Hatchimal hoarder 12/12

Monday, December 12th

Hatchimal hoarder woman buys a ton of hatchimals, and is selling them for way over the actual retail cost and is making a ton of money.


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Vijay and Jean Eric turns out Jesus has not left Birmingham the fears. He had he sits down. Good friend does this taxable I told you on Friday and don't get everybody tell our hopes up too because I know they won't start until it. I didn't know Jamie I was getting good news from Sean in our connection with a hatchet moles and our code word was Jesus just look Birmingham we need the shipment arrived. I thought we can go in the code word out it looks like Jesus is still a murdering amp yet that it's elegant yet and I mean it's. It's nothing I am that our our connection I mean. They're just on a ship from China just no one can get there he ends on the nationals. Thank supporters. So that's the things in now. All these people. Are going out there and by no passion mostly they seem hit the shelves right divide it up. And then they're put them on eBay for thousands of dollar sounds so this one woman she spent like Daniel has played 3020000. Dollars people hater. They're getting their threats. They like hate her because she got all the hand troubles in the G Jackson the prizes like concert tickets and and I. It's still I'm Colin absolutely. On sorry that's I know people are common Scrooge and they're bright and hateful things on a FaceBook page but now you can go here she had absolutely. No idea. That emotions would run so high I had no idea how desperate people were to get these for their children. The popular author of the book water for elephants recently bought 23000. Dollars worth of vegetables to sell on her own for a 189. Dollars. Nearly a 130 dollars more than retail. After buying them she later thought she could use hatch Hamels to help fund legal fees for a man she believes has been wrongly convicted and sentenced to life without parole. Hoping the money from the tour we could help offset the bills needed to get the man's case in front of the supreme court's. Just thought that probably decorate something I am I sold out four days and I think I made an average of thirty perhaps from all what did you hear that. She's to needy and the hot cup cup cup caught up at a winless this report. Won't believe that that can't ascent no way she sends them helped out. Out and tools needed to get the man's case in front of the supreme court's just thought that probably second race something I. I am I sold out four days you know she's couldn't yeah. Thought I'd stick it Canadian tour. I'm hopeful that this is gonna get our just didn't hit Canada and get them there herself the step by the United States. So the lady is out to defend some guy that was convicted of murder. And so she's gonna do it through the hatch standard web site yes I think if I was sitting in jail. And I didn't convicted of murder. And I'm counting on this moment. To get me out into raise my defense fund and she calls me insist hey I think they ship is coming and I just bottoms like Johansson malls that's how we're gonna get you off the hook I think getting to third. She you know wet I think she's Lyon and this is just because I watched some old report about her youth and she said. Oh we've got some of her agreeing king and and really just not even though this is going to be a thing. And I think what everybody start but he Donner and say we hate your guts she's like. Does this guy you don't think there is a guy well that might be but she made up at the last minute knock the. Kinda like Google funny thing prime yelled out oh so it's like okay this is for good indeed this is not hoarding for me to make money for myself. Ran an ad that's I mean. Because it's just weird because she goes and newly knew it would be saying one. Thing. People the button it's a pain. No way that. Flight 3000 dollars for the actual human neat. Girl. Literally. You get all the hatch will she cornered the market he jacked up the price and sell up. It just isn't fair but it's nothing you're Canadian can expect kids are going to be pride and that's all they said this is even out done for her because of their right to do that for an increased. It's done for me it got done Elmo it's outdone beanie babies it's a done caverns kids that pitch. Cabbage patch dolls all of it now. I know you might find this a little bit weird but Friday night showed and I were at a Christmas party we were invited to a client Christmas party thing. And us that we go to a city at table we at a taxables conversation that we shot. Yes we we sat there I don't find that weird yet that's on sale we we we talked about had actionable sitting there as we ate the buffs say over and over yet. And and don't understand what's taxable patches. Comes out of the day. Lower you go from there. That's what people are saying is that that kids just rubbed on the old rabbit rabbit rabbit and then a hatch and then the board. That's it it's excitement of the hat tuna the excitement of the head Chia. Yeah and then I mean then it's like defer me I guess inside but then people don't noon here eyes are so cute enough that he Moore it's fair and thinks it's because don't you can relive. Have one cracking your means. It's now she don't I don't really affect you have this weird urges rub on one an avid crackled with. Mean no heat it. Up clap. Little. Lol yeah. Hey man that hatch most aren't so you'll let us know powers commander right at this second I know some barracks. Into each week day mornings on Alex I.