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Tuesday, March 22nd


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Vijay and Jamey Richard Murphy with conspiracy corner let's crazy stuff going on in Brussels obviously the anti terrorist attacks one in the subway system the other at the airport. Numerous dead even more injured. For sure is payback for the rest of the last terrorists from the terrorists attacks also I believe it's an opportunity for. Europe's to get in line with the idea of invading Syria to go after ISS to find kind of ironic because they allow these refugees. Into Europe. How good was their vetting allowing them in there added to the fact you have nationally radicalized. Citizens and a pot is being stirred. On the other theories about the Brussels attacks. Is the date did it happened which is 322. If you're not familiar with what 320s stands for quasi masonic skulls and bones secret society at Yale University. Skulls and bones secret society at Yale University they have their own calendar and dating system chapter 322. And if you look at their logo. It's actually a skull with the two bones crusty and underneath 322. Reports from taxi drivers. At the Brussels airport so there was a small explosion followed by a much larger. Blast. And if you think Donald Trump does not very savvy when it comes to global politics. Back on January 27. Steven stark warning to Brussels Belgium the New York Times mocked him for it. When he did an interview on Fox Business. Donald Trump was quoted as saying there's something going on Maria he said. Go to Brussels go to Paris go to different places there is something going on and it's not good. Where they want Sharia law they want this where they want that you know. There has to be some assimilation. There is no simulation. And there's something bad going on. You'll find out more on that story if you go to you before it's Looked up Donald Trump war in Brussels about Muslim terror. Interesting piece and I wanted to check out on YouTube. From info wars Alex Jones talks about the big secret why the CIA installs dictators around the world. Just get into the first three minutes and it end here going wow that's even just a portion of this is true. We really have no say in the matter to give that a shot. There's a lot of chatter on the Internet right now they Hillary Clinton is going to be indicted for server gate. And also that President Obama. May be going for the job UN general secretary but his internal competition for that position may be Bill Clinton the other spin is that they're possibly could be. Martial law declared us ruling out any possibility. Of a presidential election especially if there's some sort of event. Quote unquote happens here in the United States. And YouTube viral facts. Has some footage planet to be group getting ever closer live from Switzerland. So if you're somebody that's into the rule book planet's coming through which this AM march is the month for it to happen. Not much time left for that but this is getting closer. Now through somebody's not on the conspiracy then Wagoner may be a little skeptical about it there's a story on guns silent majority In which ten deep trades conspiracy theories that turned out to be true. If you head over to YouTube and check out that Jason Yee. Channel you'll see prophecy happening worldwide 2016 shocking signs prophetic events for the past week. Are you ready for it in times new world order Bible prophecy. So it's an opportunity for you to kind of connect the dots for yourself especially seeing how we're close to Easter weekend. And why your attitude here's some. Channels that you can check out that. Do you live Bible prophecy as Angeles Anita Fuentes also the truth never sleeps. The higher truth channel. Truth warriors. He's a haven talks a lot about Bible prophecy but she also Dixon to other types of conspiracies pools. Nine Nina and game and I aimed. Discover ministries. Jason is I mentioned to you killed Gianni America which is a pretty at least illustrated. NI. AM. A RI AAK. This that's pretty powerful actually. Third eagle books this is actually one of the first guys I started watching talks a lot about the Catholic religion. Big fan Daniel in the book of Daniel on how and times prophesy is actually pulled it into the book of Daniel Jonathan collect. The person who just really doesn't care what anybody thinks just kind of puts out. Things are what got us telling them what you gotta admire that about somebody in the when you go in risk sacrificing everything. Financially. Your friends RS that stuff just because they believe god is actually driving them to get this message out. It's kind of a big deal. Big leap of faith. Bibles lockbox. Pro life for mankind. Tom the issue is another one likely safe haven where you actually delves into a few different areas but also talks about about Bible prophecy. True spirit of worship. So there's some different YouTube channels for you to search out especially during this Easter holiday we think about all those family and friends that are. In different parts of the globe we're definitely on the edge of something. Mass of about to happen when it is where it's gonna happen I don't think really any of us have an idea media a small including. This latest news. I guess but in the end just China today keep ourselves rightness god and big man upstairs so then if the rapture does happen. God does come. We're prepared we're ready but it in the end really none of us really knows the truth though do. And it's not until we leave this earth then move on to whatever is next if there's anything. We actually find out the truth for sure if you're somebody that is may be on the fence about the Bible and whether or not it's true or not. I recommend either go to aid. The source where I got from which is the calvary a rural website check out pastor at Taylor's. Sermon on. The six reasons why you can't trust the Bible. Very thoughtfully presented shows a lot of statistical analysis. To be able to go and hopefully help to solidify your faith during this Easter weekend or maybe if you're on the fence and which you over onto that side of more of being a believer if you're not a believer in you wanna just kind of go and listen to he has to say with a open mind knock yourself out if you don't believe in your heart is hardened. It ain't no way and a change your mind. Or even at for that matter. However if you don't have the time for that if you wanna check it out I kind of did a a little mini version of what dead presented and you can go to the previous conspiracy corner podcast. Dated Monday January 4. And you can get all the information or at least it is that the death and then maybe that might piqued your curiosity. To go and actually hear the whole message I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner remember. Always have a bug out bag could you. And probably wouldn't hurt to have a copy of the Bible and their team paper version because those don't run on batteries. CJ in Cheney's week day mornings on Ellis. Nice night.