little girl snached by Mountain Lion. 8/15

Monday, August 15th

Family on a reunion camping trip spot a mountain lion it ran off from camp and a little while later a 3 year old girl is grabbed and the cat tries to carry her off. The mom yells at the lion and gets her kid back. The lion was tracked down and killed. The family returned to the camp sight to finish their trip.                       

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Vijay and Jamie did you see the story of the four year old little girl that was snatched by a Mountain Lion I did not all he Laura. Yeah his nose Idaho. Idaho. In Idaho. A family was now. They got my math in my head and kept a kid now north appears at Montana if it's right there yeah okay got to the family was out campaign. The little girl in the the rest of the Stanley are eating. And in the spotted a Mountain Lion and they shoot seem like such a hairline any took off. So late. They're sitting there and they just try to sue them and they still continued to eat yet. I'm online today not really kill people well according to a report I get my car and I take off I find a ranger. The scene. And let's see the girl named Chelsea with a mother and siblings and cousins were eating dinner when he saw the Mountain Lion and nearby the line and ran off. After they shook. No when he didn't give a second thought shortly after. You know you have evacuate places after they seen a mailing you know where it can't plus land is you know whatever it's public to know or North Pole right. Well and they shot Mountain Lion along the path and they evacuated that the old park the name bargaining shut off the path. I think in Idaho though I had to get Idaho dead people look at mountain lions is just you know you did this did Keating Tia. I again don't know like and it I think carrying or did get terrified but they get Idaho it's just like a lot Everett and right I domesticated cat said they didn't give it a second thought. Not long afterwards. The mother put her four year old girl into a tense for a nap. Took her six year old Alton who would she go to the bathroom. That's when she heard screaming the Mountain Lion had returned gone in the panting got the girl before your little four year old. Am not an Lincoln and Mario or year old model and now it's it was just three child endangerment. I mean you know there is a mountain lion in the area would or does it go with the territory of. Can't. In my opinion you see amount mind you pat W get that Allen dodge does get as well as wander around with him for some. The kids can be okay that the family tracked down on the amount lining got a kid back. This whole story is wireless analysts are looking to sit back permit and I mean I can't pumpkin right yeah it did. You ask me how we job. The math online have you have my theme if you eat your sandwich in just kick back a minute and listen so OK maybe it's you know it's your presentation. Tells it's parents say angels were watching over their four year old when the Mountain Lion picked her up during a family camping trip Friday. And in their first on camera interview. They tell me heavenly help ease the reasons she's alive today she's got scratches on her late o'clock on her arm on her back she's got a big one point. Rumor. To eat food that's gonna move the court or grass you. Think that rules. The cat bit her on the side and trade the pick her up and drug her a little bit. But it's like it couldn't picker upper didn't have a good hold so that let go and then it put its partner to you know get a better grip and then it. We were screaming at running towards the Mountain Lion drops Kelsey and took off is cure picked up her little girl she's. Cleaning to be screaming sobbing and I knew rule. You just have this comfort and they knew that she was OK and I felt like angels were there protecting her hole. She's lucky she's lucky that blue line did it have a hold honor or he wouldn't track drove to do woods they would never found that. So you shouldn't camp on a regular basis yes he's a Mountain Lion walking around a campsite what it. I think I packed up. I is no way I can get into it taint and sleep knowing that it was out there and crap after its bottom apple let me correct she's in a way I don't even think I packet. I thought took the equipment's not. Ask or at least good compared to my life. I would Jamie I don't they got packed up I think I think I immediately did in my vehicle and get the heck out of there especially if I got our kids again yeah. In four year old and a ten and they don't listen I'm not. There's an. And my mind I guess I ambling. Icy Mountain Lion I don't put my four year old child in the tenth after seeing the Mountain Lion and take my six year old into the war and and go home and spinal canal just you have kids it's not right we're tracking nice. You just spotted a mountain line here you go tracking into the woods. With your six year old. He had with then I hit a favorite child. That can't tell us from anywhere well it's probably kill you know than we did take out everybody in the box that's fit. This lady should be kind of looked at the end of this year we remove engagement those kids. You know it happened to me was not the smelling thing but when Tyson was really really little we rented a house in in Lake Tahoe up against the national forest yet. Well there's nothing it said. Bears have been spotted in this area B where the well I was blocking my son along the path now this is in the national forest where the house just backed up right to the big trees and their walking in their just a little ways Ani the toddler. And I look at that I really I have a life dressed as a piece of salmon. Acrobat dot I picked up I think you don't tell little weasel walking into these kind of in the light pink like even though the little boy. All the same name is colored like little snow suit wanted to mom. Well there's no. And I want the way to get sent. I think that's you don't them bears in this area warning. And basically bought that gone because. Have about walking reasons why didn't you just couldn't sprinkled station I saw. Yeah dogs and yeah so you really have to bet on what I don't I'll help. Each in Jeanne we see more on Alex I.