BJ&Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30 11/03

Thursday, November 3rd

BJ and Jamie discuss the CMAs and their favorite performances. Is Bill Cosby blind? Hulk Hogan settles. Lu Parker (former Miss USA) BUSTED! Taylor Swift needed to poop! Tiger Woods' new lady friend.


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Vijay and Jamie and now the log million extremely talented. Jamie why eight hung like he supermarket. And now the long leggy supermodel. Herself. Jamie was perhaps. And next thing you hear welcome. I wanna bet trends have when a baton. The play and have fun running alliant and because yeah. Congratulations you deserve I think should happen to you and me Ellie she added they really should and they are. You know I wanted to ads say so wrapped up Brooklyn feel sorry for all I am physicians doctors whatever that I have friends like to me because what we did you guys is really not okay. So you know ex husband ray was orthopedic surgeon Ray Rice talked about it. I see him come as shy and son's film of his other shot. I just send X rays to my ex husband okay John son's shoulder than felon yeah practice children up to hormone wasn't. Yeah did you collarbone clavicle I don't know. A bone in begins his general got except it's not broke it and to me it would like to break me indeed did you get the result I just send it into affect your own. I mean he's I hate this like here's sport I have I have been married to lump. For 800 years I am like yeah and we'll show all the sun's actual. I'm curious problem doing it for you. Should win a long way he sees it brought. Which he. Is I feel bad because you know like every dentist I'd be indebted to dentist. I heard her and cared for. It's just not nice you until lawyers you hugged your body the lawyer and I do as an. He seemed not nice because ever when you got like you that one ticket midsummer seven. Sing what's his name and a lawsuit. And cuddled things happening and Jerry Jerry Bowen yeah. Jerry ball let me Jerry. He's good guy he's a great guy and nothing is not the here you are paid share. But the but the average drill hole that. I hope we did all these people we do we leave fine idea that would mark Karr would job and it is the guy I would did get our place I think it was live via. I something I never called a guy until I am proud. Yeah. I see we get it with Taylor Swift tickets. Again you know like you haven't talked to for years like. Image out right in the actor is so who now. Anyway. It's just that we can do really do much for anyone. But they ask us they thought we Campbell we really don't have that whole you know the cart guy can at least throw on a cart around for being. But we can't really get those Taylor Swift commutes. I just am so happy that my ex husband is sweeter just keep up that is almost empty and no. Are they. Let's have a trash out week to week you get to be up. Correction correction later or Barack Obama bop Ottawa. Shouldn't you don't even know what is the instant that it mattered body. Typical talk about the rockets past the. So I just want some of the act seeming is attention music awards because they were overlooked last night because good. Columns when yea and does he make him do music. Awards were last night but I had a a lot of weirdness. Beyoncé got on stage with the Dixie Dixie Chicks now The Dixie Chicks are trying to make it come back. Because they weren't really really political Natalie from The Dixie Chicks went so political. And then edges ever make it turned everybody off that yes. They were numb with The Dixie Chicks so they're trying to make this huge comeback because of your member long time though they were huge right. And I am that killed or older and don't kill Earl I don't know. And Serbia to parents stayed with him I have to say the song was good. I like this song but you guys they did not fit together at all. So beyoncé is that the country music awards. Just out of the blue she's invited to added she doesn't do country. What's your connection would yeah. I think is his it was a good shot I like that performance except war. It just didn't work for me visually because beyoncé is the land out I mean she is the rat she's rhinestones. Pool C. Cookie shoulders. Sheer he can see here who hot you can see everything and she's a loop east big haired Disco layup. She's like delay and we. What she's wearing because so this training earlier this morning I took a look at it. And it what she's wearing looks accepting you'd Wear to elect the the net opt for something in New York City some major event it didn't look like country music. Another ship like all these pearl necklaces just slowing down there and and his. She shaved her hair all. Okay you would have been would have looked better before beyoncé to dress it down a bit angry because I think it makes you look like she's got millions. Here. The