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Monday, August 1st


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BJ and Jamie. And owners who are still felt there resumes over cruel and I've never done before and Alan skewered. I know I don't know shattered. I mean we want to say. In 100% may have heard good things that. In Sulu Eagles do now. Who want. Fuel for you your heart is so broken it's so are you calling you key opinion but yeah. I know yeah legs off. Massage yeah. Now you're under China yeah or you aren't. Yeah I'm doing well and Sarah and ruin the moment I feel like you're sad. I hope I'm not. Jason studio from the bachelorette they chased. The morning's top. Yeah pretty cool guy yeah I've dealt with you bachelor guys before. And men with ads before and they're usually really cocky but you're really nice here a nice guy I appreciate I mean how we know that. BJ UC implement the nine yeah no I haven't. I don't ask don't you mind if you don't hit I put my ear against them I just had I assure you that. It's like I'll policing the net Indo right. Well welcome to the studio we appreciate him and imports yeah sixers haven't we have a big party on Monday night you're looking forward to that unit you know what's gonna happen first of all. We're gonna have so many women in this window here from our studio because they're absolutely just in love you right now. And the Monday night we're gonna be Janet jacksons were due and a big party dinner for the family. We'll probably have about 900 women now. Isn't 9000 women to break that are going to be swarming their placement estimate of a Monday night in and wanna remind you go to Alison about nine dot com. If you wanna reserve a table that things will be sold out to be a blow out. Any say sold out its free. Yet but get your table Alice when a front nine that column and then I think what we do is what we just sat and stare at ten yeah. It senator my child to execute the theaters might really don't. The finale. So that's my because I'm sure they're gonna have recaps about you and stuff that migrant little. And comfortable I think does a blooper real. I don't there is that that usually and that's Virginia those units and so now looking back do you feel embarrassed about any parts of it. Not some let's batters that know now there's not a lot partly like yeah. No I had. I got out of most embarrassing stuff for a low against the cardinals lose that doesn't show that filled that position that we knew heroes play book stuff like this are relentless. Listening so I don't think they'll also national. And she definitely scared now. Say that I'm 100% wrong with you know. That is Berisha. That we've played them now as you know. At that time that's how I was feeling and yeah Maryland soon. It matter in the moment and start thinking you learn and there's always a few cocktails yeah because I love every minute when I do. Boy does she. Lamar you only knew back. But then I wake up and I'm like how the infection is that I Leo yeah good yeah lead and we Kevin go and. Well I mean I woke up in you know felt that way because. Saying I love you Google ultimately lose when I went home I. Away as we'll see you soon I mean I mean everybody loved her. Record technicians can finish this lovely and I look she's a great girl well I mean she just invest up to two and. Really and what John was that she was doing preempt. Look seriously you real background or chase the hawks in the studio this morning. And I guess he must endure show for the past couple days or so he looks Tennessee eighty says so are you guys did really watch the match. You got a do nothing about it like okay we're not experts are it will tell you that ice so whenever I really like that Kim the comedy club or with a yeah that Chad gets into comedian Larry. Like punched a wall and honestly so. Well well why didn't notice it. You know well okay sorry you're on that other guy with the abs then put it. All that guys would always say yeah I she'd never gets happy atmosphere that's the problem already punched a wall he was Kenzie oh yeah. That was great news who's angry now would we then walked into it because we started out with a bachelorette I mean all these guys are showing up we got to when chick she's very hot children's opera. Did you at any point you feel like I got this man I got this is going to be me. I don't know I don't do well yeah going into that you really you know I know expertise Condo I knew to expect. There wasn't confidence there but the new Walken who removed a bunch of pretty qualified guts yeah it's hard to remain confident. You know as time goes on Simpson care to low ball the mall and. I'm so and so and so here you diet this highlands and Raines guy right to it did you have a girl from for the. Not I mean immediately before hope no but he adds some down I've had is girlfriend right and so when they found out of that Kyle like attack Cumberland and on the no nobody called me you know I got some word from some friends on the redemption did any of your ex girlfriends try to sabotage who own these books we need to social