Chia Hillary has won and facebook politcal wars 11/7

Monday, November 7th

Hillary Chia Pet has sideburns and Trump has one sprout. So Hillary has won. More political scandals over the weekend. After Trump was rushed of stage BJ posted a possible assassination attempt and Facebook friend demanded he take down the post and it was on. Sean was getting hate for his Make America Great Again hat post.

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Vijay and Jamie. I am sick and tired of that and get it dark. And I think. 105. All the dark in a bad mood it all to do vision and everything on the show's what she's talking about Jamie and guess what he's let me let. Did you get my daughter's. I'm Andy did you that's when she sitcom Sanford didn't you just some Texans and I had my gutters cleaned out. For 75 dollars and I can see that sex NATO's it when you right back to be book and you just throw. Really win who I think I have the number no I hit it clean out your gutters who wrote that bad. Sure and trying to make me look bad. So bad back whom we hadn't been lawyer who think hey Shawn my command that's not me well. Why yeah we have breaking news early this morning I hope you're sitting in sitting down. Right here on the PG range in the morning show the election is all over it and called god it's been called but where the first media. To call the election a day before yesterday president. It's because we have sprouting. So it will all get. I mean it seems to me that this is Howard out we evenly wired number we have. We gave it all we could each one of them. It's the Donald Trump Hillary Clinton. Chia Pets here in studio. We thought they were does no one was gonna win and we leave for the weekend we come back here on Monday morning and lo would be old we have scraps and we of sprouts on both. Candidate well now yes we did Lou Donald has one teeny. Tiny barely hanging on sprout Hillary has full blown sideburns corner. He has won in barely like counting noses brown Hillary Clinton side burns have called the election which I. And now I'm fat and I really. Did police say we said whoever grows then paired the most. She's more demand than Donald in that she has won the election according to the BG and Jamie morning showed you know I. No matter how you look Doug Doug go vote don't get me Rogge a gut telling you not to vote but we'd see at this is like our crystal ball all right. Think anybody that is planning on voting isn't gonna vote now because of Jiabao they might change that you're okay I know not then or any car. Our options that I don't want to I don't my conscience I want people are not exhaustive but I'm telling you right now I think with called it right here and true death and he might be more accurate than you think. Woolsey so over the weekend let's go through just coupled these political things tomorrow it's all over it's all over. The election happens we we elect the president. No matter who you vote for the world changes tomorrow. So crazy sell your blazer I got from them from FaceBook that your boys are voting for Hillary they are annual three day for trump. I am. Yeah I'm voting for Donald Trump I have no problem saying at my three and we also made some plays buckeye. I just say I had a problem and everybody has the right to believe doesn't change the way you should feel about me or I feel about a it fills their feelings on the weekend mode that was what got Roger. Japanese it's doing the heat an 80. So over the weekend me and guess by its recent voting Hillary Aetna and and we talked about it a lot of the basin not at all and I leveled his body LA is that a little bit. But you know a vote won't change anything could end so over the weekend there was breaking news on Saturday know this is a way it would go before that big fight between me and Roger Japanese. Broke out. It was reported that a guy had a gun at a truck rally was rushed offstage somebody yelled out guns I guess we just with the got a side yes. The winners would be out but somebody else that was the first story done. Trump rushed offstage so I posted breaking news necessity assassination attempt rat problem. Mahan did Rogers that jacket get all bent out which people. Said he demand. Demand that I take this FaceBook posts down now. BJ hair and now the sit in my only continued to that is. It's your name on what person has the right tell anyone to take down any posted you don't like it. Threaten them it happened says a lot lower today I would never suggest or org domain and somebody. It was almost like a script that's come to your house he would say that but it felt that way it's like you can't tell me what to do now I'm really noted pilot on. What ever happened to me win that there's a picture it was a cartoon. And it was a woman at her blue dress here at age two when he and then that cartoon showed a moves down to the grand age seventy and tonight demand I take her mom got. I remember that the yet how it's like it's my age you're paid to do whatever you want do you find it humorous. Boobs look at him and then she'll always funny. Although Shawn yeah Jean and let me tell you something about the show OK Jamie fights back. Either get on base balky news radio her on something she'll fight that has no problem I admire response. Same here Roger Jack jumped on to me I've fought back John the other day you became a coward to get down as a well it. Also ray I usually well so much person I know as a little disappointed in the end it well to the people I didn't wanna drag Dallas 1059 into it. Okay because it I just didn't wanna go there but I left to our 92 but. Here's my point disappointment Sean again and you leave your wife to fight your fight not again aren't. He puts up. He puts up makes America great again he's got a new hat that was given to it invokes if there had been a blue hat he'd still Wear it it doesn't have a history where Hillary yet. It's all about it being freaked him so he posts a picture of his new hat. And lonely old here come haters your coordinators. Each your wife that went on there and told them dubbed batted out. That's true that is true. I didn't do that. I don't always I got littered about five and you don't get sale are now I just like everybody's desk. I don't think even the dealer does it beat me Ali you're the green can be fatal if you're zinni will not. But I hear your wife got up footage she came to Europe the feds don't you know baggage out via. Oh well that's I think it's yeah attacking it's just ridiculous until I didn't want to. I didn't engage anyone. And just kind of make it worse you know I mean she put her little spiel there's Atlantic yeah. Can you just seeing Sean gets its first like. Person that a taxes have on their TEC and just paces the floor and all oh my god drink it his hand yet. Absolutely commitment to the ice in the glasses rattling because he's so nervously puffed she'd kind I don't know what it's done in Europe how she got I don't know he. And once he's. Trying to wrap my album it's a. She's so nervous. You. So much anxiety over a people having a different opinion and you wars really do that with. So but did the OK but as she got or stay and why he would have anxiety that wind. You post a picture of you where an apparently Donald shot you're asking for conflict. And that is just to give and you know we're gonna gig conflict. Oh yeah I'm so nervous I did it too because of that exact fact I don't like the conflict it's I don't want any computer. Every yeah a little they are making I wish I didn't make a political statement I do I've got to get our. That's a political slightly in the empire of them actually tomorrow you're posting a record at this as I about it. Not that I don't be ready I think yeah. That we don't we need to separate under jab waiting on the ready you want that pose is yeah. I'm ready and the senate seat that could change. I thought the pulpit and in a public rug out in Jeanne we see more on Alex I.