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Wednesday, April 25th


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Vijay endgame and this might speed though what is Broncos story you'll every here in life I tell you the truth yesterday I almost didn't Sharon. I thought it was fake did you. I think I was it take yeah I it's not my French Keeneland I love my leg because she posted a link I am not. A I. I've gotten burned muscle car out of the key and I'm not share in the. It's not a joke John Elway. And the bronco personnel. Announced yesterday that they wore a note their first round draft notice more than ten. But that was it it's fourth and depict incidents gather picks yeah yeah that's where our wrap represents experts are his first round draft pick live from possibly beat yeah. About time possibility that has gotten the credit they deserve I institution this outage that recognition. What we're doing and what they do late. And I don't get it either it's almost like it's. What he says the joke it's fake but. What's the purpose so here's my question still aren't they get a raise a red flag. They get on there the connecting you know for more so to Vietnam and also about a football player that the double. I don't know how it works if you got to diver behind you. And that's I think OK so fond of big and leaves football player right. I am man live football player I've why a guy in these tiny little speed those doing that and right behind my shoulder. I think it turns it into a circus. Does he have the gorilla walks around. You know he by the Kabul what's he gonna do they could draft pick and I thought the gorilla and what about black arts over the gonna come out that. Coming 'cause of the deep it's it's an institution there's no doubt about it the Denver Colorado. No the Broncos should be done with and he got the ESPN cameras there. Are we he's setting a new trend mean maybe this is really cool maybe every city now start doing things from a thing. Like the Tennessee Titans are gonna go to Hollywood. Yeah exactly exactly he. Yeah okay well I. I don't look like that trend it's almost like it's turned into a big fat joke. And that may I I can't be endorsed these or whatever we have dry. Jamie and I have talked about this since 0:5 o'clock this board. What we have tried to reason out or or think what the purposes what what what's the purpose what do they tried to accomplish. We can't come up with a eighty that he had. So if you think you know you're getting the call us 303 when he to Alastair 3032225423. Or you can Texas 5105 done but we don't get I just don't understand what the connection is of using custom beneath. 'cause. Is it or isn't stupid that's also loyal. Do you love or do you hate looming can't eat while you're there holes. Great Sobel. The ticket price tickets are now that you know it. It's on nobody's ever said that their life cast have been needs and they're wonderful people but the in fact the manager over the air. The last summer I was there she loves her show she loves her show. But the food is not very. Well. Eight there though I mean I may be a year well I guess is I remember the video has only been once the truth it does receive photo once. I've eaten in my whole life and I think it's fine it's good all there in July isn't so great the edges are concrete steeper when they've rise in gold birdied Emma. No I'm not discussing it because as a crappy crap nobody says that and back Isaiah at Avnet anyway I don't hate how Ali well. For which I must defend the chicken game and that's. Anyway the put is this. I do we let do we and is it I mean I just as a double layered in my and be made a mockery out of you know like is everybody. From text and it may be John Elway is planning on buying costs of the need to. And all to read that they make it in this is a big advertising campaign could be. Different and not to do it at LE a similar shot to see that little. Yeah he got your own restaurant he's got a close yeah. So they said well and its bag yeah. Via the they show are you recently it's you're in the explosive new yeah yeah right now a lot of I don't disagree I disagree can and can't let's feared that really has nobody has any of good reason here too hot heat up. At all of why it's being done and we asked beneath them because it that'd probably represent Colorado according to channel seven. That's what the quote was from the bios so maybe that's yeah. Let's set eyes let me read this has led the Broncos and we pick possibly Anita because without it would be a fun way to represent how rat it is that. So I guess I'm gonna start. Casa Bonita. A Colorado institution. The Denver Broncos Colorado institution so that's the alignment right. Okay so the next next time can we do this maybe we all booked to bail and due. And then yeah yeah yeah yeah. But I don't might move parallel. And the ski he's he's out yeah from the top of the art because we need to support the scandals that. Because that's a big thing with tourism to the state of Colorado and the Broncos could help that. And they Johnnie L is trying to poison the quarterbacks of the new quarterback and commitment to pop up. And that could be true. Break yeah I think that's true. I don't yeah I really got a little I really. He it's just it seems. Don't know it don't we sometimes say that those shots of of 420. In in. How would they go out nationally. And in represents Colorado and sometimes your little bit like him and their messiah. Because of the way it looks I mean I am not. Cindy is your bad people or that could cymbal I've just saying that that's the way I feel sometimes a guy like okay this is all they think Colorado is about the well the struggle announcement custom beneath it seems to me a little embarrassing. Our national stage somebody said you guys are idiots you don't even know what's going on here. Where is the one that costs a bone need to stadium mile high. Pol. Or you think so the food served at mile high will be constantly yeah. A vote. So that's what they're going with their saying that we are so and this is a major announcement at this would be not so but this. This and you know. So they. He might be on the stump and all of our own now is exactly is he agrees it's civilian government. Even look at Trevor yeah you could put down costs and ready to load go. But people what are those fountains out front and be great if we can paint and who would have the guerrilla walk around the stadium that's our new Mac. At a time to have diving and a great car we've got summing now. And John Elway is testing the players intestinal fortitude book. Not only that it it wouldn't stop the hot. Right well this that's a wacky seed not a what is the draft to the news this week to learn anything yet and each inch. And more on Alex.