BJs Pasiley Park connection 10/12

Wednesday, October 12th

BJ tells his story of his Paisley Park Connection

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Vijay and Jamie. I should be there yeah so what what is what they do it. This is prince tribute. OK so Clark. It's like a professional funeral or some of the net well PS attributes. Meet their opening up pinot PC party's museum. Well there ya I am and I think it opened this past weekend and not really sure about Payson park thing that they've they're going to know this is just really nice in your right it's like a funeral. Because princes ashes will be on display. See through container and makes me cry. This feature container no it's not a see through you don't look the ashes you look at the earned a loan. Actions will be on display Leo they will be but we're gonna be inside the hour that's how you do it. By so here's the deal the big concert is tomorrow night. Now I have one degree separation with prince which I didn't even realize until just a few weeks ago. Get I play well I'll. Patient I'm. You make some popcorn watch. Yeah really it needs I think he got what it takes junior he got to have a flow chart and it says this and what you saw you tell you not impressed publish on a gag and a few weeks ago. Couple months three months ago I got invited to play golf puts musicians they were in town because they were musicians for guiding Peter for him right. You know I'd baby out of your way and guys. Okay so there are doubts up play golf with him we don't talk much about the whole thing except they were very very from what we stayed in touch ever sense. And the guy's name is Paul Peterson OK because that is bassist guitarist. And so we stayed in touch him blah blah blah but got. That's all lined it into I would Peter Frampton that's it one each I'm on FaceBook and I see this whole thing about the whole Peterson. Performing nothing compares to EU. British NATO O'Connor at the to have that two can't we got. He's performing this in like Tokyo subway. And they said in the article that disarmed was actually written for Paul Peterson and about one. Go with debris started getting confused right so why would I went into the Wikipedia. And looked up all he does not seem like as some because doctor Minnesota. Well I was just curious Jayme never been curious about something then yeah I have him. So I looked. Do you realize this guy who was a member. Of Morse day in that time and also with parades. Back in the day he was a part of the best and what part of it and he's much for end of baseball. And well the he's afraid I think that he's gonna conference. He would you remember stuff I tell. So. Are so Paul was part. Lays it is whereas people in Italy that if any have you ever had a brush with fame or whatever and then. You try to claim that your friend Greg yeah did you we've heard in the stories that we dated we dated and they haven't. SL. Like. A little bit of how instant message. The cookbook for what he wouldn't write that every time I'm. I'm not I could have had a couple of grad I consider that right I mean sees reply to begin the. It here so. So we then tries to friend then he has accepted. Who wouldn't there's a reason that app and all of call. Out part of my story here. He's recess 5000 pay and limit. Did you. We study and the way you look at that shot now at wouldn't read and I just read the text messages. A bit like your dad Billy it is an investigative reporting back and I if you. Somebody here is going to yeah we're obliged to go and yeah Asian I should go what part. And I deal oh wait he's nine your FaceBook friends went out because he's already is limit that the but if you ask him to drops a lot of it has got to be somebody in drawn into that feels invasive to me for the whole awful. Would demand he drop a free and just each. That's one. I had a say in page you can have as many as well it doesn't it is a pain right. Let's say apple has a personal page he doesn't have a fan page I've looked for Portland and look at that and it looked. Yeah if occasionally and did play golf with the guys that what has played guitar for brand Tia. Yeah. We should for an so who was giving me I guess over a player like this my girlfriend. My girlfriend's friend and cut Abalone is hair. That should be at age the easy part to the concert will clean his friend Debbie cats Abalone is there should. Can quickly call the number of the person is going to take it like it because this this event I mean prince was an icon folks. This big event is tomorrow night here so the people that are going to be there and scheduled to be welcome at the foot with the bitter fight certain. In Minneapolis muscles it's going to be Thursday October 13 which is tomorrow I Christina Aguilera will be performing Stevie Wonder will be there. Shocker I now is this like ABC special or some I don't think it's on TV they're not in this on TV I don't think so. It doesn't sit and laugh. I don't think it is that it sold out for sure it's going to be its exit to excel energy center and they're not do and it pays to park it's a bigot of they say. A group commit condition remember that. That they were really gets John Mayer will be there John Mayer's could rip apart the purple rain stuff yeah yeah and then no less. Damn way what time are we don't talk Dell was there cocktail hour starts at three great yeah. Drink for two and a half hours okay for the big dinner is is served at 530. And they actually have some people want the cigar room and actually around nine but opponents who doesn't start like and then came in so it instantly pack. Yeah and there man what's the guy's name Paul Peterson even invite you pull viewed not yet really he must be trapped. It's only thing argument why you should make instant message saying hey cult leader isn't meant that time I golf with the U and any one time you play with friends can I go to the show. Two. Times dinner started with. Hey Danielle. White and are you going. I'm delighted they require a let when you are alone can select next and Gordon's concert. What I know why it's easy part what are you see. Well and I go I don't know what you're. Because she was a prince fan right. Why well and so if you see out Paul Petersen leaves you beat LBJ airs at LO Dino. Dino Paul Peterson this. But isn't really any are huge she's just days imprint very edgy going to bailing part she never heard Paul Peterson. Well her I'm analysis and gone and you're Catalonia. Yelled my good friend Alina her for Debbie she gets prayer book. OK until. It's. That in the end. Of the show. Basically parks cost it's lonely at night Wally world the big trip just like Wally world you're right that he had been closed for the day that our. They're that if you're out there that won't happen because they weren't happy don't eat apple moved and that they actually. I'm although I ordered. People think she's huge and you know revenge. I didn't. Some are called. I really ultimate princely and no Paul Peterson. You know well maybe that this. Which are going to happen. Your dinner should be great as fantastic by the thirty. I think is going to be great show I really do and I I think John Mayer we'll just ripped apart some of those prince songs because principals agree and I didn't do that we're doing his face and Iran at the end of the yeah I don't like to watch John Mayer hot up but at duke but you're right he does yeah. I loved all the in his face eat yet he did he could I person. And my mom had it he can torture and himself I don't let you watch the guy from Portland boy he is could be Indiana saw. I turn around he chipped it. Yeah in the immortal John Ellis.