BJ's deep fried turkery story 11/21

Monday, November 21st

Deep frying turkey’s is very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Woman burned down a whole building down by frying her turkey incorrectly.


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Vijay and Jamie Arnold military let me tell you some that we are not interest in at all. We went well like Turkey on the fifth Darian can live on Turkey and a state Tim Ryan is a boy named Jim Flick we got enough and offer you people so they quit. Because this story of Augusta and abuse the public service and OK all right I'm ready Jamie why can't I just mentioned a few minutes ago and and maybe was in conversation with Sean about coconut Turkey. About deep frying a Turkey yet how to do it now not to do it. It's very very dangerous Sue Bird dangers I watch them YouTube videos that it's not good. Every year these these video start to surface and for good reason. Because it's extremely dangerous to drop a frozen bird into oil oh yeah because that's what the problem is mostly right as moisture in here. As I say that's the big mistake until they explode so win when I first got a divorce. Or separation. The moved into kinda. And at this Condo it had several different buildings. And one of the buildings there was a lady patients probably I don't know eighty years old. She was an older lady live by yourself she'd retired or whatever and border self placed there and she lived in the top unit of this building it was the very center. Of the buildings surrounded. Almighty god so much information about the Belgian tell you. That's important because she could have brought out the way she played that Turkey and a prior to gunfire well what I always that. The woman lives on the second floor. She puts this hot oil out on her deck which is a wooden. Lady any cheap. Brings it to a boil. Drop your frozen Turkey and burns down the entire build all know not just heard a little unit (%expletive) She'd burned down eight units in that building it doesn't she run Thanksgiving you know she did yes and. I usually so what's our lesson here is he says the public service. Don't drop it could. Now I think you can. You get it right Jon what day god. Old ladies shouldn't just for a Turkey is. I learned all about the building placement. So there is what the building and then it was around about it but other buildings and that is fortunate aren't that there's some other bad things and another though they and much more building at. No he's an Iran with a. Storage consultant. With the. Each in Cheney's week day mornings on Ellis nice nice.