Last chance to get Bills DNA 11/4

Friday, November 4th

On the hunt for Bill Clintons DNA to prove if Danny Williams is Bill’s son. Intern Peter has his lint roller are on a mission. Plus talking the election and who’s going to win.

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Vijay and Jamie look I know you're losing your patience with me but but. Let me just finish this up very quickly here in turn Peter it's here. Not a looking Lindsay who else. Hair. About it handled that really good debut. You'll be today I'll sprayed it on the walk. Yeah I. Get beside anybody anything and it doesn't there be anything. Derrick Rose yeah he's a spring and eight. Followed Colorado the mile high city or use hot guy. A little bit. OK so here's what we need we need. Bill Clinton DNA is in town in week when the idea I love the whole what's it called little brush yet we're eleven breasts Bill Clinton. And it's a lot I love it I love it because we want all look. Shortly desolate brush right oh. All the girls to show you that's an area for Roland if you are so we take the roller again slowly take Bob Pontiac is it's got those stick and one that was part of the problem with Chelsea a couple of days later that she picked up 8000 hairs and then Lida and lasagna on there right. We got to do it right if we're gonna do it folks. Plastic bag it and get up to men and what that role of doc the reason we want this is because this what's being called the blacks on the Bill Clinton does Dini Williams who it. His mother's a hooker. And build used to go on runs through her. Where mark my short little tired ready or did they are a bill down the street and Arkansas. They're she'd buy out there on the card and I'd ever and we go into the bush. Is the chief of age. Bill's vague. That's what you say he's so if we and I have taken in I don't care what we're the other I had to really doesn't matter I think the kid needs to add lol well I just you're speaking out of the app Bob asked her gal asked your kids I grew up without a dad so I know I'm allowed to -- at that I mean looking bastard pretty much yeah. Bastards here okay that oil that I don't. Named to that slowly get it. Yeah yeah our little bastard will blast that's made it okay looked. The kidney didn't that is. No problem right so I'm did you know that it genial guy are the two people would come up with the DNA that gets this proven or disproven it doesn't matter one way or the other. But if we are at the show that does that we're gonna get national. Maybe even world exposure. The BG GB morning show uncovers. Danny Williams true daddy. Oh my god Clinton I might even get on outlets that guy's name with at night. The moon crews yeah no I'm TV a TV on TV you know when it's his name. I was going to can move. And executive power. And her cholesterol yeah. That we sold so lesser of the interview and a strike will have a bad day daily links between extra and and we'll have the DNA sample I'm glad the report. An odds a workable here. Without batting. You know what a moment that would be returned to stand in cash when we hit so much publicity it would put issue over the top. You really Williams is sad this is that he swears to god that Bill Clinton is his dad and that they did it. I DNA tests against a long time and then they lost a result I mean he does work out for a long time he sure has yet been and he says it all look at the pilot. Like him he looks just like today I mean identical welcome communal east African American but. But bill's not right but they looks just like yeah. So are always have your picture it turned Peters can go out where's the event Jones. I today he's going to be in gander at the expo center all right so let's get injured Peter uglier the we just don't fall fire well I know aren't they yeah. What's Peter yes I'm here. Art Peter. Wish god Peter the depressed and tired they'll call me Peter skiddie he's just tired of hate Peter yes sir you understand the mission today yeah. Merit and that is to get the name of Bill Clinton aren't and that you do that Peter bodies in the league. Roller brush thing you're gonna roll Clinton are in the world news. This stretch of the brain and I'll be careful though say funeral Clinton you'll have the Secret Service and your liberal we're gonna let it roll yeah. We got them in the U gonna bring it back we're gonna find out of the daddy do you think this kid is bill sons. I looks a lot like him. They. Are ready. They. Right mr. Peter the granted only Peter increasingly. I can't wait isn't there Aaron. Around isn't Bill Clinton also going to Fort Collins or somewhere. Yes he will be at the new Belgian brewery this evening and for Colin can. On the weighted Peter song. Eyes on the latest as the spark. Know. I don't know where neither I'm in a lab in their lags and I'm always in the passenger seat here that I get there now. Just like you don't you guys and girls but it's a funny thing would girls would need drive with you know Maine right you you don't even know I had to get. You will all shined taxes. He writes past as you say that you can relate can't. So you don't know how you got that pitching it just drives right exactly I know you're not paying attention it's weird and labor. All right well. Entered Peter is gonna do his he'll stay with the Bill Clinton's so hopefully we get the DNA that we're looking for him we can either prove or just proof yet that this this guy he is the son of Bill Clinton. What if it turns out. What if it does turn out that this kid. He is Bill Clinton son he would be Chelsea's brother he'd be a part of family fortune right. Just tell you at this point me honestly first of all inventiveness. But hearing last week I thought I was in the bag for Hillary. I thought I was all of for drug because strategist said some really stupid things and then all that. Access Hollywood Entertainment Tonight Kraft came out and then where people are disgusted with men. And so I was like OK Hillary is Glenn and I did it my head that she won in that and moved on my life. Well then not being yeah and volleys with. This whole Clinton foundation crabs come out but now I saw today I am really know if this is true that go to Gloria all red. Paid that one victim who said that dad Donald Trump Sam didn't lewd things debt to our right. That Gloria Allred is a democratic supporter and made that girl 500000 dollars to speak moment. So what I'm saying is good that's a leg that was in the bag bag and then. Does bagged up at that was done deal yet snapped at that was all there was in the bag yes. And then now they're calling Clinton a volley into the way her hand goes like this if they say it's a neurological. Lord does orderly room which is rooted. You wouldn't shock me if this guy that loses kids. I swear that would anything shocking now. I think seedings I think so I think it's his kid you do I don't think man you say that the seizure is nobody I seriously think it is you do you haven't heard. You ever heard Bill Clinton. Or Hillary Clinton publicly get on a microphone and state I am not that cute spot he. Relations what that I know I just save you haven't hurting dude. And please believe me anyway or Matt I do not have relations with that woman coming up to you look Riddell the more it doesn't look good and they live makes up. It's a quick follow Obama was slow mugger of like there's any shorter. I think south he rim firehouse a lot to these uncharted time I don't know it's dark meal ticket you know like I personally get one free. I don't know that could change I don't know but not actually a little surprised me but I think good tax. Keep in mind today is Friday Friday Saturday Sunday we get back here on Monday we will be 24 hours away. From this all being overweight I think for me. I don't know what your most shocking moment is that for me the most shocking moment. Is acts on the Internet is such real. I'm so that they were shine in up the Wiener mobile has it taken Hillary to prison in the Oscar Meyer Wiener who Nokia ball that was me as symbolism Jamie that was simple offensive that was me getting on aftermath of Wiener mobile Medicare president that symbolism you are appalling. It's important to.