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Vijay and Jamie. You know that this is Jamie because. Now no no no. Might be right but all right go from Illinois have got joining. I hate the cubs what I gotta tell you know I'm from Ellen and there are so you wait minute I mean don't too late that got no will be back to this football thing in the second. It caps. The cubs from Illinois. EU cubs fans that are on FaceBook are driving me nuts simply because. You didn't see anything with the cubs until now no one would I didn't know him playing imported I didn't know their peak exactly at. Exactly yeah you can't follow you are all the bandwagon now know why and I didn't know they were playing I don't you didn't I didn't you said cubs this is that no. You for five years had a cab he had no but now all of our started dragging the million more of a St. Louis Cardinals fan because they're closer to Lesnar is I'm from something about your current. And so I'm wearing a cubs fan but. But what happens in these sad at the very bottom of Illinois like we touched intact he word twenty minutes from Kentucky. So seamless is only two hours a place we I'll go with cardinals because that's the game's lingo city room where Chicago's seven hours away Italy so we're not dance but. Today I warn you and your big cubs fan today custom in the World Series and teach you don't know I'll jump on me after my pin where he is amazing to me I wish it was like overnight simply and they beat the Dodgers in the got into the World Series. Everything went from bashing Donald Trump. On to FaceBook to cubs led the cubs win cubs way and I'm from Illinois I can. I'm pretty up and play ball like a book god I hate you can't defense. I everything that I never had a single as cardinal jerseys into the little kid and that an erratic jobs and even when did you notice I'm like now amicably fan. Let me ask you cubs question exactly you can hear Ed Greg guy she really feels. But that's an ornament questions. We even easier or I'll. It's all making it easier for you I run Bagram. Win is the first game of the World Series. To me that I am glad you and ask let me come uncertain World Series your Armageddon is the first team well. Let's play that it is. Seen here yes Joey Google's board yeah. And you look at this green it's Tuesday night tomorrow night at what a way to go against Cleveland shortstop clogging up stop origin in Cleveland Indians there. The question for you sure. When's the last should stop. Stop day. I get my I don't know that you might think at that. Actually seeing a bit of a state and she is. They aren't engineered let and is done it saying it was the last time the cubs were in the World Series. 1956. Rahm fifty former rum what that we are at 45. Cent after. Scott. He didn't nail would you it was a long time at least I didn't say last year it was a long time to win is a lack. Last time the Chicago Cubs were world champions. Aaron Allen and I'm not sure and Atlanta and I. But Tito sixth grade in 1907 in nineteen LA idealism and of news somewhere. Have no idea yeah yeah he's cubs since then he has you know I don't even know what Blair's name you see so you'd holds. How does your right there about there's like a Billy this is their Billy. God I I don't know where the people here are indexes Monday Night Football they teach you here. Gonna play this way did you hear Scottie Pippen. Butcher the net the take me up out of the ballpark. When it let you know they always do it to seven dating miss cubs fan yeah you would know this right yeah because Kerry Kerry did it. Date stop yeah I mean there was me. It's a very Kerry was an announcer OK you always got drunk with a yeah either of their iron a rare. Now I yeah I can. And I thank you if it art Scottie hit it was the guest so anger. Court date they deem would day beat the Dodgers and got into the World Series. Here Scottie Pippen man he butchers who say they say it's a worst ever count ahead with the rules bar once don't know. Excellent track here Scotty did in Chicago that. Yeah now on those in need your help OK. How about it well and I. And and then men yeah Google. Wow. The reason they're even me out dude. Yeah. Don't. I didn't. I don't Ernst and it's. An. Easy out and we'll. Because there. Yeah. And it at all. You know he's put her divorce easily Chicago kid and it's a given his child or any had divorced after twenty years of marriage so I'm sure is head's not in the game right. I western yeah Bardot feel. Back to Monday night for the Broncos take the next semi retired as yeah yeah you do then yeah it'd be ashamed to you know that. 10 PM Colorado gal and everything you know everything did you try to come back we'll try to come back people we can do this tonight we take you to believe rocked us why now. I want you to believe. Believe in the Mac you can do you know brown come the proposed. Monday Night Football tonight Broncos in the assume we'll be right texts. Each in each weekday mornings on Alex I.