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Wednesday, May 23rd


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Vijay and Jeannie art here is your fitness story Chris Nelson is an active dad's. Who likes counting his steps and tracking your heart rates with his new fitness tracker but after several weeks while putting three year old Emily Tibet he says this pit bit charged to. Shocked him. Causing him to drop his daughter that is clearly an electric shock cool Emily was not hurt but he says it left a painful lump on his wrist. And his hand temper rarely now my. Best I'm tell you see just because I. You know I'm like social media whore right yes I needed a slice. Right now keep. People are out there they're keeping track your steps and let them flow chart to their house in the running down the steps are Jamie I was a. I can show everybody ice. And I see another person with how many steps it and it's like he did treat. I quickly applicable to be part of this evil and that yeah I'm gonna get its act. Straight and I looked it up I did registered because I ask all fair. How they had consisting shocking people and I did some studying I guess there have been reports that since when he fifteenth. I'm going back to play fifteen there's a hole for him that he got started a chat room about how they're getting shocked by the state that an all sending. Things to the company in the companies like I am not sure we don't think that's happening who. Who now oh what's causing. I don't know they don't know what he had the answer to that I only had the answer that's been having his flank and I'm wondering if it's got something to. Do with the maybe you getting wet. May be water contact with the skin and if that it some people are saying it's from static electricity. Building only shock cutie read a refrigerator handle huge shock right but maybe get as the metal appeals more intense but mainly static. That's what some engineered guests around now. All I know is this from I get a run now up. Oh well I I have a watch on nets but it's not a fit that that it it it's GPS. And different features on here. Had a problem and some are saying this because if he you know hot says you need to get moving on different net you know he just sat there and I need it shocked she so you'll move. At the summit. It's a new culture it's odd to think they sell arms an. I don't think now is anyone ever that this whole step didn't work. With him when I say work here here's what I mean by that we knew if that aren't you you're turning your steps bomb do you find yourself. Up into a groove of where the thick bit hold you responsible every day that you've got to beat the steps you've got to beat Indy gets in your head so therefore really does Orlando Magic eye I wonder that I know it because I could see me getting it Jamie and doing the opposite I guess he'd be getting to fit that lets say. That's on day one out walk old 5000 stand ups. BJ was active now but next day am I gonna do our best to do 5200. Or. MRI that directive to feel 45 hundreds good enough. So I'd like you have the opposite of most people because you feel like well that was way too much you know until your goal is to get to zero that's the way I want to do it it's like if I get 5000 steps. I feel like have overdone rat. It's so huge the cup as yet dat so the next stamina try to get 4800. And worked my way down as I go would not fit that. And you know my thought was is that I would just sit in the car and just get around Langdon. That of yeah and if you. Probably count the steps and that's our backs on they are now I'd settle on land enough to work. For you know you know Gloria what an idiot Justin carton tapping your hand to music is that steps. I don't know you're talking to a non fit big guy here. I don't know anything about because if you do if you not to fitness or the apple watcher whatever you're into it seems like if you're gonna post a number you want to be any. Like over the top remember and Sean have walked the parade. Number he. Boasting writers likes 181000 stand yet because ray blocked the parade and now I. Under that post in the people who do it evidently. TE just poster I walked the parade today three and a half miles memoir workout that was. And in not worry about heaven he steps who has the Abbott has hit us today and world number of these cedes green shot on your on because I only did I do it in rookie. Because people that see that live in that world. Probably had a lot of what people are tracking your steps lot more than right now because seek. Tell me 101000 steps OR 141000 steps I know what's the difference of 4000 but I don't look at what that really means and fitness world. Was sad that suntech and I have the Texan who live here and it says basically it's a really good thing to have because. She sat 101000 steps a day and she always went to Yemen. It makes her brain want to get them. The I can't figure that you get somewhat. Addicted to. There it hold you accountable to get out there and actually moved what's challenge it's as if he did the challenge them on that hit it. And I need to crush it. Keep on account and yeah it was an end tonight an old companies where if it bit of the challenge. You know. Export it too much but I do understand that and hasn't a thing what you do like a weekly it is doesn't feel. Really are you let yourself down. You got a perfect job at the mall cop say yeah yeah as exodus telling Sean I get in about 141000. Work. Has when he 1099008. But did it's hard DMI. I tell you this. 141000. Steps and one day new average that pretty much disqualifies you from the show. Which you have that all of my life and we don't want a reputation as the united we work hard play our own reputation. We don't need you you'll have your body the other mile sobbed I get a wagon and he does it in a bloody around the mall if it was scooter to get. It isn't it yeah. Have you coming in here were 141000 every day this gonna work yeah it is a little faulty sometimes as the of the day at 101000 on my drive home. Hi I'm Sharon I have thought. And. Is it just measures like you know by yeah again basically had a lot of crook and a are fake and I post big numbers so let's of that land there are holes yeah. And more on Alex.