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Monday, March 26th

A flat earthy tried to prove the earth was flat so he built a rocket and shot himself to space, but only made it 2000 feet.       

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Vijay and yeah I just. The guy over the we did a blast himself up into space. And no I did read about it I heard it didn't it Atlanta though you induce well here's a wacky guy he builds rocketed his garage if she if you. They're dead he decides he's gonna launch himself up into the air. And would he checked himself into the air the reason he's going up is because he wants to see for himself. He thinks the world is flat. Exactly so he's gonna go above the earth wind a little thank you see you hey if you repeating it is so. It looks like he a disk of some type like OIP a frisbee right brightened. And the way. I don't know I don't know what that could be a frisbee to know. Tennessee when the moon as an excellent sequence in the arts it was seamless. It is always saying there's no proof anywhere Jamie there are people that believe the world is flat this guy built himself rockets he strapped himself and and so. All he goes he went about 2000 feet for a crash backed out yet is really hurt the it would do break everything pretty well it's. It would do I go well I'm about what is it will happen when. I don't know if he thought it completely out don't know there was a pair shoot I really don't know what happened there but when you look at the pictures the video is great to submit he shoots a video of this thing. By the rocket takes off like a bat out of hell me and it's it's a good rocket he built a very good rocket. And then when he gets about plan and 18100 Peter so Peter out. That should Peters Peters out period ended heat just. Block a rock right back down to earth Atlantis. I'm not sure the last step video and picture I saw him he was laid out on a stretcher who didn't look good tournament there isn't. I still think the most amazing job I've ever seen is that. That guy that rambled not remember the blue I don't even know out of my dad and space you have a jump to stay. Up pretty. Here's what sought out better though when you've got a sponsor like Red Bull you can pull that crap off just building a rocket your garage by the way we're apart. That was. I don't know where web parts good to build a rocket like Aladdin I mean this is a bona fide rock of this it's fabrication dissing his idea to bring in a fabricated. The room and I would them welding torch well. It didn't work out yeah. I don't know if he actually they they have been able to talk to the guy yet because she's been knocked out. So I don't know if he actually saw over the edge of earth Ed the 81 that really sunk 2000 feet merit from now against them. He didn't yeah that he had a better chance Cynthia did it work yeah we got to post a video of them the video I know the guy got hurt but it's is don't obviously really dumb but it's pretty cool watch golf but you know it's. It's it's cool watch because you just picture you can see the rocket into know some guy. Like wily coyote is is strapped to this is up. It's like something out of court no gas a man this breath of this rocket Eddie's gonna go up these little over the edge of the earth there's some that wacky about that you know. Back to horrible memory of Denver Colorado when you when this place was sold famous and I remember sitting in Los Angeles watching the play by play of that little boy at that stage yet you have well. Molly was that he was in a bullet and a little boy didn't put the net was bold voice right here. I mean. I literally sat on my couch watching Colorado for how else we are freaking out yeah. I remember being on the air that morning when balloon boy was supposedly up in the air it in about the go off into space in his dad was tracked in Yemen. Authorities are having getting down eighty shoot down the blue it was crazy atlas. It was that guy. They move away he's still scammer owing yeah guys that tried to skimp not necessarily skimming his own life because I. No didn't make backs actors yet that's what I mean he should cut as sizable and you do you go to junior year wall and he's got your back. He's been somewhat of an odd at Newark. And try and do. Different did gimmicks he does a lot gimmick that's it and just like this was a gimme turnout did little boy. Was never in the boat at thirteen was in some attic somewhere despite all the joke. That was great discrepancy. Here that I don't care better. And more on Alex. I.