New Years Celebrations for BJ and adult diapers. 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd

New Year’s Eve celebration in New York was cold and people had to line up like 10 or more hours early. The big news was that a lot of people wore adult diapers this year.                


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Vijay and seem so happy all it's what the eighteen everybody that's the Iraqi New Year's Eve did you watch you know which put him is that what about rocket New Year's Eve is the one that saw enough I don't know what channel it's on but it's it's the Ryan Seacrest. Americans now and then you have the because everybody was talking imagining the cart. The thumb that and that her face looked weird yet that's the rocket New Year's Eve and they IC I know that with the guy I got a fight with he's got big teeth. Isn't it yeah. Is. He did when he does daily feud. Well Steve Harvey he had one in right he did it with them and in Desmond in boosts. I didn't see that when I just saw where is being covered under social media and she got married and she got married on Gonzales has. It's kind of weird his infidelities I can't see it and I feel bad for 'cause she just a brain cancer and so your mom's so god bless her and called. I am I turned this in turn be on you work out piano again what I do is I'd say who that was cheesy but then I say oh good god bless her Munich and writes that. Like that's okay. Yeah it's great to notify and what should have. Am Anderson Cooper and and Andy Cohen in yeah at the very beginning when they first signed on boy you were very uncomfortable. Yeah it didn't go well in my opinion dialing watched it. Or if you're in a god bless them. The review is trained Cohen and oh that your reaction to these CIA slam on the and instead during the get us as the and collect and Anderson Cooper I guess the review soon when you look at social media not that good. I think it. It was not used to seeing Kathy Lee and stop it it's just I think they're both. I think they're both bottoms. And so that's hard for me because you know I think we need a top and Yvonne Newton and doesn't fit the equation jags was Berry and her right. Nobody was really taken it and yet nobody taking the did you see it yet. No I did not did not I didn't watch the other it took a while before flipped over but I finally flipped over around I don't know maybe 9 o'clock. From our time which will be 11 o'clock on the East Coast so seeing it live as he did the last our hampers so rolling into but it didn't get to see the Lawrence CNN. Just like good timing was that often then they'd ask a question and then the feed was you know it was there's lags of the laser talking an announcement that when I. I did see Steve Harvey and he has did you see is Alpert. Big white heat the white had kept a big bite. Cote didn't cost millions of dollars to see you did this and think glasses hearts and all the Tor I'm. This year did he performed the ceremony for the wedding you were talking about he was the preacher may be so it was kind of call there. Actually so were you alone. Yet to sit in Washington was. Mean Steve Harvey thank you very much like they. Don't want that I safe to lead you to the Big Ten. I asked of there was a girl with you on Christmas Day you don't know not Christmas Day leaving me to believe. It was a girl with the. And New Year's Eve know why now though not in my kid we don't just strike at midnight kiss but dog when they're at the protect act at that. So winless there are girl with a with a Christmas Eve. Jamie. I try to get the meat of this okay I'm Kenya. When they're girl with a look at. Don't your business. People. Hey guys study is isn't viewers herb gears like I know now. Well. Because that's my New Year's resolution. Is to tell you nothing written early April oh okay. Yeah I'm do you know everything. Until we're UN they would he know really he was always a. I'd pop that bottle shock but because in one day he drove by your house. And he saw cars there isn't as he does like your house looking for car. Behave the way it up a bit and love the biscuit but the fact that. Just out on drive. Yeah. It. Is your ass and it's an audit my I actually saw eagle by that Wanda yes site when they go blind I don't know how you drive bullet smoke in the car can. If it. Anyway you how old boy and Intel are not certain that the car in the garage so he doesn't see it. Recently we have is that we might pay him to do it. You're getting ready to hit a paid to tell stories if it. It. Is that it's gonna hit in the back nine and its partner is in for him. You look Fred I am I just dumpster get to play is like to go. To your cul-de-sac. Uninstalled the. Yet the drive through cold. The now get I have to go root cult a second makes no sense you don't go anywhere to get through a cold exactly. Did you go to bail. What they will let you and then there. Well if we're doing bail that's fantastic. Who is yeah. When did you go with a girl. LL. Know the another man with a you do it the stock and any team I have a resolution I can keep that and what is it. Sort Eagles did this past I didn't get back together pretty guys I don't know what I'm doing pretty dealing I don't know yeah it's actually here are now you know one another when really you know old and maybe. Later in the week I mean you think that you get married. No no no no I'm not present on getting married or anything like that are you guys calling yourself indeed still. No what do you say Conyers a friend. Of my god that with nannies. Our friends and now do you guys. Just crazy dread as if you guys have relations reflects the FaceBook friends do you eat eat. Who what are you. Need not oh my god look at that time. The ball by god why she should get into this story is useless if it. It was all about New Year's Eve and our people up to area diapers at I square try to Wear diapers Times Square so they can keep their pants. There in their diapers yeah diapers. Because key restaurant. Is spinning right now I gotta go the rest of the picture now feel like I'm maybe my weight and a and so you have some audio I screwed the sultan kept. You just audio entity or U. That it did. Fearless and. Yeah. She's a powerful. Where do you get his audio. It is only oddity available on YouTube whiny rights and Jenny McCarthy it's recorded on a cellphone and it's about the girls wearing diapers. Yeah. I'm here. It's. I got the interview says he wet his diaper at least twice prior to the mall full. Dropping since she moved back yeah. Yeah. What's the hardest thing about having to work so yeah. I got into work TVY. And no. We have a right to know. This week. People. Moved in. Alex I.