Offensive Christmas music 12/12

Monday, December 12th

Customer offended by the Christmas music at Florida restaurant. Someone eating at a restaurant left note on receipt saying he was not happy with the holiday music playing. Manager posted the note on Facebook. People love to be victims and complain about everything.


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Vijay and Jamie. Christmas came. Welcome to a restaurant you're music's playing. Less aligned. Or maybe a drumstick. I don't think it's mashed potatoes and you know. But some people are offended by it. Yeah well what happened exactly. Well this doesn't state Saint Augustine, Florida restaurant manager says someone walked in left a note on the receipt saying that the music they're playing is offensive. They don't want a year rates when they eat therefore they should stop. No play should be playing Christmas music. That's just read. Here's a news story. And from people how the news that puts them in the holiday here it's been a cranny customer leaving this note and a Florida restaurant and noise. Over the Christmas music you can now make it that this is the quote crescent knew that wasn't offensive content playing holiday music or less religious. Deep into the Fort Hood considered different. I mean absolutely we're the owner still outraged over and even if I didn't post a book. It's not a lot of religion is not about. Anything else you know I am a Christian but I don't push tennis might. Canada Alaska the religion actually went. They did arrive at that when statement he made their buddy. It's got the religion nobody I mean I don't have a problem with that but it is a religion rights. Let me is it. It's the story is right to do whatever they want and I think so yeah. I was surprised on how many people in the face to post a agreed with the customer who left a note saying it was offensive. Really again was really loud and bad music doesn't it. That does is news in it was it was like hark The Herald angels saying it was silent night it was Christmas present lungs again. Friday it I get that a civil. Yeah or even some of that Bruce Springsteen so far off what he. Yeah I can understand that I know he was just your standard Christmas music and a lot of people said that they. In a public place. I don't get it. Don't think they can do halftime with the well they he had that literally I mean they tee it legally do it. Can't meet the guy stopping just don't go to the restaurant but I guess people are like you know you walk into let's say you just pick a restaurant. You walk into the restaurant you don't exactly know what's going on as far as what's going over the years peace system. You sit down and ordered him to set a silent night comes on what was on her. We can get a what are your religious music. Did you have to either give up and walk out boards don't ever go back. You don't even have been some that dated somebody that was Jewish or seven years after he'd get them given Herat but about any of the Christian music. Mean we even got a Christmas tree decorated round and then my girlfriend she's partnered kids are a daily appearance and their Jewish. She can who I don't know who's offended and trying to figure out who's offended I need. I don't know I guess people who don't see numbers in this as. What it is intended to be the man birth of Christ front. Not values as a people that are offended vibrant but you've got until it's Christmas time and that's just what happens at christmastime so everywhere you go oh you're going to be exposed to it I. Of tennis and ray got that great a game no I don't. Doesn't that mean Arab. And now people love to comply almighty god I love to complain today. Did you get. People love PSE love to be victims yeah. They consider themselves a victim I sit down deep by a drumstick who don't mashed potatoes and you throw on that music I am offended I am I. Unique to Amy something. My girlfriend vegetarian and she got offended I hate to Gigot. And in Freiburg yeah. On how did you know there could use to whom did you run out there to pick it. But really I really like hey you're going to go after lunch and she's like I can't believe you would respect that vegetarian. I know where to put upward she's case it is. But I guess I'm. Up to me I see it is the opposite art for example I don't drink anymore OK so. I find it offensive. If I go if you are going to and we go go to lunch some. If you wanna have a drink in you don't get that drink too because I'm sitting there on the fined by the ranked that's a reverse type situation you don't ever have to worry about that but I. Yeah. It. We don't know. Yeah well I'm not the way he did candidly about cell phone. Leverage of fuel. I think getting humor and I ask you to look at the feds and the I. And I and it's it's an artisan breads and and I'll let you know where it. Went everybody's a victim went to a couple of Christmas parties of the we get our I want to. Sean was beyond Friday's RJB. Should have seen Sean tackled at the effect. We were at the American finance Christmas party did not drink. You can now quality than I have ever like a fish. Well I tell the docket no suckers that major banks well reader get. You know I was drink and screwdrivers little vodka or did I thought Jamie if you don't need to NFL fast and he was little embarrassing sure when I got. I went he went from table to table. Asking for extra drink tickets big cooled out. 'cause there are people that were there would have liked Ingram who has come will be glad you people are gonna take those tree ticket they are really. The US TA boulevard drinks again. Really tired and they weren't gonna have they give them tickets just sat there on the tail you could tele working and use of the even catch up until the middle a little bit you know. That's why it felt like I'm a dad there's two or three of those who were releasing massage oil Judd says they he uses drink tickets. Its own ideals or no I'm losing my family we won't be drinking to it is your mind to let it go to X you know. I'll take a gap I how many did you alienate each got to the fourteenth subtle we'll. How about a poor he thinks are ridiculous that wreck it but I don't know if he had like three or four family you know. Collective view the whole speech. Alarm unsure on middle. At Clark not true I don't want that title away at. They option at a school where we are gonna snap the picture than it did you get your car up. I wasn't sure where we will explain remembered I thought it. But you know they had to help me because my hands were so full of the players not tell. I'm asked him as the Mecca rulers yeah. I have nice gesture like that night did he get all record up with the Broncos won the Super Bowl and I. He walked out of there scene in that somehow Assad on pop up until that's the we'll see me as if he was seeing in the ends of Lysol on the weight clause you went to the original shining at. An original songs Christmas party and a back. And spent a Christmas parties. But my heart. Flagging. Lighting up love firework and yeah. And again. I'm gonna need. There's fireworks flew. Up everywhere. I've no idea because things going to be. Yeah that's yeah. And we. Immortal call.