katy perry is jon benet, Antartic Alien Base, Scalia died with secret society, Trump HW Bush and China

Friday, February 26th


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Vijay and JK Richard Murphy with conspiracy corner lot of chatter on Alice 1059. Along with other people around the globe that Jonbenet Ramsey and Katy Perry are the same person. And the whole Jonbenet Ramsey. Death was just fate so the cheeky continue on her entertainment career and reinvent yourself. If you go to YouTube and goes Jonbenet Ramsey is singer Katy Perry parents give up the and then that'll be enough you'll be able to go unchecked and it's you this guy has to say. Let's just say if there's any credible evidence to that I think it would be appropriate for the Boulder County district attorney's office. To reopen the investigation. That Canada. If you're fed the TV show X-Files. People are actually commenting that the latest episodes that have just come out. Actually a re dealing be Illumina ID planet. There's a story on before it's news in where a retired United States an easy flight engineer. Retired after twenty years service in 1997. Talks about the fact that in the Antarctic there is actually an underground alien base that he actually visited. On several flights. There's a unique issue about the South Pole station that our aircraft was not allowed to fly over a certain area designated five miles from the station at one point we did a medevac mission and we were briefed by some speaks. Intelligent agents I presume. From Washington DC who told them not to speak to the area we over fluke and then in the comment section. A at another ex military person corroborated this guy's story. And said that the same CEOs signed his papers as well as the guys they gave the initial report. He stated what this guy is talking about is true then he's amazed and he is even brave enough to come forward with this information and so much information about himself. He went on to say the great reveal is coming soon. Underground military bunkers with highly advanced technology with beings. That would be too long to discuss the lives in Antarctica. Steve will as a book on how the Nazis in the aliens actually created a base back during World War II. And after World War II the United States launched the armada of ships to go to and Arctic cat and quote unquote got. In a battle with aliens just so you think the aliens aren't the only ones are having fun out there. Dark five ET channel has the five strangest man made disasters. What talked about the death of justice Antonin Scalia died while vacationing they say with a secret society of elite hunters. Define that story in New York news in politics. Apparently a lot of the guess where high ranking members of an exclusive fraternity for hunters called. The international order of saint Hubert us. An Austrian society that dates back to the sixteen hundreds. And the and I did sticker. As we all know Donald Johnston now pushing a lot of people's hot buttons. New York Times columnist Ross. Caused outrage after he joked about how the assassination attempt could end Donald Trump's presidential campaign but as many whack jobs out there I would not be surprised. That's something like that may happen. Because I'm sure the NW loan. The only human not a builder birds are probably not happy. We is Jeb Bush having to stop this campaign because he was posted until someone going up against Hillary. Just like they're not happy that Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz for that matter. I'm still not sure about. Are any of them really is how do we know they're telling the truth we don't. If he had already YouTube truth warriors. As a video out called HW bush does throat cut desk gesture on trump and GOP debate. I think presidential Alex jones' talking about the fact that China has warned the US. After a massive trump victory in Nevada this isn't the first time China has had interest in what happens in Nevada says the Bundy ranch. Deal that was going on. At a Chinese connection in which they were going to be creating a large amount of solar power plants in that area. And needed to Bundy Grand Slam. I'm rich Murphy that's conspiracy corner. Remember always have your back up bag with you and more on Alex.