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Vijay and Jamie have you heard this on one would call with Kid Rock. Don't break my heart in another break your heart out this Skoda recent controversy about 911 operators. OK I didn't kidnapped this Kid Rock she's having a big party over the weekend. This is in Nashville Tennessee. He's got a big party going on it's out this big field as well armed and Holler. And they're shocked when people from buses or other cars back and forth to the cook out. And they're doing and on eighteen base right and what if I guess is best friend kid rock's best Fred is shuttling people back and forth. Late at night either Saturday or Sunday night. The guy as a ranked in the dies. Yep Kid Rock sound is not a Kid Rock finds his body in Coles 91. Wide. And then. When the operator won't just go ahead and send an ambulance ambulance he goes off he goes well and heard it I heard anything about this is unbelievable. And when you listen to it I'm on kid rock's ID year. He got it just seemed an ambulance. A Dicey I honestly I don't know anything about hearing is Kidd rock fight is the body NB ATV. Wouldn't. New. York. Let you know and give it up more and currently. On the road street. Liked the looks daddy. Let. And do. The public why. Do you know how. Web. I don't know the blood libel bit awkward wildly in and look at it that our. Body lay next. I. It. And a you. Didn't like I can pull it out black. I. And how are you yelling at me. Help right away at what point town. Holy calf are in her defense she's Ari typed in all that stuff. They just keep you on the phone so she says in the audio I've not send an ambulance yet because I don't know what's going on she said it accident I. And then she's she refuses to send one until she finds out exactly what's going up when you're ATP and apply I don't know do you got to sit and hand. It's also learn something else I thought it was an ATV like the Ford Wheeler but it's a flare so it's it's a it as a rogue barn eight as it's like a razor you know and then. But it'll dune buggy yeah of the Blair says it's not that formal you know the four will. You don't like that but we had three wheeled and then we may demand a floor that day eighteen you'd like. Oh boy she refusing to sit in the end and he knows without more information I don't get. Heartless and again we'll play one more time point which she even says police he asked about the ambulance she says no I haven't sit. Because I need more information he's already said there's nobody down here. What. The New York. Let you know and give it up and it and error. On the road I think it. Like its looks at. Let. Up and do it. Again. Why. Are you doing now how. We web. I don't know there are multiple. But offered wildly in what would it be better. Body lay an expert but I'm. What a new and got a at heart. And like I can lay it out black. The thank you tell me. Help right away. But walked out. Yes she's a little maddening. If you're in that moment. If you're in that moment during 911 operator he's calling you he's already given you the address there's a man down. He appears to be dead at that point but I am hit the button politics is a button. I am respond now. She even goes all and you know 45 seconds into this audio and says what he would do anything until I get all the information I don't know what's going or not he's already told you there's a million. Because usually what they do is they put in I think is I want sat some of those you know nine when one chose. And they put in the desk and they hit saying they MP you know and then they keep you on the phone so the target that you thru CPR they have to do. Things like that and then they can get more information for the death badge I mean dirty out on the way. But when she said and I didn't hear until that time. I'm not gonna sending yet I need more information ripping its new home alleys and nine when operate though she does yes. Sally. Sally IRR wheels they easier. Carly I'm you don't need a little bit iron on. On what happened let it all computer program and it won't even let you hit it and hit it accurately have not been cremation populated it. Are your nanny the actor you meet one hacked and what someone hacked by our current ala Larry. He says that all. He gives the information he says the address ATV. A man's dead I don't think she knows what lyricists. He said oh let Sally there's a man dead here's the address. I am a iron. She sounded mean you're cute maybe a little bit you know are unsure its own is really art under. And you know. I mean she she shouldn't senator I'm not standing. And I don't think she should and that. I don't. I'd like never understand that we do need to let the actor actually Lanka and we have to have been hit the actor too I mean he's having me. And then a phone number and then and then you are giving their instructions. And your parents are. Eight I would be going crazy if my son was in an emergency situation I said. You know five but it's midway road and you are like you know I have a hard time please wouldn't. If you look up and caught I'm that this he has to do that. I'm would we be worried that it's your protocol under our secret agency. Mostly there are pretty it's. Aren't good these they are agency's use. This clip that I played forty is 56 seconds I edited to say it goes further than that. It's like two minutes and at a minute and a half to two minute she still has us in an ambulance we know. Now this does he still have a heart or maybe. Yeah because in he goes off I mean he's cussing sit in an ambulance at that point you just hit sand aren't go to this address or something bad happened a year that's the way I see it now I don't know the protocol so maybe I'm wrong on this. I don't know but I feel for a guy this time the body heat. In the. And I'm looking at some lunch assailant entered by a child I don't know 80 a exe. Sally hold on to make toll disagrees with the pilots go to junior but expect. Jam. Yeah you just heard Sally you heard the 911 call what do you think. I'm so how the systems work it they're there there's a call taker in a dispatcher. And the second that gay cock and then whether it's fire related or police related. That person enters and medical needed. There other person get the location figured out we're going to be and what you'd need to be dispatched. And eight instantly get dispatched on an unknown problem. And their evil outlook were to get an additional and at that point and that's when the call Icrc is getting more information about what aspect. So you don't have to have that address twice in the phone number and and at a certain amount of about fonts in the system before it exactly what yet occurred. Note note heaters are now okay they need a medical also bet that that dispatcher Lucas separate person. Dispatch out the appropriate unit so that location. And then says you're getting gets bad start and had no problem and at that point time you start your eagle out. And while you're driving to the scene. They'll come up big key over the radio and say. Whatever you do it standby for additional information. I'm not siding with a anyone on this but I can certainly understand kid rock's frustration. For her right in our. I mean I'm no city she's a bad nine when I learns that he's cease fire and she's China I don't know I don't. Getting real. She can't she can't that are bringing in with with Kid Rock. And good. Let you know and mile club and currently. On the road to treat it like the looks to be daddy. Lift it up there and do it. Again. How would like I'll let. You know how it went into. I don't know but look at my political talk bluntly and at what would it be diet. Body lay next month. I'll. What. I knew and did you. Not. Still hasn't. We're 45. Seconds into this that gives him and he goes on for a couple minutes if she still was instantly warn that when he's already said. I've got a body year I don't I got an accident here's the address in the blanking ambiance I gotta have an ambulance now I use so frustrated with him like he went to hug him like. Carl I heard this last night and I'm sitting there thinking to myself which is we need to go and just do your job hits in the go ambulance send it to this address gul warned us. Tell them that you have just to calm him. You know I mean actually part of the protocol I think is like I have help on the way. But let me just get a little bit more information to help is on the way I've seen in Cheney's weekday mornings on Alex. I.