media is not a macho. Don't and now. Are still so you whether you have to always girlfriends in good standing and did an admirable aim at yeah. Doesn't know the most it takes about eight or about I don't know I can't. Luckily I only card is just got really are yeah sure. In Atlantis or the mall that's all we know this no carnage behind me here and now. It was they were all OK they didn't get together and drink wine and. I just confirm if it did or didn't do a little bit and. The big dead they did do that so so you get on the show and and year airs in your family or they like when you do. Yeah do differently. Assemblies you know I definitely have the support. And I was helpful book read enough about their like future. Here's unit do this RT if you were a big fan of the bachelorette and you got a question it's just burning where he's we'll see how the chase whatever. 30322. Alice 303. Have you attempt to stick around. Death but do you get in a landslide prone if you don't you're here the next hour the two hour or whatever. That and you're gonna ask the dissolution of the horse. And let me oil or what do you think. The thrill retorted you're L-3 032254. To grab job okay yeah. All right and if you got a question you've got a question about the Mets threat big finale obviously can't talk about technical Monday print you know. Amid I don't know how much what I loser he did what they treat you. If it's a topic and yeah see people the government to protect confidentiality agreement so I mean what would WO. And 2030000. No I think the contract. Runs out of a five million dollars really do so if you say that somebody re. Than five million dollar lips are sealed so don't ask why can't you let. I won't tell Summitt she got paid to be honest nothing. A wait what did you know you don't they don't pay us. Stay again. It's just that the lucky as this TV show and you guys get nothing no oil revenue are you getting the trip dragging its trip that you they take fuel expenses is getting out there it is and it's weird saying in the spirit that depend. And obviously means to an it's gonna help you in the long run threat. I'm looking into how they look like yeah yeah. Compared to. That's a sell job yeah. What can notoriety years you're gonna be up to beat you every morning yeah yeah. Career and and an era. Until we made in South Pole that don't know the there's nothing so that's a good job. Do you link you eat and drink for three in a dip de LA and exact match out with a hot girl looked since he has and watch Sweden and Thailand. So yeah just the you didn't Thailand Thailand and assets Muslim militant yeah. Only trip to LA to Thailand yeah of course I didn't endorsement flu there's a few other destinations go away right I saw those. How aware are they in one episode did watch was in Pennsylvania. Right where else did you guys go your grade Argentina. Two weeks and then home towns in Thailand I heard it's nice extra claims that the. Yeah Nickelodeon to. It's almost destination chase from the bachelorette was down the number three before you went home. Two more left to guess to me now let's comment Monday that we're going to be down at Jackson's. He's in studio with a slide keywords on the line here eight Caitlin. Well we are good. We have chase studio with us this morning clearly it. And ocean is can you confirm or deny your next bachelor who cannot confirm or nine yeah bands that are. That's the groom the thinks. The big that is why I'm here the big rumor I don't think that these made the decision yeah well a little from car. Are presenting it to snow you know earlier on. An addict and look at issue. And here you get against what I have bad news he's hot and he has agreed personality. I got it all it's like total package zinger well like all the different. Guys yeah. That drag it out of inventory inventory quickly before we we will take a quick break here and few seconds Victoria. Hey you got a question for chase. I do I and I Carr stay and hang out you know a lot of. No memory Emmys red heart about Karros hit a. Favorite part of Colorado student. Hot chicks title yeah. Am no and I loved old town and in the weekends. And then actually the Summers in Fort Collins Stewart you from the best memories out of there. It feels like yesterday Alito was the fifth at Omaha. That's how Gloria excuse. All right he's guided right we're gonna take a quick break here that he Uga cigarette for a while right it would probably be right back if you Abdul and can't right now. You are right I just Sydney's got to do until Friday morning. I do have done our job review working isn't about elements of spinal device goes. These cells spinal devices and if it's okay and he hit it. Here's menacing because my ex husband was orthopedic surgeon he never buy from neo the I. No I'm confident and I have talked to that hot guy right now it's the million little business. No I don't know if this sort of distraction in the operating room and went. Like them he ran off with one JI in two days of the bachelorette here in the studio will be right back. Each in each week day mornings on Ellis I.