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Thursday, February 25th


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Vijay and Jane I. Are clearing. Long flat stretches. Of the inner state of all debris trees for some unknown reason you know in the interstates were first created by Eisenhower they goal was to have those long straight stretches of the interstate as emergency landing strips for aircraft deserve being transported across the United States. This story on the all news pipeline titled why it was a completely blacked out military chopper. Sitting on the median strip of a Texas highway at 3:30 in the morning pretty interesting read crazy photography to. Is it true by the photographs real and done now but the definitely make an impact. Seems like I'm talking about planet X a lot and there's another video out there you might wanna check on YouTube CIA agent exposes planet X very interesting about what he has to say to be on the planet X and W root storyline there's three videos out that they say they've cotton imperious tail on camera. Says the bureau still has been seen as a shadow in the clouds on February 18 two when he sixty. Our own little Milky Way perhaps. You view a tally to watch Susan come to your own conclusions. Hey if you're running first space aliens and I wanna go to the for its news and check out the story mother ship appears in Russia New Mexico's Stockholm Brazil. DD you know how much in the video. Kinda looks fake. Maybe it's not as X-Files say the truth is out there. This whether or not we believe that are great story out there called 33 fax. About America. That most Americans would be shocked to learn I highly recommending you take the time to read it first off did you know that if you have no debt. And have ten dollars in new wallet you are wealthier than 25%. Of all Americans. No dead and a ten dollar bill. 25%. Think you kids have been exposed to a lot of violence did you know that by the time an American child reaches the ages eighteen. That child will have seen approximately. 40000. Murders on television. And if you think our relations with a Russia's gone bad. This kind of seals a deal according to one recent survey 81%. Of Russians. Now have a negative view that the United States that's much higher than at the end of the Cold War. For those of you like to play in the conspiracy it'll obviously you're listening to this but. There's a very interesting story titled conspiracy are 125. Dead scientist seven ET dead bankers and three actually counted for dead journalists. All relayed it. Add to this list the large number of homeopathic. Doctors. Who are passing away. Whether it's natural causes or they're being eliminated. Now with conspiracy crew loves to debate that one and if you go to the Steve Quayle web site. Blew it up the next hop. Right hand side you did scientists. And they have a laundry list. From 1994 to 2003 in the 242015. I'm sure that they'll be adding more to that for 2016. And trying to figure out. What is the common thread or what was the investigating. A researching. And why those scientists have passed away. And as the weekend comes in the funeral of Antonin Scalia. Former Supreme Court justice. Happens this weekend with. As it stands right now no attendance by President Obama. Which is actually the first time ever a sitting president has. For god and attending a funeral of the Supreme Court justice first time. Continues in the Sicilian mafia through a few militants in the past just to leave. Instantly so unexpectedly. In dis respected by president. There's a story on the Internet even the mafia is angry about the death of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia. It is a little history about still Lee is. Family heritage from Sicily. And why the mob is a little accident scenes from some things to progress. Here's something crazy about Anthony Scalia. The go to the Dave Hodges common send shell. He says the cartoon Family Guy in 2007. Episode predicted scalia's death while did this. On a quail hunting trip. It is exactly. What happened done done done. Conspiracy theorists are now seeing this is just another example of the predicted programming that is stunningly accurate. A Ellis Richard Massey Austin conspiracy gonna reminding ilk don't vehicle must always had embargo back late yet. Up each and morning. I.