Heinz gravy recall 11/23

Wednesday, November 23rd

Major Gravy recall right before Thanksgiving by Heinz.

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Vijay and Jamie. Yeah I got a feeling a lot of people are really office today don't you I did they took off yesterday yeah yeah I was crazy. I think the airports can be a madhouse today are you flying out today yeah. The I saw they have some some live cams this morning and it was extremely. Busy. Should the reason the biz radio Shubert Reggie Jarrett program Reza let's play our text NATO game whatsoever. If you don't the game where we say something and we give you an example in the text they don't just takes off of all the examples. That kind of funny our argument example we've done that have really been funny all we've done this several times I love is totally out of my usual idea this is great white. And then let me say yeah. And they days of the and then we say some of the extremely funny. Yes just like that I might not have explained it the way you know I don't you understand it at that she nailed an art. Yesterday there was a major recall. Of gravy. I'm not Heinz company that just before Thanksgiving I did well yeah talking about rotten lock. And by the way just you know let and then before you panic about your gravy it's a Heinz pork gravy I believe. And it has other parts in it not bad parts but it won't hurt you Alicia like damn well. But did they put the wrong grade B in the wrong jars. Right she was supposed to be it's a pork gravy jar but it's got like are you. I'll but it says homes fell again it's capped the run and be in there. It which means different ingredients which could be allergic to rabbit there's no glass re caller and the listeria thing like not understood English I gonna have. Have to recall this Greg will let jazz Sox. He got gravy recall right before Thanksgiving so it takes a little game is. It's something an example that is just as bad as that. In times okay. Well a case of his games of the nation 51059 if you wanna participate by 1059 as a Texan we all and gravy. Next did Thanksgiving is blank. Recalling that basketball. During the NBA finals. Is Atlanta art isn't like them. I don't work that our tuxedos 51059. Give us your examples like that I have an idea about I don't example enjoyed your example that's like. No clothes on Christmas. Oh well. I hope takes NATO is a better just in the weed out what it meant that. I know that's likely we call a call holds on Christmas that's the dumbest thing I've. It's the only thing I recall ultimately you can't recall vote no I don't want to the other kids in let you play when I got. I played it once in I don't buy yourself as a kid yeah. It's like it's we'll take a win colleague who's black can't fireworks on the fourth of July. Alia had ads that. It's like recalling a Trojan condoms on Valentine's Huff up. Right now. And a sweater that kids like breaking up with demand lays down as he proposes. Other tips video game the sweeping America is it's his son. I think that oxygen Heinz company able to get all these jars of gravy out there is the rug in the dark and who don't want to play good spot appeared. Yeah somebody. He's got some gins gotta go he's got to go in you don't keep data again lets you. I do recalling hot dogs I the world it's Ole. He's admitted this was our best idea before. No most for Christmas. Yeah we'll come right back. Kid I didn't work yeah. Everything's getting hit. He changed everything Morton's on Alex I.