NFL Celebration Free Concert tonight.

Thursday, September 8th

It is a Football day!! And the big celebration downtown for the NFL Kickoff. Most of the TV stations are broadcasting from the Stadium game starts at 6:30 on NBC. Jamie thinks that Sean just watches the games so he has something to talk to BJ about….        


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Vijay and Jamie hello and to welcome to the BJ Jimmy morning show and visitors day. Short weeks he has so I do assume. It's to get help me if you click that it's Thursday but to me it feels like a Friday because it's game day. How today's football today's football today is game day it's a big day here in Colorado a real game of big real game to die a big and real gate. Hari one of those real game simply by the the Carolina Panthers seventeen please call the rematch with them we wet the child love. Carolina Panthers Yemen is like a team and a player we need. A community and Hezbollah him yeah I hate doing. Maybe I would hate him out of Haiti of police seems like good kids probably good. The conclusion that degree Haiti and that there's another guy that we elect them that is there as well. We'll find out I don't like Yahoo! I hate you guys really know your staffs who. Well we know there's a game today gas. I think these are you. Where my name out brother in law's dad this is the craziest thing grow and be adding yes it who kept me when he watches football try to explain it to be a multiple they do that now what does football he has a notebook. Brian any and it keeps track of all the pet. Me there's systems that do that. Yeah well it sees some people just love to do that they liked track every day either statisticians and and then that's not last week I don't know the other team that while I don't care about the other uncanny how common. Like he does solid every day one as go to baseball games and savvy old guy signs are that I. The guys sat behind he did it with the old played out I just have to do that high school when I was a freshman in high school adding its start in the baseball team onto my sophomore year. So I I was a statistician guy I hated that stage in bulk. See I was that I was the manager and so as I'd like to be Yahoo! but is the boys soccer. And so I had to fill out and now we have so studio the drone these flags and Hillary AD and we Stewart he was stored there. These days you don't even know what our doctor about down the party today the party today starts at 10 AM. Data civic park big kickoff village the village they're calling at ten K and 10 AM this morning. Early drink and you got all the TV stations are broadcasting from one of the stadium this morning we generally get debt. You know I don't really party group paraded him that I am in stadiums to. Know what they do a lot. Get that the roof. In fact we talked to a drag of from fox 31 yesterday he asked us he says you guys can be broadcasting from the stadium this morning. You don't meet tomorrow morning and we're like from a. Well it's even to sit director's chairs Allan Good Morning America or whatever yeah it director's chair there's no player on the news at the interface got to get that. I have ever but I guess sent it to add the mom yachts pageantry to to what's happening today from right so I'm so what time of the game. Games 6:30 tonight at 6 am pretty sure it's 635. And some were and where. Are those what are we don't. I'm gonna be watching at home and I come over. Yes you can go home OK want yeah I was in the city around I was curious and yes I'd love to have you over can I have your dress. Yeah the general idea here you can have that I have been leveled with the not far from new you have been the tunnel. It probably does demonstrate for me right. In my guess. I'm not watching the game. I don't know I'm Sean you watch the game. Yeah auto Don and all my agent I don't stay up but the thing you know and as does my theory but I think that Sean found it he always does tried to be your friend. You ever for the five years I've known you've recommend an informant at the Hoover did he always he wants to be your friend here just kind of man. I would be a friend Kenny guy ranked you know Chinese try to strive to. I think he's like a little boy like where football is your connection. Is should be gets remember he had no. And just have thought Bob would you have. With the old pigskin right try to find some common ground between the two mile car can come together our brand now it is not over. Green so sorry I. Didn't work out in absentia and they are using these and even watching the game he just pretend it's no I think he is what do they do all that he didn't like he didn't. Buddy talk with you right along a little more closely and all the more attention so that. Have some things that we invited back again is that unlike the thing up and ask you football just little just a little quick come I don't know quiz yes okay. So what do you think I'm being played is to die for Kubiak. While my guess to me. Ask gonna start out real strongly Ximian he's gonna decent night's gonna kinda do run game to start off because I you know. These Panthers they've got some good defenders. And solo but I do some run against the girl little bit because line Palestinians arm but you were quickly you know exactly what Gary ship Tyrone T regions as well that's because I know it's gone out of my finger on the pulse of a close again and she is sounds like you know football and he has got sound run game we're you know we decide some folks were. So we're gonna use those guys are gonna start off strong Macedonia may not run game it's like okay he's quarterback he's gonna run and Hutton Elson is gonna be hand and some things I'm really did things ought to protect our good and it was. The engine is gone he's gone yet they cut it we could amount element yeah yeah do you make. Now is that men in these yeah local and really get down and again she part of the legacy of the king off camera. Don't say enough to each inch we see more on Alex I.