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Wednesday, May 16th


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Vijay and Jamie. Clearly. Yeah moral. When he went just. Same audio clip. That's a year and that's laurel. But when you light earlier I heard you say that's to say they will I. Not doctored it all Betty. That is it art so weird this is on the Internet has good event. Did you have you any or lower Alan Alan you know what's funny is as soon as he started saying something I I started picking up the. Who are only I well I actually sent but listen. Something has happened since we first heard the audio clip that you played it yet and I don't know if our compression in our headphones changed or something because now I hear lower. Let's explain. It's army entered and yet it's still behind you entered area. Well I'd. I didn't. Yes so people here either yeah Annie world the world and and it's just from a blogger because her friend her the world to make her Guinea that dress. Wherever it was colder blue Leo what color of the dress and everybody it divided the Internet and. Yes. I guess they're saying now is if you listen. In a high pitch you hear yeah Annie. If it's in a low pitch appear more sensitive to look at it sounds and you'll hear laurel yeah. Now you hurt you any idea for it's there now you're hearing tomorrow which is weird I don't know for processing just kick didn't I don't know the weirdest thing. I deduct it from the very beginning from the very first time I heard it it's a laurel all the white I don't even yet I don't even comprehend how eager you any luck don't get it. Ben an island. Heard was Gianni and that's honored as DNE Annie Lee could even. I think you're kidding when you said you heard laurel you know I got that you're playing me like yeah my ego like how am I got until Laura and I that you're getting like yeah right. So Il in mole cop bad yes and you guys heard any in the very beginning Shaw did I clearly here lower right Shaun yes you don't hear anything else that's all I here's laurel okay. And so we were divided but now you're hearing you completely different in which is weird that's bizarre and if so what that is that's. I thought he changed our political etiquette and 51059. Is takes me to. And what an original right there. That's not something on to switch out and I think that the credit if you saw me. I don't know what you guys did you did something computing for America's Jewish you can. The interview this is the original this is what Apple Tablet and it's the same what it looks he what you hear now yeah. It's well. Yeah that's crazy that's so. Weird. Yeah I GAAP I and whatnot and the blame here and I hear it anymore scarce. I haven't exactly hit it I. A 100% lower if so are all yeah. And so on the now I'm and I. They again this is crazy it's as yen is high pitch laurel is located so you guys must be more Basie people. In your minds your your your models much anymore basin mine must be more trap and I hit a skiing even comprehend. Well yeah I can't encountering in the laurel either so you did for a second well at that time it. We'll see you at least at least experienced both yeah. Out because they're saying that some people here vote. Really in the article it says okay it says right here in the big question is what do people here at laurel or why do people you're yet any although there are people better hearing both it's just how they here. So he's. That was weird for me connect you know I guess you could get out of laurel or eat any. Yeah any laurels. Yeah unity can he be our own it's yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Actually not yet. Yeah. This makes you want to hurt you real or bash. He's all I hear is that an old sound good they are lie at all. Funny yeah and then he goes on like that. Billion is they can truly amazing. Laurels. And Loral. Loral. Loral. Yeah world. Yeah. Laurels. Loral. Loral the OK look. Into everything and more on Alex I.