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Wednesday, May 16th


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Vijay and Jamie peiris a wacky story that broke yesterday of this PGA golfer this is dot about all of this is about a woman. That is absolutely Psycho this guy's wife is out of control east rod. Have this window this happened Avant Saturday this is now breaking well. I think kids ethnic debit Saturday because I think he missed the cut art there was a huge golf term and over the weekend. This just seems Lucas Glover he's around for awhile with a PGA tour in fact I think you wanna US open up the eight term one time in collected chicken I think that's part of the problem. He collected a million dollar cheque months before a guy came all the cut it sense so he missed the cut which means this happened on Saturday he played Thursday and Friday. And a cut he has when you don't score well enough to play into the weekend on the tour. So well he misses the cut he doesn't get play over the weekend which means what he's not gonna get a check. No money he went out and play eight but he didn't make the cut he's not gonna play heavily again he gets no money. His wife. Beats are perhaps they're not going to be didn't play well from. It goes all grade sheet breezy all like bad Intel and he needs to get his act together start in hopes and Jack. She calls him a loser and add. He word was a yes better. He's yadier was C and a loser and and then she takes both of her her fingernails and goes from his elbows down to is hands. And scratches into his skin on both arms down to the bone. You've got to figure. This isn't the first time she's brought up the tournaments before. So bad guy this despite what this guy is now what it along Todd. Yes go out there why would this artist by the movie doesn't it well it could get beat. Doug what he gets all listen what he said to the officers when they arrested her they it dead golfer actually told the officers that when he doesn't play well at PGA tournament events. His like it's very angry that's legal officers at the Iraq but the other is normal in the solved. She not only be a mop his mother mother comes in and intervene in the sake she beats out mom. And then when the cubs get there she fights with them. She ninth tied to them did you see what she's. And I don't repeat it threaten innocent she threat said a lot about this world this Robinson a world of trouble. And this guy needs to run this guy needs to run fast. Because this woman is crazy. She's who were easy. Because she wants a check. Artist you play on the PGA tour and you need to bring home the bake it. What he went to Twitter and he has released a statement OK and he says this every what is fine. We're incredibly although crystal is charged we're comfortable that the judicial system is able to address what actually happened and crystal will be cleared in this private manner. You know why everybody's fine because she's in jail. When he didn't want her in jail he begged cops shot taker he said what do you Matt walked. That's because she's just gonna get more angry beat him up even lower. These suited best to protect he needs to get away thinking he said let her go to jail and him. Packed his stuff gets you potter get Jamal's in get out of it well he bailed out for play by a hundred dollars an hour how big business that it. All glucose what he would do it appears that news report card. A police report says that Krista Glover enraged by what she thought was her husband lucas' poor performance of the players championship this past weekend insulted him Saturday after the tournament. Calling him a lose our. Webber missed the final cut of the players after shooting 78 in the third round. Well look just told police Kristen had been drinking and attacked him and then as model. Police say Crist at resisted arrest out point even kicking the door of a patrol car so hard it separated from the plane. And verbally abuse the officers are weighted Jamont. This Wahlberg is out of control and we had. The alcohol thing that makes I know this sad but it makes me feel better via because before I discussions mentally ill movement now we add the alcohol cling to it now yeah now I get it's an eight RI which is an alcohol related incidents he accidentally hits and Ari. And so will we got. I just felt like it was but that confirms yes OK that kind of convergence it's a matter but listen here's the deal. And I swear I really feel like this has happened she saw a big check which he won that one term. Well I mean when he eleven these guys that you get like a million dollars to win one of these PG tournament. He brought home a big check. And since then he's been bringing home used to change. With governor Paul would 2000 here 3000 year it cost to go out and play on the tour you got a lot of these events of whatever. It she's sick and tired if you got to play golf for a living. Then you've got to win something okay it's from who she is a great that this guy is not bringing home what all the other big stars to bring it. Yeah the house to show I said and somebody could look it up and said his overall winning have been twenty million dollars you've. He's won a lot I know that's very hard I guess she wants like. With his name tiger money you know getting up his name is Lucas Glover. But here's the thing with the woods woods you know somebody wins that kind of money when you take the taxes due to get what they have to pay the caddies you take out that blah blah blah blah blah blah. It goes down significantly in your talking about. You know maybe. 1700000. A year throughout his career. She wants more she want to pay one point five million dollar check from one weekend know what she glances not to drink anymore because she's an angry angry drinker. Angry drinker and she obviously got a lot because I actually took. Right to that he has so how did have a turn to an only drink water. This guy's being abused and all I know and guess what the FP GA knows about it too and they stepped in and said that they're gonna offer counseling stuff. Here he knew the engine to the family he imagined in the diameter on the tour in nearly. Now he's the data is lengthy amount. You I'm telling you right now the poor guy he's never gonna win another tournament means to you when you go out there that nervous to play the PGA event you're not gonna win knowing you're gonna get beaten up when you get on the original educational bring home the big check. So you see soon but with cheap he's got it he's got to get out of the. Yeah it's good tiger. Yeah Bob and point fingers at tiger on the tour gone I got the sex addiction I prayed to get you ran his SUV into the you know. When now at least you get to point laugh at somebody who did you get this crazy legs and I popped the if I can't believe she whacked ball. I don't and she's a most of them are all fine. I guess mobs that did it's it's not out our all he's only bench give the G Waechter. OK and he's he's like only 35 settled in the grandma talks like to play the. You say attitudes it's bizarre to me who you go home from work you do for jobs showed just the magic. The daisy you producer really crappy so hurrah type I. And she Nowak she had been that black and blue. Did that in the matter bats it's that inch and more on Alex.