Election Day is almost here 11/7

Monday, November 7th

Broncos sucked it up Sunday night against the Raiders. The Chicago Cub’s fans went nuts to celebrate. Seventh largest gathering in history to celebrate the Cubs winning the World Series. What’s wrong with the Bronco’s? Last day before the election and Sean is ready to send in his ballot. Hillary Chia Pet has sideburns and Trump has one sprout!

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Vijay and Jamie you know what I hate what. You don't get that little bump on your lip in you know a fever blisters coming in. I have had went on my dad I got them oh you know rain not. I'm lire into. Your brother now a real close must know that it's not like is it like I'd get on my chin like it yeah it's a brilliant yet you know it's Bruins and yeah. Bonnie me this morning because he ended day actually had a good because they're now. Some what do you. I'm. You know to put that his support of her piece. It is as it is I got hurt BC and renewed contracts holy no I wish I actually center this is things back to back. College does that stuff that I hope that the a lot of good candidates ex boy my fiance she's go to wanna know well. I hope she called the way this especially on a weekend she's got to town yeah I pray and ask Tricia. So bottom Monday with a herpes and and the Broncos last night well we sucked it up. I turn it off I went to bed while we sucked and it stunk it up a US gasoline honest well I turned it off it was thirty to thirteen. Yeah they had just scored again and again and again it's and if we didn't hug a diddley. When no sizes like nothing this is a lost I thing. I haven't checked this morning but I think we dropped to third place. Really are stated right now what can I thought well what if I turn the soft and then they come back and do those big rally or yeah and you'd miss it and then they'll wake up and you you be like. There but there's no my god speaking of the old my gods did you see the Chicago Cubs celebration on Friday. That was insanity. Mark and go all our show a happy doesn't say that. Some of the numbers I don't wanna run something by you hear how they count and I never know how they count. I don't know how they do it either team but. Five million people now remember when Denver won the world championship. In the Super Bowl win a million people downtown duke five times that. Last five times in Chicago that's crazy I mean it is a bigger city that the Guinness. It's huge he's just unbelievable. It's the seventh largest gathering in human history. The seventh largest get so what would be beaten Martin Luther King Brawley was back up there no no no. I guess have a dream I don't think you're gonna get any of these. What we're they're all in India Iraq India I ran in the Philippines how he had no I don't know what they did. Museum a lot of people over there. Art it if we're at number 75 million. Guess what the number one gathering of humans on the planet has ever been. If first of all I'll tell you what was it was October double pilgrimage. Pilgrimage. In India. Too many people talent gathered some of the remember five million is seventh. I had five million is number seven to they had eleven million people Sean I was gonna say eight million. Thirty million. It's made a pilgrimage made a pilgrimage. Did they ask you in India or are the two of 38 million people how they don't speak to me. It's easy to unseat say that those tickers she's been pick your email on to that. Record set Gary Taylor yeah yeah they have that but but but there's a crazy. But the cubs in the celebrated. Yeah they did that was so that was insane no interest then what are they though. Some lessons is what they Tino Lleyton. They're managing crazy you know they beat Alex they beat out another gathering was rod Stewart's 1994 concert real BI express. That brought Stewart and I think guys before they cut it 30 it's who they beat out only surpassed them. Cubs celebration crowd even beat out or dead people who went to Brad Stuart's 1994 concert in real well he's not in the tour as greatly as. Rod Stewart get on the list that apparent lack even a bit. Credit they've Ed there's yeah there's no other united state T things I don't know him look at all those gatherings though I mean thirty million people who are. Mean that's gold rich but it and then. Yep and there's a lot of funerals double teamed up you truck and a. Yeah and I guess a little crazy you're crazy you. It's fun for them. And then about seven what do you think the Broncos really get a de wet which would do well. What's your game plan he got game plan you know like I I think that. Just my observation and you know why I'm a professional sports guy yeah I know that I've played a lot of sportsmen lives I know it like Beckham mania never been paid for and I'm here to tell you will. We have some free. Dinners and stuff out of another breezy and again and arena football. But but yeah OK get this I think that the problem without our team is. We can't really score. We just can't score without Americans not to me the score was a week you know I love that little tremor guy who. The little tremor guy is a nice guy I'm sure he is he seems to be always the Alamo and the and he never has any emotion yet but it may be a good date but I. Don't think we have an offense episodes are opting I think its profits edged up what what she. Your analogy as you are big time and the frisbee golf guy you and I. From my frisbee golf experience what I've noticed there on the field as the Ximian just seems a little uncomfortable in the pocket he's not sure what to do that. Yet a big plane and several times he could run but he does Iran Basel I mean in the fourth quarter it was kind of hoping