BJ&Jamie: Highest Grossing Denver Restaurant 11/08

Tuesday, November 8th

What is the highest grossing restaurant in Denver? BJ has the answer while we all try to guess!

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Vijay and Jamie Jamie I am a fascinating trivia question for all day after. I don't expect to get this right I really don't because and as you saw the article. Because it's kinda hard but I think it's interstate. You know yesterday they came out with the top 100 grossing. Restaurants. In America. That grocers restaurants gross senior how much money they made to. Over the past a year as this saying our individual individual just kidney chain can be whatever you dislocation of whatever. But the top 100 it's all there are 100. Didn't burst on the list wants. One restaurant. And our restaurant is number 100. We barely made the list but one restaurant in Denver Colorado. Made the list of the top grossing independent restaurants are now when it bar. Well but no no no extra bucks doesn't let that it cuts and that's not what he needed a sample okay number one. Title Asian peace throw in Las Vegas Deo. Failed to US 47 million dollars in the year yeah hoop and a lot of sushi next Miami Beach, Florida. 36 million dollars Joe's stone crab. The number three. Tiled in downtown New York City 33 meg art we're number 100 on the list what restaurants do you think in Denver made. The list. None. It's Maurice guys it really is and there shouldn't have to be high in food because. You wanna spend a lot of money in it is about well posts not necessarily England beat traffic. Kraft thing. Snow is something nice lose seven. I'm this good question I had the highest grossing restaurant in demagogue rat. Made the list of the top 100 but barely it's number one hi all I was having watched restaurant I guess. Santiago's Mexican restaurant. We are is that. Well they've got several locations anytime eagle either in the morning back lines out the door for him to support the only probably do well and it's a good guest you're wrong. Unfortunately those of us aren't yet America are so ladies. Round. I got fortunate to get Michael. Simmering union square on Wednesday or more about it and it did you guess always. Now what do bulldozed pizza both shows the world's. I don't know what yeah. Food restaurant downtown is really dead why edges of the rest of seafood restaurant really good guys I just passing through the four seasons well. He is chosen prime hours of ocean Brad ocean truck. Did you see the list in his face and me and camera. They have does not all we yeah. They do well and you know. I support I don't know the dark yet but no it's not and I'm like oh yeah don't tell dad got to tell you know don't tell. 100 on the list. So basically you give it like the location and so leaking like Tenet area. If I give you the location you're going. Like give up. Now we are the query is DIA. The guy any. Good number one integrity guy you know he's number one in Denver Colorado is you are your. McCain yeah hey I always get I. Is it that that steak place Sarah test they play in the frontier turnaround. Know what's up plays golf timber line timber line yeah. Where else in the Denver international yeah right at the escalators to the right did twelve million. All they also have a smoking section off helmet yeah so yeah I think that's why why is the number one grossing restaurant in Denver Colorado. Twelve million dollars. You know Mallory and I ate there did you yeah I visited there just when we go into Vegas we aid their best critic and see as the food it's pretty good good there's a lot of it there there's a lot it's a big menu real and they have a big wide menu to align. Well here's why they made it. Would you look through the list there actually probably. Top three. In the amount of meals served. Singularly price 33 times as much know their actions and have the lowest. On the list so really he had some of these okay it was a dumb game Iowa. He didn't envision in Las Vegas at prime steakhouse in Las Vegas the average meal not not everybody at your table. Per person 155. Dollars a purse. Of one an MGM yeah yeah prime essentially yeah Guerin Nuys plant in. What's also almost Vegas you know the S and W what is it Smith in the one ski. Wesson. I'm not so popular president like this that didn't I don't know ask Monica Lewinsky yeah. That's steakhouse a 130 dollars per person hold my. Ten lines steaks at DIA average meal. Only sixteen dollars or did you not have a mistake but they're serving 900000. A year and how many drinks. Mallory and I tied among their cause our flat was dominated pretty interest young yeah is that this. Some get auto play against. I. Welcome to BJ he's done. It like that though I. It's just a little frustrated. Out there was it gone as though DIA really or number one. Each in Jeanine we see more on Alex I.