure they did out there for awhile. But that where you get the phones for any motion detected. You're house they said the picture to your phone. Well they have that that doorbell thing via via the discount yeah he comes your phone in you can do it either on the outside or the inside your house and Pete about getting one. A camera for your house yet. Woe to what we know that seems to your phone that you can sit around and watch Willie policy what my dog to do mumbling when they also places that you drop but not enough and you go watch your your dogs there's baking or xenon and don't know what what is at my house and listen what you're doing it can that you know not cutting edge this has been around for like ten year I sit down but I say it's been around for quite awhile but I think I wanna get on the they what did you see the guy who was at work had his phone number. Yeah about a major. And it lets us. Any punches thrown at chick is Cameron home in his landlord was having relations in his bed. Though. It. Oh yes he's got the motion picture cameras and Cindy's two was followed he's at work in his landlord and he has landlords wife. Where in years house. It. It is bad well I'll bring you what I have a I have a alarm clock that looks like an alarm clock and it works like till 1 o'clock but has cameras. Does it send the picture to your phone oh in you got with them. So I can see secretly tape anybody in my bed have you ever used to get it up right now primary it is on the box. I but it hit an eight you can use it as an alarm clock is not crazy isn't a motion detection. No Intel wireless is is aware I don't know how far enough via Paramount. Reds in the box every kind. I don't want the want because the one that they do now is is when it detects motion in your house. It automatically. Fires it to your phone. Here's what it says it says hey BJ let your doctor about is the next TM okay now we're talking I don't know what to call I've got five of them their amazing days. You know if there's any emotion in your house you can talk to the dogs are your phone and a speaker on the cameras are not seen them you gotta have seen that the. That's relatively new guys. Compared to do all you know the old phone in the clock that you had problems after which it ran out do you think this is a new web. Yes it's gone now stands actually Willis got nasty all right Sean how much is it emulated up yet. Give me a price on this and then somebody said hey BJ you the story about the landlord rob the landlord with having relations with another guy. None not only on Iran it was a landlord in his wife. Had a master key went into the guy's house in use the bedroom. And this guy had this system and was text. Automatically. What was going on in his bed run you up for people saying it was the landlord another guy and he's there wrong for people are wrong their ball and it said in the story I read said the landlord in his wife Alice is why does another dude. I somebody says don't have been asked cam. My action packed mine and watched me in my household now we're talking. Means it's making Hackett and waddle here wouldn't you can hand. East. It is so they say this it was flat since it got Iran and they said it was another guy. I don't know I know what I read what I know you've got a guy and his wife figure out. Jesus. Loves me I do want this. I want to because if something happens let's say somebody runs up to puts Amazon package at your front door yeah you're gonna get a quick text. Because the motion detectors can save you a text. To see Amazon got in also if somebody runs up and steals that baggage by him. You gotta I. It's an invasion of privacy to your dogs. All of a sudden you're on the. I got a price as start at 199 camera with EMI way that the and then he need to revive the support action one guiding that they can't beat the nest aware starting at ten dollars a month just the Wear gives you more. If you look at the month. And a it's. Aren't crap and I thought it was like so that he can go but for like 3999. You looked at some groping you're done. And then baggage attend 38 video history. Looks cool. I would really like for you set up next who Matt Kenseth and watch amazing. Globally there. Can take your medicine you know I didn't put I didn't take it. I doubt it ever got it. It he would take you know I got to go home get it. But but it now I do have the update for you just to clear the whole landlord and sounds like OK he was having a release relations with a female. It was not his why all. Well after they were finished don't tell us that of her. There was he. That's why I'm. And they mention out of the. Nobody needs to know that part I got ahead anyone who has a woman in not a man I'm Kessel becoming a byword this'll be a little less. Each inch immortal.