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Tuesday, May 1st


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BJ in June. Jimmy's been explaining something to me this morning well not really explaining she is keeps saying you'll get. You don't get any. I don't get I don't get it but I grabbed the piece right here that you're talking about and can. So we'll put it to expand out there get it do you need to get. This year and in the recliner watching Dancing With The Stars the rest of us are living in the now. How gaming I was ought to be granted I was in the recliner but I was all over Twitter yesterday I was over instead Graham I was all over social media. I did not see this at all out why not why that's weird completely caught off guard this morning so let's put it. He doesn't know what this means on the play and then you I'm not I'm not telling him because nothing is so ridiculous he doesn't get it. 5105 dying if you get okay okay or if you don't get to tell that if you don't get here. Her name saying. He doesn't get it and yesterday and it should've been a little tighter than like in the ocean below where it just by itself. They're in there is talking at the very beginning and I you know just it should just be that blah blah blah era against the. I mean name you know I got TI as you thought about the edit yeah yeah yeah. All right there you go up five foot outside the. You all it's crazy and her fame game. When. Do you ever like them when you find out that I'm not gonna tell me is that when you sign hasn't it like oh my god it's so obvious yeah I feel like it is one of those. It could be because I'm such a deep thinker. I might be over thinking. You're not so soccer. I don't get it. Well it's because in seeing eye yesterday was on the walk of fame but they did get a start the walk of fame they did it yesterday it was a kind of a young boys band Dahlia a day because. You know this. Is it true that instinct is the highest selling. Boy band ever in history where you must've heard that somewhere I did hear yesterday and so what do I what I want to be anger lag yeah. I are trying to be honest and accurate on the shelf and we've asked people to bust a subtext NATO when were wrong when make and I heard yesterday that N'sync is the highest selling. The most volumes of any boy band ever in history I wouldn't think that that's the case. I believe at the New Kids On The Block you know that I did because it was so huge. And yeah I feel like it is insular in that I didn't realize that I thought it might be even The Beatles. But where they considered doing what is considered to really pay an arm but the Holy See remain in. These were the young kids these teenagers in sync yesterday at the I guess a walk of fame which he. Guess I was shocked it took so long for and again I ask a star but that's not that's not what I would play in that. Lead out. Her name saying. So that's a great song how Whitney have a friend and they'd. So for example my girlfriend Tina remember how long long time ago when those miners. In Chile were trapped under that the ground you know document that I do remember yeah M remembered he girlfriend showed up yeah that's that's all sort of read it was amazing. So hey Tina comes energies like what do you do and I'm like oh my god it's crazy and trainers and coming out yeah you can now we're gonna tell her she goes what minor. I just shot me revealed don't know it like for example they it's being that you don't know it I. I remember that story completely see I have reach steel trap is broke for a memory I dill. And they're digitally had no minors there were 33 I think trapped underground in the white showed up one of the minus and in the girl that brings to the mysteries heard that one at that her boyfriend was stuck underground in she showed up so there was a fight. At the top of the what is this I'm. Her name Manny any age and doesn't. So just who now you know what it means welcome back to can practice but to me it's just Justin Timberlake. Got a star on the walk of fame. Other net. Clueless. The Canadian. Inch. And more on Alex I.