Mayor Hancock calls to talk Football! 9/8

Thursday, September 8th

Denver's Mayor Hancock called in this morning to talk about the NFL Kickoff celebration that is taking place here in Denver today. But instead Jamie talked to him about the date she went on with his friend. She asked the Mayor if he would say sorry for her.


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Vijay and Jamie. What would you like my that was born well when we got boom and what's that they are doing on the air. Well he's colonies just making he heard you guys talking about the affable celebration and so they've made all the sneaky guy you like to speak to the manner in which are. Talk to. We'll talk to the mayor Jay. Absolutely a gets some in this important on our show what it's not let's ask yourself that. Our would be fine for something or isn't it like is he do penance you see it it's not a matter of somebody else right. It's clear it's his secretary has gone right now and you're getting is inclusive it's in Marion is gonna create a monologue remember the last time we saw Mary Hancock. Well we signed an 88 heart rate I'm sorry I it's his communications director it's an bribery. It was somewhat industry that we saw him and we saw the these idiots police chiefs and remember we saw pictures mean everything. Right now I did exactly a lot of easy mullah giddy about the bat well liked the fact the mayor calls us we didn't try to tracking down and she decided it. June time I did nothing I was deciding how we just have to wait to show our entertainment report yeah. Bullet and I didn't know I incidences. Here's the thing and try again here. I know the mayor's best friend you know and the mayor is best friend doesn't like me at all. The mayor's best friend there's no like Q and all who would that be the guy when Allen remember and I are at all. The only after the guy where you guys hit too many drinks before noon yeah yeah yeah guy and that guy yeah. It's his best and I don't think that guy went back considered something to the mayor or do I hear. Here's what I would have a here's what I think happened is that he probably still listens to the show making sure I never mentioned his name again are also Sumi. And down because the as a is is tyranny and it's allegedly. It's nice putts actually right now it. You think some. It was that bad how well. Yeah at all as I think that's the one where you were at the table on the need decided after a couple drinks to go to the bathroom take you broth and come back out problems yet but behind. You know I thought it would be really hot and then it was in the general record of himself he didn't he didn't eating your record and now her as me all like who you're doing your way to. Here you're protecting and heating drink and I agree he does not drink like ever. Hi Gary Jamie lightly and nothing. Nothing in tennis the way it keeps coming only one off coming on what would clinch on Easter. I call back I am trying to call that he. Yes. Soul not working all the sudden they're like oh wait that's O'Donnell. And I'm not you can't blame me I did that's my I know that that's I'm asking you think that's really what the problem was he's when he's not can be injuring and we're calling back. Tony. He uses in his act together right now but I suggest it's a life I have talked insurance won't. You should I have to admit he's he's shown right now when he's on the ropes here. And feel bad for the poor kid in the port. You hear from this post is a bit there's nothing on in these talking. Does she said we have the mayor although I'm well I don't I don't want to and how when they did yeah it. I'd son being content sorry. I'm modestly this is as some sort of a trick that make me look even worse so. Argument so. You work so did he does have a number I did I dial in dial and dial and what happened why got a voice mail that said this is Jana. Communications secretary I. Yeah I was so it is her neck and she's not poking you have she's saying well I. Don't know. Not if you're if you're claw back and it says the boys now that this isn't he says you're not being pumped. OK well then how can she keeps an army. Good morning hours. Let's listen and I. Okay great up which on hold our radio on hold. Who's that that was Jenin the communications secretary she says she has Mary Hancock. A scoop and at this. Didn't we turn off public to get us out. Here are mr. mayor. What about. The man who's this job getting out on here this morning. Your argument are you guys are are are you gotta pay your phone bill down there. He keeps Indianapolis this is mr. mayor thanks so much for calling her show this morning appreciate it. Oddly my pleasure are you all doing this. We're doing great we're fired after the Denver Broncos you have any idea who you're talking to him. No. Oh way to be mr. mayor thank god if you're assisted didn't tell you that your calling the BGG in the morning Joseph Vardalos. No you did actually thought she did tell you she did OK your your SI though that there aren't you know Elvis. Nat yes there are argue at the big celebration already. Not yet know and down its sports authority during a lot of media. You imagine that is that a national spotlight right now but I'm very proud of the city's racial and right now. Is this series being with excitement sort slight. What I read you said national spotlight because earlier this week my cohost stayed here