like okay now reach I am you know saying. Is that she looked like. That TV show toddlers and T heiress. She did you kidding that the best way to. We just didn't think it via net and now I'm confused because I don't know the background of the Country Music Association and or awards and beyoncé and I don't know is beyoncé coming out of the country song or she just they are to do what are The Dixie Chicks songs I don't know. Dared to do The Dixie Chicks on. Thanks you know Intel is on Kenny Chesney sunk. That's one and I think you're lucky that's possibly she's doing a country why else would she be there we play drug unless CNN. Who. Junk unless CN again who's at a town. And I think that's name and I can't remember. It's a painting Kenny Chesney DeWitt Clinton. I don't know. Try to find before you tell us what you want to sporting Jimmy white it's a great song any thing for you get through. I will find one point Musharraf did you find that. Posse and that song but that Biloxi and I guess yeah it or not start just getting just named Jake put chizik hacienda I think. Thank you. A guy abandoning hacienda. Anything for you to think people like this. Yeah we do we'll just me OK don't hate you thank you too good. So fantastic. They hate me emotionally set at the scene of the reason why I ask because I feel like. We're really frustrating to people we didn't know Charlie Sheen bags meant about his movie I didn't know you knew nice enough man. And and then beyoncé and that was beyoncé is song called daddy lessons of The Dixie Chicks had to do was named big sticks on those gadgets out. So this country. So she's doing Cochran said that possibly she could be doing that. And it's not drunk on love CNN gets called setting the world on fire look at things tossed into a. Grates on all of us he did a good job today. I apologize and make we're all tired every stayed up way too late in the game. We get a Mulligan today somebody would just get unstuck. Nor do you prefer the pet pet but that just admit. I'm sorry this is rather that they I don't mean to. Thought yes they did you find. I don't know I didn't know there was a dirty birds were there always is you always have to look for radio edit. Country songs on behalf of but because sued the Eric I guess if they know those words showing the all right let's keep moving on misses the day as net talk and. He's lawyers say he is trying to recognize the women who put any sexually abuse them. Just can't say that some excuse for a homeland defense bound to blind I can't say I get I don't know if I touched element but it's here. What a defense it's crazy it's street and prosecutors are not too happy and all you know I. They say is did you report it looks like he came from a LensCrafters at the mall with. 'cause he's attorneys and an airport that says he has got common both eyes he can't get resident likened their surgery. It doesn't even matter age does manage to get rid of it or not who cares get rid of that are docked this this guy did what he did. There is no such thing is a blind defense. Isn't this dumb and know there's no blind defense of who you cannot commit a crime go blind and then beat led off the hook. Okay where are you yelling at me because I'm mad at the the not easy to ignore it because you do not my job. Threaten India that they Wear it like it's under race in like. He leggy supermodel you longer led me along leggy supermodel you. Wolf you really don't. Deplorable or adorable are adorable Pickett and the series of slammed let me and well that's the hard day for me we can tomorrow. Your doctor has come if you guys remember with Hulk Hogan there was a settlement to well there was actually a lawsuit and they said that talk. Not hot. Hulk Hogan was again a 140 million dollars Willie just settle for 31 million dollars and. While that make your day right. It's fantastic that big check 31 million dollars and walker. And as BJ so careless use publisher clearing house tax huge Norman scattered need to get all those eurozone. Just wrote him a check for 31000031. Million dollars Hulk Hogan yesterday. Just because he was there adult film two teens then. Well just because they posted without his permission. Anyway. Good friend my guess. There's a weird story about a former miss USA LA news anchor. Lu Parker she was busted for stealing your dad's a weird story to me a former miss USA and who's now a TV news anchor. May end up with an have a mark on her record for stealing headphones at LA acts. And the 48 year old allegedly snapped the pair of 200 dollar headphones from the TSA screening area yesterday that belong to an LE PD detective anywhere and like playing in America. I don't know if and so weird sort of scrimp and I'm not sure exactly how it unfolded either. I don't know she was caught a shoe was headed to an area that you go to the gates I don't know she meets