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Monday, October 10th

Clinton email show  she knows Aliens are working with us. But they have rules we need to follow.

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It's Richard Murphy and another edition of conspiracy corner you know while everybody is concentrating on all the brouhaha. Around the presidential debate unbeknownst to a lot of us WikiLeaks revealed an email from Hillary's campaign chairman about X dirt terrestrial. Intelligence. Funny how that's not coming up in any of the debates. So on October 8 of WikiLeaks published emails from John Podesta Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman to these emails contain specific references to ET eyes extra terrestrial intelligence that's. They also mentioned zero point energy. A theoretical supply of infinite free energy now who sent these emails very good question. They came from NASA astronaut doctor Edgar Mitchell on August 18 story fifteen. He wrote because of the war in the space race is heating up I felt you should be aware several factors and you and I should schedule a Skype talk. Remember our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping bring us zero point energy to the earth they will not tolerate any forms of military violence on earth or in space so that's a pretty interesting email. Then on January 18 2015 it is urgent that we all agree on a date and time to meet to discuss disclosure of zero point energy. My Catholic colleague Terry Mansfield will be there to to bring us up to date on the Vatican's awareness of ET hi. Interesting too that the Catholics are going to be involved in this meeting of course they have a large astronomy program with their telescope called Lucifer. Who in the Catholic industry does not a militant Amara telescope after the double. And there's been lots of chatter about the fact that the Catholics. Are going to be the ones to release the information or be a part of the release of information that yes we are in contact with the aliens. Extraterrestrials. And even Pope Francis has referenced that he would be willing to baptize aliens should they decide to want to. Have that done. Now who's John Podesta was a previously Barack Obama's senior advisory and Bill Clinton's chief of staff so is NASA astronaut obviously has an entity go be able to go and talk to and 2015. Listed tweeted that the biggest regret was not securing the disclosure of the UFO files and doctor Edgar Mitchell had run the squad trek research group which has focused on the zero point energy so obviously the T guys are working with him but they have some conditions on whether or not earth is gonna get the zero point energy. Here's my question how much are they gonna charges for this because. That was the whole point of Tesla as he wanted everybody to have energy for free and not be be holding or. Be subservient to and energy provider. OK so where did I get all this information while I strongly recommend that if this had all interest you. They ego in you check out guy yeah on FaceBook G a RI AA. And SE but there are all about as they have definitely piqued my interest on the extra terrestrial connection. With our big blue marble I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner. Remember always have your bug out bag with you.