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Thursday, October 19th


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Vijay and Jamie have you seen only a conspiracy during out of Washington DC. What's that. It's not the real mole on your trump. Trash at. Now that president dear I'm get a pass to storage because sometimes you don't believe my wacky it is yeah here's the story. Malulani at trump would she shows up would Donald Trump in the Rose Garden stands they're says nothing that's not her. Is not a lot of your trump using up body doubles. And appeared you could do they have the like. It's like get up my glasses and a straight couple so yeah also missing is a mustache. Can theories conspiracy theory is yeah. They're rest are suggesting that bloody job has a body double who appears lawns of the president public them wearing a fake nose and giant sunglasses. No. That it. Statement that that presidents trump me. Yet last I guess that's. Well here's what he says here's what is it a guy who's. Pushing this now a lot of people jumped on board because they say those two pictures are not the same person yeah. And we'll put to senator FaceBook page. But I guess during a speech on Friday standing in the rose guard. Trump standing there Gilani is next to him and he says something like I'm here with my wife. But La idea who happens to be right the year. The fact that he pointed it out so obviously. Mean she's somewhere else reeling right here six Israelis have at it again but closeup PC around the glasses you can see the fake notes. Yeah. That's what they did nothing notes hysteria run knows those are not to say nowadays. So it's hard it is and knows it taxes that's. Yeah that's what they're trying to get designing it's that and that's why I said also missing is that must actually happened on that Clinton right now I took that may explain the last it was so weird to see Donald Trump and money at. Because he actually shook her hand when she walked up to the podium I sowed doubt that was the body doubles as well. The banking concern writer right right I was like why are you shaking your wife the end it was the weirdest thing ever. I don't think they use a body double except for when they're in bed but. I don't think they used whose card now I am happy marriage and this is that means they I think maybe in the bedroom there. They hid the body dialing them things they sleep together. I'd say that they have somebody loosely considered for now I just think that I mean and sleeping at all like at I think she did in the Lincoln better value. Yeah the other there. Made them. This is crazy we'll put the pictures on her FaceBook page it's it's something crazy every day last year they were all saying that Hillary had a body double in the Amazon. Tonight there's a lot of body doubles yeah I remember that Wilkins we remembered that she was too sick to go anywhere vision embodied a Nokia is waving. Now. In. More on Alex I.