Elf on a shelf 12/05

Monday, December 5th

Elf of the shelf and the trouble he gets into while breaking into peoples house.


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Vijay and Jamie I know my guess did you guys get some decorations. You know we haven't done diddly squat. No nothing. Our neighbors have put we have been done anything we're that dark. Hole on the block you know I haven't and sadness in my life wasn't well because my son is now ten years old and down. And he blocked the source of the Alps the fly and oh he did yes he's eighty annual wealth on the shelf. Oh yeah. I'm I don't. Your friend and years old I know and that's what he said I don't care I want them to find our house. So he he boarded it up in the health can't fly and do. So old whoa why you want deals flying. Doesn't want he is thinking that my dad always looking to say it's it's almost like. This is the turning point yeah so we're he becomes a main yeah. And again he won't he doesn't like it doesn't like the Sydney morning and I like whoever did loves the elf and so this is the reason why we haven't elf. I don't know am I am five years ago when my son was five I didn't know that about the health. And then shine and gave me now from Cincinnati did not have been out here hello zeal for Michelle stood around. Years years years years and I never heard that I never heard him I think in the mid west it was a fine line I don't know it was probably is five or six years and up Simi Simi. So when I first heard of that I had no idea. Yeah and it became a thing has a movie. In as a book has all the stuff and then he flag pin and then well last year and are now. We had enough problems now. Like I told LN one day and writer though he sat on that damn bookshelf for four days didn't move in the didn't think it was he hurt. I don't know I would. I had problems were those cabinet Monday night was drew jewelry company that he was drinking these tricky not to analyze everything that was seen that thankful that. Now he doesn't drink yeah I am. Still my girlfriend. She she. A pig says she's like one of those good mom's name is Bridget whenever the end. And so her Alison what has changed closings. He has clout he brings with him he has like suitcase that Michael look at this picture she's at least as she said all right guys this. This little jacket is harder to address the alpha and then changing baby's diapers and running and look at this it's gonna he's got ski jacket on. So she puts a ski jacket she doesn't know income there that at all yet he comes here with a ski Gerry Adams yes. Flights are viewed by colds so now what they've been doing it yes. Michael Coles jacket what they've been doing now in is that thing going and I'm Barbie clothes. And then lane amount form. So he's got more foreign wardrobe so when it comes to their house seat he doesn't wardrobe change he wears barbie's clothes and her appeal fully shelters wearing Barbie slopes. At their house but but that's OK okay now it's disturbing enough. And narrow it in that's disturbing when your child gets up the next forty EZL when barbie's clothes are working hard stressed. I think Islam partying can I think there's a lot more Kindle and on. Now add things more you know it's it's a bunch and still not cross dressing you know now. Yeah he's OK if that is elf wants to do it right now yeah Saturday was still muggy here yeah. Nothing else visitor I do week. I think it day each else come in Baldwin yeah anger so you can decimate every word it that transgender health. It's TC says that's. We act fast transgender or else I saw a picture guests. I guess putting the opening compromising positions. He adds that is kind of a thing on FaceBook what he. Let's himself that way. Okay will be elf I saw a picture the L flew in and literally you saw the elf from behind in the old visible strapped. And the health is standing over a glass. That has about this much booze and so it looks like he's actually winners in this class. Because of the color of the of the alcohol right. Okay well. Everything right now comes in I don't other day and Al Kamen my garbage out as an arm they caught him and there are these. These recent kisses like I did but he's a souped. Now off Colin L line flow option and it. Has a sense of humor and they appreciate you moved the the until now. It is is everybody's in time it's a really horrible thing everybody's in competition to see you as like the most Bullock's. Ex BF. And it's later. Yet you see you know lock you see a lot of different positions and themes instead did you see them frozen one. No sir frozen yet known so let's sit frozen girl's name Ella. Is is she then the fairy ground thanks so. So she is staying at the Dallas stated there and then what you do anything else in or else I guess goes into a bucket of water and gets frozen and then you dump the mount. And search ads bella her Allah whatever name Ella today. She scanned by the block ice Beltran it. All pro golf pro as well and that's cruel poll has competing you Evelyn though that head light. Breasts. Who else did you have referred to wasn't like no I'm close did that 1 of it I am having expressed com. I thought I saw yet. You but but but you posted. It had diesel the machine Andre yet had to pump abreast upon. No that's just wrong and puddles that he's on that elsewhere his breast pieces would be and then they they put the tubes up to it and president towards that breast pump yeah he's sitting on top the principal. If it looks like they're actually. Working Milken and health of the oh that was wrong and I should use edit like that. American announced. In each weekday mornings on Alex I.