Jamie white along the producer shot. I was trying to gear or you reiterate to them how important it is to be on the national stage tonight with the NFL is it not. Well absolutely clear international. Game everybody is watch out. But I get the rematch of course the story around the Tucci who just completed Super Bowl desolate excrement to bilk you and that and then junior had to kick off the I think America's export. With regards to the lead the national football so everybody is locked in their glove excitement going. Right if it's a huge game Super Bowl match up last year where we won there the world championship or Super Bowl championship. And you know you're gonna get thousands of people doubt park today starting what 10 o'clock. Jack Black I was docket it's on the security personnel they're they were I mean are already at 5 o'clock this morning to get into the so far so. We do wanna encourage or low apology on the line. That tell you ever want to get done this particular Parker Sri activity with great cops that starts tonight airport thirty but the park is open. As victory clock and again Derek Jorge good gains and good food entertainment and then get ready for the game. Denver mayor Hancock on luck to you later I also heard that getting from civic park over to the stadium to those fans they better hit play and why and what you gonna do. Yeah Uga players such a beautiful but he can literally walk this stadium. Sorkin you're Haas and Craig are predicting street bought into the bill. Clearly. Hello around school and I can little grass school over it mr. mayor can can I ask you quick question here and it's got nothing to do all I really appreciate you calling. Are there any rumors floating around about Jamie wife Demi you're. You don't you don't know somebody draw this somebody in your office knows her real well and I just wanted to know two Nancy rumors floating. No well. Round. Now with your buddy Wimbledon this is her name doesn't and it's only as saying I went out with them and has dug a you can you taxi just about we are out and it didn't go well. It has not brought out new single at all again and let the don't know what I'm noted interview him all caught up to the company is not exactly what happened I'll give you can't think it's got something due to do with drama and and I drink eat and drink but I drink like I'd gotten away I was shot twice and I wasn't Jamie that we all know and love. It. Oh my god yet update to the dug your best story. We tell because you're right I know there is shocking but it won't return my call. Sorry. I apologize for us. We're arrogant content delivered it that you get there aren't thank you mayor have a great day go Broncos. Are you about it yeah. Got the word and aren't now I feel I feel like that he's gonna cold. The AG deathly slow to DUG yeah he's gonna call in and we're gonna work December. I get called for do you G. Isn't humor about. I think he's yeah he's looked a lot of all communication only to have blood but you have to admit I mean out of nowhere this morning. His phone rings and it's the mayor Greg at equity UG answered Mary Hancock you don't Gerri we really sorry about that match. Current pizza. They apologized he hates that. And grants so that might the leg will not talk to me I. To me a yeah that it went I Italian could put us. Great dad took the mayors could apologize Florio I have heard that mayor promised experience. Let's try this again. Thank you Shaun that getting that Sean yeah sorry was still hard to an Iowa. Well no I was an enemy it was hard it was hard it was tedious. My friend well ask you can't go my friend it DG says he's a great act. And it's like you're right Bob Lanier every time I met this guy did a couple times. Probably three or four yup he's been great thesis to impair theory very Smart. A very intelligent guy like him he's personable well he relied I think he does a lot to Denver I really do. He does a good job apologize. You know did he would be great for an apology. I think DGs to B a religion that I think if you would call connect cheat me out bribery scandal in the. That one hour I mean it was literally. One hour and it was ugly Barca who appointment. A member like you listen to what happens here. Maybe even thought that the mayor you have the apology let. A totally missed the is he I think we think it's funny that you didn't. It looked no it's gonna be different than coming from the mayor and yeah so it's almost like a proclamation that the you have to forgive her. From the matter it's exactly deadly I like it. And boy you ruined things so quickly so. Why aren't I don't think you can die at did you fix things today. I think that day you ruin things but today would get hot we met them a lot of made it's year 2000 Daniel that I shouldn't drink vodka anymore you know. Again Milligan of the month and then I stopped the cookbook. So I used it works. And I never got that bottle. Normally the guy you realize that this is not the right path you're on yeah. You wake up the next day and go clubs I think it I'm on the right path to be another drank it. It did it takes awhile and I were really kicks in that OK this is a bit act and act. Yeah vodka makes me drugs he and it's weird but yes content via. And brawl. Pretty much anything in the liquor store makes me drop it can draw a lesson in their brawler so yeah and a look at. Each in each weekday morning John Ellis I.