Debate on Dutch study women living longer doing housework10/24

Monday, October 24th

Callers weigh in on Dutch study on women living longer if they do housework. BJ claims women aren't doing housework that much anymore.

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Vijay and Jamie are the study is simple ladies the morehouse work you do the longer you live for only three years and under it. And I really feel like him being misunderstood. Because I'm so I'll turn god. I Ellison. It is simply trying. A Jewish iPhone away quick and I mean we get up and she comes with music becomes a sad music yeah. Why you misunderstanding comes to send news yes yes OK I mean I think people should do sorry from. Because I'll be doing is just relaying this information this. Just you know if you put discipline helps our local. And so when how do you hunger and it's pitch. Okay let's get politically close to broke. Him on the phone to tell you something was. First of all I can't believe that Lisa doesn't demand and cleaning person. Yeah with personally you've announced because she gets home sometimes at 7 PM at night. What the quality of life is that for her to come home at 7 o'clock hearsay and other minor and then she asked to clean around you. Come find me in the chest and abetted and she just three hours to try to fit in some kind of quality of life and clean and around here but in the recliner is not living. I can't believe she would even think about cheese required just five and six hours of sleep every I. That's ridiculous. That he needs desperately. Robbie how. How's. That's important in early Monday at. Like not even in the mood for you right now because he's Monday this is a list OK Elizabeth. Oh I'm sorry. I get turning on him back to go ahead Elizabeth. I didn't. I try to agree with BJ that women aren't Iranian threat out we're. Any really cute here OP candidates women aren't doing Q that is great that they do too much and been the wonderland then. We expect ourselves. And there's a lot more distractions in the world. All aren't we just are warning. Yet and men are doing all the work because we have to pick up the slack for you OO am EL OLA. And I can I ask Santa was okay well. Let me let me tell the old saying is we got to do extra room to give up some slack that's there's truth to that let let me tell you sent every woman is making kids lunches. They're going to live register that mud in the garage is an image then they have to have a millionaire dev water bottle and then you just sit there watching apology instead of him or Oregon. And we look at it like a lucky. Thanks Elizabeth. I really liked our listeners about Woodson sincerely assorted dogs. Big dogs. God is he's Irish but a crisis that might tell the truth they are a lot of play. I only accurate. You that they read I read this. That. Are old blues don't respect him what you supposed to yeah that is gonna create an undue stress and you could look at emotional connection there. I think it's particularly a woman doesn't think she spoke to do. What. Do you have a beds what we spoke to do you do it perhaps. You wait you Bridget are now you are a little tiny animate your short RJ and. Are you gonna do. I could see the Michael yeah. Oh yeah. My bet to loosen your hair. Qaeda right you have to pick up the slack don't yet I. We're almost thirty years and that machine and won the solution. My daughter in law. And what an expert Doug mentioned. I assure Diana can't. I doubt on the Motorola only do that and more calls right now it's not totally backtracked OK name calling is is Robby. That's Oxford Don and I met them and she's one leggy lady K and finally it's still nice guys. I feel like six. Peso money and I think I've got two daughters my fault I'm the data and Kurt. Eight years now since my oldest was too. And my ex wife has been exactly a product of what you're talking about she didn't even live in the same state of the girl's an updated multiple girls. Similar situation and I think that it goes both ways that. Well if he weren't so crazy we're democratic. I didn't hear. I'm thinking on this guy is crazy with those U hey pretty pricy. Eyes and the antelope or not it will because you have two dollars a making it safe and. I'm sure that's so our guys seek this germ followed you to your she's out of state each team clean your clock if you look at. I know us you tell us RTC when she does when it. She signed over her right to the kids in front of a notary. This is about how it got us back. I Ziegler pulling the rug direct let me say that she just gave up by given be an even a mom because she decide over the kids and let the good guys that's that's a little deeper than I want to go. I just talking about doing a load lottery. That's what I about the happiest kids and I just thought about doing laundry around you don't worry it'll go with the is Charlotte's a he's Charlottesville limits. And that's not so clearly it was like we're on the channel was run. I don't care what I figured those last three years. Those are your diet for years where your big spoon bread. Email. Me creating new. Egg and stuff over the and then you know get that flatly that I'm just. You pretty Good Charlotte financing now. And did look you glad the last three years she's right it's just your kids eating your guts get out of your retirement but I think you know. Yeah. Right is too much rather do but the reason the ad Don liked him my dad should Don back on the votes into executive salty even more plays probably out I don't know. Schubert patent on that he'll never call again I don't supplements each in Jeanine we see more on Alex I.