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Thursday, March 17th


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Vijay and Jamey Richard Murphy and it's another addition is conspiracy corner but seems juveniles and (%expletive) in games. On March 17. I was in college by a ball over the sky in less than a couple of seconds and luckily for us was captured on dash cams and security team. So if you go to the watchers dot. RE EE LII dot com. You'll be able to you see that video for yourself quite spectacular. Basic calculations estimated it right to vote online to seven magnitude and explosion was minus fourteen. And I watch in the video. So I saw this headline in Iowa and why. Really on the techno Krejci done news website the title of this appliances companies want to replicate you're dead loved ones with robots. It's something just says. Actress now Iraq. Says the firm has already created thousands of highly detailed to mind the clones. To my memories values and attitudes of specific people. And now they're working on taking that artificial memory and Loney hit in putting him in to a robot. This drama and Lutheran. This that the more intense versions of these robots like the buying a 48 could hit the market within ten to twenty years for roughly 25 to 30000 dollars. All right he uses including replicating and once. Singing mute because of technology lenient with the desire to keep in contact with someone after he or she passes late isn't enough to read this story the song that comes to mind for me is going to Boeing goes Nolan lives forever. Like crazy Danielle men. Bonser tries to take this lying down apparently the Daily Mail is now reporting that the the United States finally figured out this crisis is slaughter of innocent Christians and you CDs has now been officially declared genocide by the US. Only nineteen months after the crisis began. Dave Hodges at the common sense show has seen new story outcome don't be distracted by the election this is your main danger. Apparently it is UW and sixty yeah. We choose to help fifteen and sixteen on steroids. No it's crazy is that they're now starting to advertise force and we'll plans for this drill. Growth technologies LLC is gonna add though saint looking for six G chief. This for an exercise and supported the US army special operations command. Packed. Turning up exercises are gonna happen in the 21 two point seven did already written the script. And exercise participation will be happening. March 28 to maintain. Also need to choose other role players. Then we'll also train up on the 21 is 26 then head over to Davis Monahan air force base in Arizona. Training. 10 to 21 and April. And then off to San Antonio Texas for. Exercise participation it is Tony second through May tenth so to not visit for the next couple months and I wanna terrier as may have been. And they get treated go in that. Have a read of this story lots of such people sharing their experiences and their observations. So you can kind of get an idea what potentially could be coming down tight. Can't run forever when trump went to Chicago and they had a those protesters had to cancel the today we had to cancel his rally in Chicago due to the protesters. Well apparently the anti Tom groups. They are now threatened the largest Civil Disobedience. Action of this century. And which they are planning to be arrested. They're expecting to be rested in the thousands. The script is funded by numerous left wing groups including Apparently they're planning on meeting up on April 2 at the liberty bell. Philadelphia. You can find more about that story over a bright sparks dot com. I just searched antique trump groups threatens my Civil Disobedience action of this century. The only is tight blindness and sharing a story signs emerged that global list are preparing to lockdown America message to Americans from one who cares don't back down. Double down. Doesn't sound like it'll turn out very well framed by the planet do. As great put on this website from John F. Kennedy which states those who make peaceful revolution. Impossible. Make violent revolution inevitable. On there is also interesting that it's helped the united states of Russian professor back in 2008 predicted on how the US would be split up. So apparently from a Washington Idaho Utah Arizona and west. Follow underneath China influence Chinese influence. Montana over two basic came down to Ohio across to Missouri Kansas Colorado and Wyoming Montana so that whole Central Park. Lipton become or. At least be controlled by Canada. The Atlantic America which is from Maine down to Tennessee. Over to South Carolina coasts that would become part of the European Union. And from New Mexico over to Georgia Florida and all parts in between. Would become or at least be under Mexican influence now the question what about Alaskan wind. Apparently Alaska would go to Russia and Hawaii duty their Japan or China. It's kind of interesting how via Russian professors just fighting at the United States. He predicted that this is the reason why it happened is because of the economic and or moral collapse that trigger civil war. And the United Nations happened to be brought into the United States to bring everything under control. Kind of interesting. Think I had to choose I think it would probably take Canadians over the Chinese. Or the Europeans. And now I'm not really don't want the next again telling me to do mean. So Colorado looks like to you might be like in that peeking in and does the Bob McKenzie. Came close to go and if you wondered how the elections go. As we try to figure out who's going to be either Republican and democratic candidates. Apparently I'm in CNBC. The day after the GOP front runner Donald Trump rolled up more big primary victories he stated. The media has created a perception that the voters choose the nomination. That's the conflict here curly heartland. And on about GOP delegates from North Dakota told NBC's Squawk Box he went on to state that could lead to a brokered convention. And which they might introduce Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney as the presidential candidate for the GOP. Which I have to say if Donald Trump wins the majority of the populations vote and then they go in there and say. Well we went through some idiots and as we don't like him. You are just asking. For trouble. By the people for the people you know you're not your representative you're not there to go and do what you wanna do Europe and elected representatives to go and finish your job at the convention. It'll be interesting to watch how this whole thing plays out and like I said I do not have a dog in this fight right now I have no idea who I'm going to vote for. You'll find that story on the SH TS plan dot com. Our I didn't just make sure that our conspiracy comes full circle. I really recommend that you go to YouTube and subscribe to UFO OTV. The disclosure movie network again a new movie out right now called. UF OTV presents little TV Exel planets and alien civilizations. Move funds UFO symposium. And keeping on that alien YouTube theme. I head over to secure team ten. And check out crazy proof of heavy UFO activity during missions. That video just posted out and finally if you go to the third phase of my third phase of moon UT channel. I like watching these guys disease desert just hilarious. Though I think they're not trying to be and I think that's what makes it fun. That is an interesting stuff in their latest video is explosive UFO volcanic activity. Strange alien craft scientists can't explain 26 team. Credit to keep you busy until we talked again I'm Richard Murphy remember always. Mean always. Have your bug out bag with. And more on Alex.