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Tuesday, March 29th


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Vijay and Jamie it's Richard Murphy and another edition of conspiracy corner. So here is a story you don't often see at least a headline dead pilot found naked teen US close. You'll find that out to Ford's The T three T four which is part of the solar warden military technology also known as flying city operated by a coalition of world governments. Ordered her rescue mission to retrieve one of its loss T three's duty human error by one of the top secret pilots then entered the wrong coordinates. While initiating. The jumps Hastings. So apparently we're already using worm holes. And we're still trying to figured out. Severe sentence way to think about it he. We're getting visions say you have the dreams had gotten stock continue intelligently. The world know about any we're just having that just like one time didn't you had to just want to think he kind of blow it off like muscle. Does a crazy dream and whether imagine that happened. But if it kept happening over and over and over do you think you'd actually follow through like I needed to leave that was maybe god is telling me that I really need to go and let people know what's happening. Apparently is one guy is actually experiencing this. And Jack January 29 of this year the posted a story which is a start immediately again. And I thought evidence share with you in which day he talks about the RFID microchip do not taken at all costs. The great tribulations gods and time servants and your eternal destiny. Planet X in world war three all on the way and god gave them a lot of details about what. He expects to happen during these end times so you ought to read that story. Get yourself right I really recommend you don't take the RF DI chip by name. Here's the thing if the book of revelations the Bible years ago said don't take the mark of the beast being your hand or on your forehead. And then the government comes along and says you know we've got this new tracking device at all volume be able to go and use all your financial information in your personal information. Beginning of putting your rich history putting your forehead what just and you. No. If you're at all like gambling person that does not sound like a wise to it because you already told in the book of revelations. Seem to. Now this story is really. And satellite was probably the best word for the title of it is shocker over 30%. Of Americans haven't RFID. Chip implanted. And they don't know it. And this is a university study. That is revealed this information. The study was recently revealed that one in three individuals in the United States tested. Have an active RFID. In them and they were unaware of it. And a publication from the Wyoming Institute of Technology analysis of radio frequency identification RI FDI tips. Prevalence in three discrete. United States' populations. Has been reported. The doctors tested 2955. Americans from different geographical locations in blocks of life. The majority detected by researchers were from dental work fillings bridges crowns six setter. The chips are often inserted during the manufacturing process. And the patient is never aware opposite of its existence. And this in the open ditches street journal. And I afternoons and I really wanna get him out of my head now just this year. They from the app trapper side to the outdoor life magazine the April edition I highly recommend GT you go and get. That's an excellent stories about survival people lost out in the woods and how they overcome. The adversity. The trauma that there in and have the will to survive. Which are amazing stories and then there's also some stories and how to evade being tracked it goes into some pretty good detail. And also some myths about attracting. That you really need to be aware of or things first survival. Then maybe you thought were true that are actually aren't true and do more damage. So if you're at all interested in that I highly recommend you check out the April edition of outdoor life. On that same line. YD a tractor eight realistic threats he should be ready for it and which they talked about loss of income. Which I would agree that that's a big problem. Prepping for natural disasters. Prepping for crime assaults and home invasions which you hear about a lot in the news. Preparing for fires and floods especially if you're. With all the floods and fires that have happened here in Colorado. Why wouldn't she read that. Preparing for economic disasters. I mean everybody talks about the fact that how much were in debt and how the dollar is teetering on the brink of collapse. Preparing for social unrest I can totally see that coming. And you have issues that are happening over in Europe right now those things there. Probably if not already spilling over here into the United States. What is your game plan and howry and be ready for it. And then of course preparing for terrorist attacks. Which show Homeland Security is also said that you know it's important free TU be ready for that. And in the other thing to be prepared for two app wrapper. The aftermath. So after the disasters happen what kind of threats are coming your way. And number one thing that they talked about is that if you are somebody that is doing trapping him preparing. Well Shia and you'll be glad they're around to test everybody loves that you should glances to monitored. All kinds of stuff because. When people know that. They're going to be searching you out because they're gonna go I know him as soon I known as water and I know who has. Whatever I need a Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner some stuff to chew on there. Remember always have a bug out bag with its. He's in steamy week day mornings on Ellis. The ice tonight.