Hospital vists while in another country 12/07

Wednesday, December 7th

Have you ever had to go to the hospital when vacationing in another country. BJ’s friend broke her leg in Mexico while on vacation.


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Vijay and Jamie and have you ever gone on vacation out of the country. In have to go to the hospital I'd like to know 303222514330322. Alice. End what was the experience like we scared to death have you ever had annexed it. Outside this country on vacation and have to go to the hospital I get this text yesterday. I hope it's OK to say there named. And a my friend or your friends over at American financing. Wouldn't go. But my friends Damien Gandy which can hit it through all of America and that's the perfect. I think we're indication that in Mexico or maybe they were just downer expanding their business. She brokered. She broke her look bad break. But any breaks that's it that's right especially and that's what I say I when he told me off there I'm like oh god in Mexico all. All that is the last place you wanna be sick or broke in order to set anything up. He here's what he says he said he thinks BJ Gabby broke her leg. Kite surfing. And you know what that is actually on a surfboard and you have a pet like this pair should look and thing it's called kite kite boarding. Jeepers it's so that win propels dirt your am surf board in enemy old Angela during and no. I wonder because she got to figure she went to the hospital right so I what are we you'd go into the Mexican hospital where they work. Is it like is my Third World. I don't know being completely at Riviera I don't I don't even know I'd just I'd just like OK that's kinda weird I would tell London Clinton might brace broke my braces on my teeth broke and I realized what I tried to call that concierge nice to let my braces is broken and they did find it. Orthodontist that's. They are digs are deep there this is his. If they ever heard about or is veto it as an attempt to let it you know the truth is now. Didn't and in England that's whether Diebler. You know you write the Al Lexus. We're real that. Don't mean my brother and we went out Arctic my journal march handling it all other door. My brother actually got coming by from drinking the water. And he we connect in a hot little but they're normally let our that they are not my brother and. I wait until we got access the United States can take him and he ended up actually in critical to carry. And turn out the door again they might still eat it with a. Passionate like you're gonna get fleeced yourself and I get. I mean I don't know why it might not be that bad but Katie Pacifica and I didn't the most cut all you have right candy. Think I had. Aren't. In Mexico me you go into the ambulance entry in end rational and encourage action on it and it. A little hole now we're still is. I'm really really. They just I didn't hear it caught senate. When he dollars. And we watch a lot yeah it was well people we had no clue that we locked in the ambulance entrance by. Eight to care that. When he bucks. Or. I have to go didn't do. That it doesn't deal and put that deal with. The I kiddy thing about well he's he's well you know 1 time I am I was in. Mexico with that pain to panacea that's what the content that you can he had really nice pants and and so. I don't know this is an uncomfortable but. We're just really into places called the one and only. And it's a resort and it's really fancy averted that. Amazing until they can't and I were both we both acted very intense securities from Beverly Hills and he's called dancing but rags to get a fancy. So we don't do around each other right. Expensive thing to do the right well you just don't buy us commoners as he would always say like in the morning he'd be like I'm gonna go down the lovely read the paper give that grab a paper which I knew his Coach Brown until then yeah right right. We years of why that was that we are gonna leave the room. Union abandoned hotel you know to him he says. No I'm serious they are not in advance and do that hit it that jar until he as stomach bug in on Mexico than when it what's that called them Brit revenge your site. That would yeah over the gonna assume is yet spend and that boy can not keeping his. Is his stomach and Jack no you know it's it's so a lot of newspapers and I'm. I was so sick athlete and leave the room. He was so sick he's like you just have to you've got to go we gotta I gotta be in here and he's here. It was so awkward and so weird right and so I I believe it and then finally and he's so sick of these in the bathroom like on the floor. Net of stinky and it's I had it costs v.s the pick of the heirs or whatever and they called a doctor and a gash in his butt. They have come to the Arizona and give him a shot at them but yet. And they click he was in the days. I'll never forget that's now into its costs. And it usually involves an old school idea of America I indicated there. Was this an elbow. After about a day. It stores in the light that you can be. They so close with one of the great great story for you let me get my act act and Lisa. Is planning on Lisa. Hi. IE eight pop while in Mexico quite a bit and when here. Our pitcher got hit an eight loans and now of course he has got a hot at all. But they have Mexican hospital and they have American hospital. Hear it in a city that could he be so folks trying to dependent and Manny can have a rich hot early Tokyo and she she eat he can keep the car anymore. I'm not a pretty good god lament. Another friend and another branch they got gored by order. And one other jungle where do you eat. A Mac you can hot metal and she has accused. Huge scar admission now that you've got a friend and court case I have bar. Really it's too you can. The Mexican hot though you rent an area. So I'm like wait she like on a doomed buggy thing and got gored by a more. My god but the again battered Jimmy stories that. About the incidents. Always. And excellence on his pinky for you if you're in really stinky. It was got that shot and earned his law cleared everything out what was it that needle. Each in each week day mornings on Alex I.