FAA new rule for Galaxy Note 7 phones. 9/9

Friday, September 9th

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is having some real problems.. Now the FAA has banned them from being checked in your baggage and It must be turned off the entire flight, you may not charge them. And there is a story of a man who’s Jeep burns down due to charging his Note7 in the driveway.

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Vijay and Jamie thank me and I were just watching this this news story. Exactly FAA is quite yet just came out today so you know yes Samsung's Smart it's. And the Samsung Smartphone. The Samsung. Galaxy note so that night to be exact and Hamels got into because I was pretty jazzed that summit android and a gal. And and to this photo and it's pretty amazing I am beds are so amazing. Yeah now we talked about this being Monday yeah maybe even last week but this story came out. But just phoned and it's blowing upsetting beans on fired stuff yet it says that now the FAA has come out with a warning at first we're thinking about completely banning them. But now what they've just right now not this might even be temporary as well. The F that the FAA has said you must now turn off your note CM. Your notes 7 am Smartphone you have to turn it off. You can't have it on Al during the flight taxiing whatever turn it off and you can't charge it during a flight. You know normally when you get on an aircraft are supposed to put it airplane mode but you can still play games you can still play your music that's on your phone you there's things you can do you're just not gonna Wi-Fi and do all that because they say it interferes. And it did appear on overseen its flight because it powers down on the go overseas unit. On a plane for fourteen hours you also have charging stations on the airplane he had taken charge him. Whenever you can turn. Yet this galaxy note seven you can turn it on the FAA AA is afraid it will set here. And you can't charge and you can't. Checking. Now. That's a huge war and what's next day and then completely from a flight that's coming if they don't fix this thing. It did right after this story came out with the FAA. Immediately. A story comes out of that guy he's Jeep that catches on fire in his driveway and burned it to a crisp. Because of bump. You weren't connecting one. Really burned into the crisp tone he don't say this because if it really happens you're gonna all you can be nailed three insurance fraud. Don't even think about Jamie don't plug this into that peace or you know what car you and I. They get the old and a four year old son would you know I think there's a group so yeah it's 2006. Season crap ranger lever you picnic at. I mean is ads every time I get basic cost me so much money. And should now sit in my driveway it needs what is in the altar and you know yuck that's another a couple of thousand dollars the cardinal Edward nothing and perhaps who. And so I first output mcdonalds today and Edmondson. Oh I now. Other lady her car was destroyed by a bear Christian people closer it gets up at McDonald's the PGA no buyer know there number my guy. Yeah notes. Note that the galaxy notes of who gets you one plug it in limiting their for a few days before long it's torched age. Yeah bit away from your house so it does like I or anybody suggesting could explain I think they'll put it right in the middle of the call great idea. That's Acuna moved into the right that he is you know Warren thank you can I don't know what to do it thank you again. And if she leaked to tell one story about what are your cars. I don't know. This fascinates me this blows BO. Aren't which won the one that has depreciated so much over the years they all have none of this would really adds. Okay the willingly bought for me the other one that you got rid of I haven't gotten rid of us bought for you you're right you're right I did well we don't know where tactic that could slow pitch it's kinda missing. Mean I think so why I don't know anybody imagine while at least listen. Here's the here's. Car yeah the maximum via a PR. Jamie was given cars into when she moved to Los Angeles, California over a new contract the quiet and fact it was over the new contract not. The actual moved to California. The car was worth a 106. Is Eric I have a 106. Thousand dollars. Now don't warm pool before you sit on top Jamie and it was given gift ideas I had I never had a car like I mean that's nice gift folk I never. And never had a car like little what years of car it's 2003. It's a 2003. Which means it was OK put this in perspective here he was made after nine elevenths so what that Lauderdale thirteen years ago Gary. Discard now he's worked like. Well great it. A 106. X to Alex Gordon well Greg. That aren't. I value that's what Kelley book value. Well Greg how does that are gonna notice uttered you would think if it's a 106000 dollars when it's brain know it would. Her average is it's got an engine import tires it would never go below 50000. The previous part and I know you dollar single woman stabbed to death a hundred. He only had like would you say 51000 miles yeah cause it's like no yes after thirteen years it only has 51000. Miles on. Eight in the ground I. Entire fight it tomorrow loaded cannon national off cars I'm embarrassed to drive it yeah it's a volley kept in the garage and it only has 51000 miles after thirteen years as. Not a normal doll she has a discriminate and enough that it even kept kept the seals all lubricate its great and that's it never did yet they'll fix is sealed because they they broadened out on the card it's not been driven in here but yeah. How does it caught. You have that blog that it drops that. All my car which reminds me that's why you should shop with my friends over Macs and mono cars don't depreciate from their lives. By tomorrow. Amy why are you can get it right about that it was just remember dive for exactly but this 306000. Dollars. In the immortal John Ellis. I.