oct 11th Ryan staffer leaks Trump tape

Tuesday, October 11th

Investigative journalist Mike Cernovich identified the source of the leak as Daniel “Dan” Samuel Senor, a close advisor to House Speaker Paul Ryan


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It's Richard Murphy with conspiracy corner you know it comes to items that were leaked. It's always interesting for me to try to figure out who was the person that leaked it. And what is their agenda for leaking a certain piece of information and went and so obviously a lot of people are curious about the fact that who leaked the video of Donald Trump talking to bush in aid fan. About inappropriate things with women but there's a website called fellowship of the mines and in there their lead story today October 11 2016. Is GOP's stabs trumpet in the back. Ryan advisor to Paul Ryan advisor leak the tape. Voter registration drives sabotaged. How crazy is that. They you have an advisor for Paul Ryan. Going in releasing. That tape that would jeopardize a Republican presidential candidate which just has for me right off the bat tells me. The establishment. Whether it's democratic or Republican are terrified. I'm Donald Trump and there were terrified of Bernie Sanders as well. Look it would happen to Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party and totally sabotaging. He is presidential run against Hillary Clinton. So in their report that they had about this investigative journalist Mike certain niche identified the source of the leak as. Daniel Dan Samuels senior the close advisor to house speaker Paul right. Now who's this guy senior as some SE and all our. Maybe pronouncing inning correctly. Is married to. Journalists Campbell Brown. She's a former CNN host NBC anchor woman and now writes op Eds for publications that include the New York Times the Wall Street Journal the Daily Beast and the slate. And one of the things that was edited out of the video that was released was trump saying that the incident that he was talking about. With a married woman took place when he was single was with anybody but that was taken out. To kind of make it look like he was fool around on his wife and remember when trump was running for the Republican primaries the establishment was totally against him and every time he said something that was inappropriate offensive. People said oh that's the end of trump that's the end of trump. And now hold a sudden his ratings would go up and then his ratings would go up his popularity would go out and he decimated. What was it fifteen differ Republican candidates that were going up against him because he was not establishment and just for the record I am not for trop. However I will say this that the establishment must be terrified of him because. If the Republicans and the Democrats are bad gung ho. To try to eliminate him knock them down like rocky yet he keeps get him back up to keep on fighting another day. They must be terrified of him. I almost feel like I should vote for trump just out of spite of all those establishment people that don't want him Meehan. That'll be Decision Day you have to make and I have to make the privacy of the voting Booth. Knowing full well that the Electoral College are the ones that are going to put our president in place and the only place where anarchy is actually done a pop up. Is it the popular vote doesn't match the Electoral College vote. Remember bush gore are Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner take some time ago read that a little piece on the fellowship of the mines web site. GOP stabs trumpet in the back. Remember. Always everybody a bag with him.