BJ&Jamie: Bizarre Stories 11/01

Tuesday, November 1st

BJ and Jamie take a closer look at the news and find some REALLY BIZARRE stories out there!


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Vijay and Jamie a couple of bizarre stories out there we'll start with your bizarre story and then I'll follow it up. With something that I think's very bizarre. Well yeah yeah yeah even read a story or here story and then it makes you. Freak out about other things like for example an all those air bags were recalled and still are being recalled. I did you forget about the airbags blown up because that one woman was in pale but apart absolutely she was killed and seven. So I I don't really love knowingly stories because then I think about. Troubles are worries and I'll need to be thinking about here's one. That happened and so if you like it Cotter rising and thing is like. It's almost like elect welding. Yes ray only you're doing and on human flesh is part of surgery correct yes like what a welder would do all year trying to you know did the veins and try to do vein junior turned in this. It's almost like a spark. So this woman and she was an operating room ray and and their Cotter rising sun than you know whatever and all of a sudden. I guess she far in this true story. I've posted so you believe me she's far to let you know passed gas. She passed the guns he passed gas she tuned it. And guess let the operating room exploded. She. Pass enough gas yeah that would does it a little electrical charge her. They somehow connected thank bloom co blew east yeah. The operating more like open flame railing and so she had gas and you know gas is what methane or whatever then it's yeah and then and it. It blew up in caught. Operating room on five now the sad part is she's she has really serious injuries and Atlantic Adelaide. But is canceling his her. I mean. It's not funny that you know I know that patients suffer severe burns after starting during surgery great headline in my. I know police thought that was a myth. Well until a friend of mine that that you can actually ignite the gases they come out your body. Remember people like we're never carting it with well this was long before the Internet to win when I I didn't. I just didn't know I didn't know weigh in and son doesn't all the time I'd just say I had a buddy of mine that used to work with. And a one day he goes hey what's this white trash eighty delights his own. Guess. In this big blows out. Don't seem about a foot long Iran might well in this country as well. What we're doing and try to steer out they can go back up hinted that the cavity yeah and bringing internally. The people stop doing this. I was so talented Jamie well out he eats at you would do with his pants it was so powerful left in this it would blow aflame and I was of mideast by. To you said there watching them all daily. It was just it was almost like right Jesse. It's gotten better progressed 2 o'clock in the afternoon it was like to take us. Gathered for that you know I'm guilty of watching it Marty I had a money guys it's got to get him valued at as I was amazed I. I didn't know that usually you better watch your body like this aren't I did yes but he had accidentally but conjure up one time he got kind of burned on his cheeks. And he never did again. Not enough to have suffered a I here's my bizarre story from the weekend off topic and there are a fast page can actually see the video of this in the it is hysterical I swear I was laughing so much I cried yesterday. In Lisa finally say what are you laughing about it I showed her if she started cry she's laughing so much. There's a football game yesterday's NFL. I sell. And none none of us are playing the Buffalo Bills. The eight cameras caught a play where guys being tackled and somebody does a penalty and a flag is thrown onto the field. That wasn't flags well there is a flag in the seemed to. And then as soon as the flag comes out another item comes flying on the field. Right there where the players are playing somebody has thrown out of big rubber thing via via. Big rubber yet. Has been thrown at. And it ain't bad. Hicks Jerry Norman costs to see over two weeks. Let them go I Brady's mouth pieces for all. That I am I doubt if holy family. To see this ITF played the audio line Ed they guys they sit there they acknowledged the guys how this thing got out on the candidate yesterday. Was too at some guys are watching a global leader looks like two guys. They're watching the football game in this thing goes flying onto the field and they alone there's a. Thing. Just had to decide that I saw I heard the audio. OK for me personally it takes me a check yet even. To figure out what is its own just serving that got Iraq right away what that was this scene hit. Hit the field and maybe bounced once because it is rubber to hit it bounced once and he like off. Did apply it even maybe we didn't get any city is this is living room watching this on TV and many in the model number which was. We don't putts I thought I thought I. Don't let your guard you have to see this video you will die laughing now. Got a couple questions about the sun did you a question of almost by. Any anything personal. I don't know them. Professional PI cards that most what I need is first of all. Who comes up with this idea it realizes this will be really funny if this were flying out of field at the right time when the cameras on them like Sean swallows up I. Second of all. Not only is this person warped in in thinks this way this person this field passes. This person is down near the fun out. Now there you can tell by the eagle just thrown out of the vehicle Hassan look it's like it's what are the. A look at the film and you slow mode as he is and it was then I. I don't know if there are other camera angles are wanna be all UC is this towards the hole I know we'll limit I was. No load times yeah these players are being tackled surrounded and you get the ground at places. But is there some isn't the best video is that the wrestle to get up with a standard so it tries to kick these. Yeah I absolutely have split the starts kicking it to decide does he doesn't want to touch it. Who doesn't think in. This this this is our FaceBook page I would laugh till I quit. Anyone that is why doesn't become a fighting never I hope it becomes a thing right. This guy that I. I think the rep for you have one of these in his back pocket will to win a flash of heat wind and the flag song on the clay yet and it's. Everybody's attention. That's become part of the game Madonna on the field. I. Yeah you're like well I think you'll see all day you do you gotta look good does video go to our FaceBook page showed that the united put it on hours. Can you make sure of the BC content page output and a mind. But make sure it's on hours and if you've got to see this if this is hysterical. Because each is catches everybody off guard. Nobody knows what the hell this thing you can fly a it does like a gentle tops it that's like somebody just it's almost like you're throwing dice this flops it out there just. If flop and Al pennant drive up the credit. Is a couple drives the robber do people think it's hysterical. An hysterical on. Watching him and hang out but it right now. This this is why it's like high school games somewhere this this they'd well yeah. Ought national television radio was playing treasure that was Brady playing Tom Brady's foot yes yes yes in the in the tweets are replied I've GC event of Brady's belt he's just fell while us. But as they got very little wrong to twelve year olds each inch weekday mornings on Alex I.