they'd throw in Paxton. To work yeah why not see that indecision right dear that's what I mean yeah offense is sputtering name's Harry GA they don't know. Like that night we don't like discord badly in the oh wait we I mean so they feel confused with all the. Yeah maybe so I think I mean we really need patent that the fifth set yeah. He got a retirement. I Elliott back. Or know what we'll take you know what take Tebow even at this point I feel like John LA's grooming himself for politics seeks an idea of what he said. Well because he's doing all those political ads you and I am like I have. Who's supporting that enough and it kicked into a but actually doing some kind of political ads I forget what it's for 7172. Well Sean I can make a number no I think it's it's. Up to 72721. X 222 Y one whatever it takes a amendment grounds that the that it it it it it. Sean by the way to keep him bragging this morning because he has all of his ballots with him along wood does make America great again man or adding up for free. But he came in this morning with all his balance he's gonna drop off his ballots today. The as you know Election Day is tomorrow. But he's dropping off everything he has wife sit down went through the booklet last night and then get older voting he voted out every single judge. I'll every job. All voted out oh god one did he want to keep that not walked up to elect me conceding decision to that. If you should have been out of what I've never been Howard how can someone at the election headquarters look at your ballot in take you seriously. When you vote out. Every single judge yet we got to vote for what Jack. I don't that your balance gonna get out and it's gonna get out this kind of judge I'm Billy the judge so they just go by names Billy's and sounds good. I don't know how you bowed out abbey I think his more detrimental if we have all doomed jet skids happy party voted. Oh I'm gonna do it tomorrow I have a legendary yet I have my ballot says it's a drop off but I haven't known what they do with that I. I like to do it the old fashioned way too shall went to school yet mind each little stickers yeah. Oh yeah and it's time tomorrow after the show I'm headed straight to the school. I'm gonna go it just kind of hang out kind of monitor the situation let me take a reporter interviews of people that's not been lied to pull little that it. Take a compelling Roger Jack can jump over it yet but my god what is your dealer and then. Did you get a flight yes we did we got in the FaceBook valued but not given them later with the it's my first FaceBook fight now I get into volatile. It's because it feels good then. It really doesn't plug in keeps the. Why didn't tell words you don't really yeah I mean they're not there in your face or anything you see you can be really cocky I know but that they ever atom to practice that display the quietly doing this is exhausting work where Mike. Verbally where we're text fighting basically. I don't know I just kids down oh by the way the election tomorrow we'll take a quick break here but would be election here similar things or get to later on today. They elections a big deal here's some things happen over the weekend came. I'll bet for smaller Chia Pets we have no winner. Arch pence or done their sprouts though now they're not there. Others Friday. At. What apparently are. Both of them will well. Short. It is sure that stunt your growth facility at home. I. Yeah he's probably all mixed up really. Punished rally. Oh well Larry has ever. Me aren't we haven't seen the other night but what I didn't even know it let me correct on this that yeah one sprouts on trump. Okay. Yeah I'm angles Brad she's winning just didn't time for eight Election Day ELN once proud to ask Bradshaw ran out of the picture those. Put it in the light most kimono. She's winning so we said whoever at the best crowds in India won two won the election. Donald Trump rushed offstage over the weekend yet you all know and now assassination attempt is good news first reported they didn't have a gun. It was first reported he did well we did first team announcement that was posted we'll get to that the FBI says no charge for Hillary they went through 650000. Emails in a matter of eight days. That's pretty good. That's that's really I drew them up to admit that's flying through it hit Chelsea's wedding paid for by the foundation. It well. Are you kidding me this was as yet WikiLeaks. Yeah so. Hello well but yeah that's good. That. Line blood. What the doesn't seem right if I give my relative foundation is closed out Haitian refugees there's evidence that gives. Chelsea big old dressed. And then there right now own no new no Chelsea she's well worth that. Abs are you sure wasn't hard because she gets paid by their but salary by them no lets them life that's the headline without that so many different stories who knows how this elections gonna go. I'm just glad it's gonna be over with the thing I'm worried about on Election Day is that day a license yet that Intel is. Ice is is going for that slaughter. Slugger the US voters on Election Day in demanding muscle does not participate in the democratic process. The threats appear in it SA carried by ice is media center declares luncheons have come to slaughter you and smash your ballot box of fish to. You seem very very used. May be the mail in was the route to go but maybe I should go to the polls tomorrow we know you have to go. Tim and I get a B and my and I get ready for a guy can't scare me yeah. Although those are scary words on the line now in crisis you don't scare me so. Rogers left jab you don't scare me. Clubs are in Ottawa buffalo Maya yeah I couldn't pick six each in each day Morton's on Ellis. I.