all the way to the airplane. And then they took her off the airplane and handcuffed her. I don't know. But she picked up the year bugs. Them she claims she was looking for the rightful owner. Does she said it turns out easier but from a cop. I don't know it seems like a weird said that will say they say it's all misunderstanding unos I just want you to see what I deal with every day and the sticks and a what's you know the 51059 volume was so uplifting for me so. Sony said BJ stuff calling her long leggy supermodel. As long lease supermodels or not. Fact. That is so mean the but you know what we will block Bjorn numbers say get me out money friend the wonderful lovely and talented if the super long leggy model. I mean long legs Super Mario. Jamie why. Stop it. Some vague text today is. Do you think they hate this sometimes. Sometimes Janie holidays. And it was I don't get through. Don't let her team. Don't let her in new camera is only he had he'll be. Sure. And he. I went to me out. Give me a hug until then yeah that insider who wouldn't are trying to do you view okay. I do overs self absorbed the story. So market needed to take it to go right hook up like this tennis is pregnant. No she's not she just had to Pope uh oh jeez OK magazine ran a front cover story with the caption who's the daddy and a photo of swiftly they slightly rounded stomach. The magazine had did swift's X Calvin Harris could be the father. OK magazine also claims one of her friend said that slipped to super emotional. And it's been staying in a lot. Staying in a lot and not avoiding alcohol. Will then the website doesn't cops showed Taylor going into the restroom they came out into the picture of a valley. Don't yet. Wahl. Is just a little tub because of entered vote get there you go and yet. Tiger Woods says the new girlfriend Alex. Like Evelyn woods'. That's. This year I don't know that's weird but I really don't but he's you know weird lashing. I don't know. Smoke in the we'd you know you go into you've been missing a lot de Shaw and I got to tell you I'd look up your dog. I'm having a little intestinal distress it. I'm sorry. I have been on the no we have and I am not pregnant but he's been missing a lot to day. Yes I have I don't know them. And they have to miss and you know going to your car note okay. Injure. Hope he gets feeling better thank you. Now nice people are texting me and says the reason why did she says meaning nice night because you don't freedom. And so booster with the fact that it but at that. They easily I hated by Jamie they listen enough to know the tags made a number I. True that is true yeah Greg Craig Craig true statement. All right anyway so this discussion looks just like eland yeah she's not the end. That tiger loves blonde yeah yeah that they are the more you know all the girls me I am still up to not album or blondes I think. I think the guy that is that well I was this socio path but. I think he. Has something going on where he. He's so when's it coming daily breeze when men have that many women they're different and whatever is. I mean he misses his data. I guess maybe that's part of it but ever everybody knows that it. A good hookers a Brunette caught up on the didn't sometimes I don't like everybody knows that Jamie. UC block hookers. I'm not yet if she is a Brunette thing. He poor math and that that boy yeah really well again the woody Canadian record. For just kind of I was unaware of that room all the good hookers are rudeness. I think about it when I was in Vegas and I was blocking and they weren't an email those cards. For hookers you know when you walk a month pilot now I look back and think about they all were brute. So those golf balls he bought me a Tiger Woods Hoch collection her. I still have done so it is there's twelve or twelve girls that he slept with and they put him on golf balls should Tiger Woods so localized. It would she was brilliant by the way in Seoul to mentally get sued. But. But Jamie bought me the doesn't and I still have them every girl on there is a prudent. News. News assignment but then he should who knew I mean. In a lot about hookers but well. You Beilin legs it's all about Brunette. I know Brunette tough Obama. Action. That did that linger early modern cars and when that I like a hundred. Anybody car you butter some. Did weight high voice. In Florida that's from supposed to do agree with an important. If it's in their leg and then whom she was telling senator I mean give favour in that but yeah the buyer isn't. Wait Elin and me and that when relationships. I'm. It would not known I don't know that was that was made and you my neighborhood again and that came in the car. Yeah yeah. Knew it was you I was a flashback I knew it was one of us right. She was rooting. I'll cook. And it turned against me. Two. Yeah Indian cuisine morgues are now. Nice night.